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Controversy: Jesus a Christian, a Judaism or a Muslim?

Updated on May 15, 2022
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Ihegbu Samuel is a passionate writer and online marketer. He deals with and write on controversial issue in any field of his choice

Christians And Muslims By Religion


The Reality Of Belonging To a Religion

The reality about the majority of Christians and Muslims today is that most of them are a Christian or a Muslim by reasons of the region of birth and family they were born into, and not by choice.

A person born in Vatican City will be a Catholic Christian. Also, a person born in Romania, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Armenia, Namibia, Marshal Islands, Moldova, Zambia, and Solomon Islands will likely be a Christian.

At the other hand, a person born in Arab countries will likely be a Muslim. Also in countries like; Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran and Egypt there is a high percentage that a person born in this countries will likely not be a Christian.

The same can be said of the family of once birth. If you are born into a Muslim family, in countries like Nigeria, there is 99.9% possibility of one being a Muslim. The same thing applies to those born into a Christian Families which has about 99% likely hood of being a Christian.

So the reality is that you are either a Muslim or a Christian not because you choose to but because circumstances had chosen it for you. That means, either you may have been deceived into a religion organization that you may not have likely chosen were you to chose before birth, thus, there is all likelihood your worship is wrong.

To worship God acceptably, you need to look beyond that circle called 'my religion'. Instead, you must be both a "true Christian and a real Muslim". What does that mean? And who is a Christian and who is a Muslim? And how can one be a true Christian, yet a real Muslim?

Important questions, aren't they?_

Is This What It Means To Submit To The Will Of God?

Muslims by religion Islam, worshiping by bowing down
Muslims by religion Islam, worshiping by bowing down | Source

Who Is a Muslim?

Since more than 1 person in 6, of the world's population adheres to Islamic religion and many of them could be called 'devoted', it becomes apparent to actually understand who a Muslim is.

Is a Muslim a person who adhere to the Islamic religion?

According to religion of Islam, the answer is Yes!

But that is a limited definition

To the Religion called Islam, that is What being 'a Muslim' implies. One who submit to the religion or teachings of Islam as a religion not Islam as actual 'submission'. Thus a person not in the circle of Islam as a religion is not viewed as a Muslim even if the person is a righteous person.

Is that How You View It?

That could be a flawed view. It is the same thing as saying that a Christian is a person who goes to Roman Catholic or any other Church and adhere to the Church teachings and dogma, that is also a flawed view.

According to one source, there are over 900 million Muslims in the world, making Islām second only to the Roman Catholic Church in numbers. It is perhaps the fastest growing major religion in the world, with an expanding Muslim movement in Africa and the Western world.

Well, we we've seen firsthand, how Islam or adherent of Islamic religion defines a Muslim which I said is flawed.

Let's also now understand what the word Islam means and why I say that definition is flawed.

Interesting isn't it?

Islam what Does it Mean?

The name Islām is significant to a Muslim, for it means “submission,” “surrender,” or “commitment” to Allāh.

Contrary to this original meaning of the word Islam, is a flawed defination by the Religion called Islam. According to one historian, “it expresses the innermost attitude of those who have hearkened to the preaching of Mohammed.” “Muslim” means ‘one who makes or does Islām.’

Draging Mohammed to the word Islam implies that if anyone does not agree with his teachings mean the person is not submited to God.

My question is; is Mohammed God?

Take keen note of what the term Islam means.

Submition, surrender, commitment to God not Mohammed.

Thus, by submitting to the will of God, a person becomes a Muslim to God.

The people who sample themselves Islamic Religion today, are only Islamic to Mohammed not to God. True submiters are Islamic to God not to a human, whosoever in the name of coming from God.

That is the key fact to understanding why I said that the True Christians are the real Muslims? You wonder what that could mean?

Now first, let's try to understand this:

Who is a true Christian? And What is Christianity?

Then we will take a look at two ways the true Christians are God's real Muslims today, not by the name of a religion but by actual 'submission to the will of God'.

So Who actually are submitted to God today?

That's a key question to think about as we progress.

Who Is A Christian?

Today, a Christian is one who belongs to one of the varying Churches of the Christendom. Therefore, according to almost all Churches, as long as you belong to and goes to Church regularly you will be refer to as a 'christian' whether the church in question adheres to the teaching of Christ or not.

But actually, the word 'Christian' means Christ-like or followers of Christ. In reality, a Christian is not a person who attends a church regularly but one who adheres (submit, surrender) to and abide by the teachings of Christ as found in the bible, one who follow by imitating Jesus Christ.

So then, what is "Christianity"

Can All Be Christians?

Are all Christians Christian?
Are all Christians Christian? | Source

What Is Christianity?

In reality, if 'a Christian' is "a person" who adheres or submit or surender to the teachings of Christ, then Christianity is 'a body of people who really adheres, surrender and submit to the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the bible, and really imitate him as one body'.

But the question that is left to be answered is: Is Jesus Christ a Muslim or a Judaism?

Many make the mistake of saying that Christ is a Christian. However, since he is 'the Christ' of which one who follows him could be refer to as a Christian, thus Jesus cannot be refer to as a Christian because he is the Christ.

However, When it comes to religion by birth, Jesus is a Judaism, but he is also a Muslim. How?

Who Is A Real Muslim?

Before answering the question whether Jesus is a Muslim or not, we must first understand who a real Muslim is.
So who is a real Muslim?

As I mentioned earlier, 'a Muslim' is not one who is Islamic by religion. Going with the meaning of the word 'Islam' which mean submission to God or 'being at peace with God'. A Real Muslim thus, is a person who is at peace with God because he does the will of God, he submit to God's will.

So then, this is very important because we cannot deceive God with religion neither does he like to be treated as a God who can be fooled.

So is Jesus a Muslim? (submitter, adherer or obidence to the will of God) Now you can guess what the real answer is from here, can't you?_

If Jesus is a submiter (Islamic) in such manner, then for a person to be called a true Muslim, he must be a person who imitate and follows Jesus. What does that mean.

Jesus Sets the Example
Jesus Sets the Example

Controversy: is Jesus A Muslim or A Christian?

As noted earlier, Jesus can not be referred to as a Christian, bcause he is the Christ. By birth Jesus thus is a Jew and by religion a Judaism, but that is not all. By obedience, willing submission to God's will, being at peace with God, Jesus proved to be a 'submitter' to the will of God, a Muslim to God, not by religion but through obedience.

Did Jesus really submit to the will of God?

Let's see in brief what the bible itself has to say as regards to this. Jesus set the example of willing submission to the will of God, making him in that sense, a Muslim not through religion but by obedience to God. This is what the bible says:

“Most truly I say to YOU, The Son cannot do a single thing of his own initiative, but only what he beholds the Father doing. For whatever things that One does, these things the Son also does in like manner". (Jon 5:19)

It means that Jesus did not do what pleases himself but submitted to God in doing God's will. Again the bible says;

“My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work".(Jon 4:34)

Again, we see Jesus willingly submitting to the will of God. Another place Jesus tells us that he is a Muslim to God by actual submission to the will of God, not by religion as claimed by Islam by Mohammed is at Luke 22:42. There Jesus said to God;

“Father, if you want to, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, let, not my will, but yours take place.”

Again, while teaching his disciples the model prayer, at Mathew 6:9 Jesus said;

"Our Father in heaven... your will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

Clearly, Jesus was a true 'submitter' to the will of God. Thus, Jesus set the example of willing submission to the will of God, enjoying peace with God through his obedience. Actually, he is a real Muslim to God and he set the example that thus, any following his steps, is thus a real Muslim to God.

Yes, a real Muslim is not one who follows religion called Islam by Mohammed but one who imitates Christ, a Christian. And a true Christian is not the one who calls himself so and follow denomination bearing the name but one who imitates Christ.

Thus I am a true Christian to Christ and a real Muslim to God. I am not Muslim by following teachings set by men. Mark 7:7.

Jesus Was a Muslim not through religion called Islam but by obedience to God.

How Is Jesus A Muslim?

See results
Christian woman of Foumban, in Cameroon Portrait of Lydia Mongwelune, wife of king Njoya's chamberla
Christian woman of Foumban, in Cameroon Portrait of Lydia Mongwelune, wife of king Njoya's chamberla | Source

Who are the true Christians and Why are They the Real Muslim?

As stated above, 'the word 'Christian' means Christ-like or followers of Christ. In reality, a Christian is not a person who attends a church regularly just as a Muslim is not one who belongs to a religion called Islam. But one who adheres to and abide by the teachings of Christ as found in the Bible, one who follow by imitating Jesus Christ.'

I have just proven from the Bible that going by the real meaning of the word Islam, by action, Jesus was and is still a real Muslim though not by adhering to religion, not even did he adhered to the misguided and already distorted religious views of his birth but set the example of what being a true submitter to God is by fulfilling all that God has sent him to do, including giving his life as a Ransom for mankind. Thus, anyone imitating Christ in willing submission to the will of God as found in the holy Bible (As that is where the gospel or injil, and teachings of Christ are completely recorded) is a True Christian, a real Muslim as it were.

What this mean is that, anyone else who came after Christ and claims to accept Christ as messenger of God before him, and also called himself a submitter to the will of God as Jesus, will actually be following the footsteps of Christ, that is a Christian. It means that Christ is the one who has set the example for that one (I am not arguing in terms of if the person truly is what he claims to be, but I am reasoning in general terms according to the person's claim)

Logically, if Mohammed the prophet of the Islamic religion teaches that Christ is God's messenger, and believed that he (Mohammed) is coraborating the teachings and messages given to the prophets before him, of which the Messiah Jesus was the last before him, then that will mean that he (Mohammed) followed in the footsteps of Christ in submitting to God's will is that not? That is, he is a Christ follower too. (Commonly called, a Christian)

Therefore, it means that you cannot be a real Muslim without following in the footsteps of Christ. Thus, a true Christian is a real Muslim. In reality, the true Christians are actually those whom God recognizes as the real Muslims - submitter to his will - because they are following in the footsteps of the one who showed us through the example he set, how to submit to the will of God. Thus, you become a real Muslim by imitating Christ. Then you are a true Christian and a real Muslim.

Yes, I know the question in your mind right now. How can all these different and varying forms of Churches who call themselves 'Christians' today be the real Muslims of God?

The good news is that the Bible teaches that 'they are all not. Only one is'. But who are the true Christians today, thus the real Muslims of God? How can one identify them? You can quickly find out the answer to that question if you can take few minutes to read through my other hubs.


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