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I Care Less About the Arguements

Updated on August 6, 2016

I care less about the arguments, what I knew is that I needed life and needed to live eternally. What a relief I have in Jesus Christ. Promising me, that God will himself help me get it if I believe in Him.

Just for a good time, I will pose to say. We will meet again. I will see you just because Jesus lives, that is if you too are weak enough to accept help.

Time passes and the journey is quick, before many realize their dream of ever finding God in science, they are shocked to see old age approaching and the journey taking a new turn. Living in the shadow and avoiding the truth is fear, and that is not a solution. For sooner or later the truth will be revealed, and it may be too painful, yet too late to turn back.

The truth is that there is right and wrong, there is Holy and evil, the Holy Spirit to guide into righteousness and thus Holiness, burning within the person whenever he is in evil or about to do evil, resisting and exposing evil to the human soul, and that is the eye and the light of a righteous man, making him retain his nature, keeping him far from corruption of his nature which is in the image of God, humanity. But at the same time there is the evil spirit, blinding the deeper senses of a man's heart that he cannot discern between right and wrong so that he can only give himself out to listen to desire and work it out, hiding evil in the normality and making it seem normal to the hearts, corrupting the nature of man and his senses, gaining power to change and lead the body into destruction, in the end it steals the man from himself and his soul into desires uncontrollable and a nature inhuman, carnal only to kill and destroy the man and his vision, to put a block between the man and his God that the man may not be righteous with a clear heart to see the vision of God, lest he develops a relationship with Him and realize completion of satisfaction in being pure.

For the evil is evil, blurring the visions of men, throwing dust in their eyes and unless a man accepts that Human nature is corruptible and turn to the incorruptible God for salvation, then he is blinded by his own pride, giving evil an easy way to spell darkness to the heart. Seeing no future and caring less about the past, but desiring, desiring and desiring greatness and power with riches, not even thinking whether tomorrow he will be alive.

It is a lack of sense, self wisdom that justifies self without benefit, it is a deception, a deception of the devil, that which he uses to destroy the human race and condemn them to die in condemnation even as he is condemned.

Surely failing to make a choice is choosing, for the injustice of evil never waits to be chosen. And failing to accept salvation is accepting condemnation. This is not a plea, neither is it a persuasion, but it is the simple truth which one can choose to accept or refuse. And who is man to tell God in pride, "Prove to me." Or who is he that will discuss Him as a man, saying " He was wrong," unless he first considers his soul and how vulnerable he is , and make haste to call for help while it is still found, accepting the fact that he has a corrupted corruptible nature and find a way out, for no man is righteous and true as God, and He alone can make the heart righteous and true.
Because of sin, man's nature is corrupted, but the nature of man ought to be incorruptible even as Gods nature is for we are created in the likeness of God. And the problem is no one can know when he is corrupted, for everyone believes in his corruption as the truth, what he feels, what he wants, what he knows and who he is, but comparing our truth to the truth of God is what reveals corruption and thus what can tell us if we are corrupted.


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