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I Ching Meanings - Hexagrams, 16,18,19,13

Updated on July 7, 2014
Confucius Temple. Confucius Contributed His Wisdom To The I Ching
Confucius Temple. Confucius Contributed His Wisdom To The I Ching | Source

Consulting the I Ching, the world's oldest oracle with its roots in China, is a great way to make sure you're going with the universal flow. Two paths are open to the questioner - the "way of the inferior man" or "the way of the superior man." But, there's only one way to master the oracle: keeping notes and recording the outcome.

Tossing the Coins to Obtain a Hexagram

An answer to your question appears in the form of one of the book's 64 hexagrams. Basically, you draw the hexagram by tossing three coins six times for the six lines.

The value side of the coin represents yang and the other side yin. Two yins and a yang make a yang line (an unbroken line). Two yangs and a yin make a yin line (a broken line). Three yangs make a moving yang line. If you get a moving line, you read that as your main answer.

Ascertaining the Accuracy of the I Ching

You'll find plenty of websites that help interpret the answers you get from the I Ching, but it's rare to find one that actually traces the outcome of the hexagram, which determines the accuracy of the answer. I have always kept notes of questions and outcomes, and am glad to share them with you.

Confucius Spent A Lifetime Studying The Book Of Changes
Confucius Spent A Lifetime Studying The Book Of Changes | Source

Divination Question: Will my Uncle Help Me with my Visa?

Answer: Hexagram 16 - Enthusiasm Moving Lines 1. 2. 6. Changing to Hexagram 38 - Neutrality and Disunity

Analysis and Outcome: A friend wanted to know whether her influential uncle would help her to get a visa for her coming trip abroad. According to the experts, when 3 lines move, the middle line is most important. Therefore, I paid attention to it.

Line 2: The stability of a rock. Do not wait one day. Good fortune if you hold your way.

You need to be steady in order to avoid being trapped by illusion or swept along by others. Be sensitive to the times and act or retreat accordingly. Great improvement is possible.

In my friend's case, it was the second sentence above that made the most sense since her uncle had yet to set the ball rolling.

Changing Hexagram 38 -- It was certainly a time of neutrality, since things had yet to take shape.

Eventually, her visa was granted easily.

Question to The I Ching: How will X Respond to my Request for Help with my Foreign Project?

Answer: Hexagram 18 -Reparation of the Spoiled

The Judgement:

Reparation of the Spoiled brings supreme success.

Benefit from crossing the great water

Three days duration before starting

Three days after starting

Analysis and Outcome: A friend wanted to know whether her friend would help her bag an advertising project which would take her overseas.

I could not tell why the hexagram referred to correcting something spoiled. Perhaps she needed to rework something. When she called her friend about the project, she was told to call again after 3 days. She bagged the project and 'crossed the great water'. Note the judgement's reference to the 3 days!

The 8 Basic Trigrams (Ba Gua) On Which The Hexagrams Of The I Ching Are Based
The 8 Basic Trigrams (Ba Gua) On Which The Hexagrams Of The I Ching Are Based | Source

Divination Question: Will Obama be the Next US President?

Answer: Hexagram 19 - Advance Moving Lines 1 &2

Line 1: Approach with another. Good fortune in perseverance.

Promotion and success are likely if one does not get carried away by success.

Line 2: Approach with another. Improvement in everything.

This indicates one who is cheerful and strong with a will to succeed. A fortunate time.

Analysis and Outcome: It was clear that Obama would win the presidential race. And, he did.

Question to The Book of Changes: Will X Get Back to me About Revisions for my e-book?

Answer: Hexagram 13 - Fellowship

The Judgement:

Union of men in the open.

Progress and success.

Benefit from crossing the Great Water.

Benefit from the perseverance of the Superior Man.

Analysis and Outcome: I have been fortunate lately in having a fellow writer I know only via my writing workshop format my new e-book for me. The book is due for release, and I didn't know how to create a great look in .pdf format.

I wrote to the workshop asking for tips and this lady from Hawaii offered to do the book for me, saying I would be doing her a favour as she could write an e-book for writers on the subject of creating e-books. She did a wonderful job and then vanished when I was desperate to make some minor revisions to the manuscript. I never heard from her again. I don't blame her. She had just discovered she was pregnant, and I could not see her enslaved to the computer.

I was desperate. But, I found help from a most unexpected source -- a computer company I buy my stuff from. Once again I was helped by a stranger and a company is a 'union of 'men'. There is progress and success.

Confucius and the I Ching

Confucius, the ancient Chinese sage who gave up a brilliant political career to pursue enlightenment, contributed the text of the I Ching. At the end of his life, he remarked that if he had 50 more years to live, he would devote them to the study of this oracle. The accuracy of t the I Ching never fails to surprise.

Talk on the I Ching by Associate Professor Karyn Lai


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      Thanks so much Guinevere! I voted up one of yours on gardening in containers a second ago.

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      Very good hub. I voted it up.


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