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Miracle Arising

Updated on August 15, 2020
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Alysia is a student of A Course In Miracles starting in 1985 to the present. I believe in miracles.

Miracle Arising

Broken Body on a son of God. Impossible.
Broken Body on a son of God. Impossible.

Sing a Song, Even if Nobody Is Listening

I’ve told this story several times and don’t get a lot of response which makes me feel different from others, but that can’t be true. I feel like an ordinary person with a few paranormal events that happened here and there.

So whatever reason, it feels like spirit is urging me to tell the story again, different people, same story, new words in this old funnel.

I know one thing for certain, well, 99% certain, if I hadn’t read A Course In Miracles, there would have been no miracle for me as concerning this condition I had with a weak back. Old age, no doubt had crept up on me while I was kicking up my heels unaware of the dangers of wear and tear on the body.

I think I want to tell this story in the hopes someone out there would also get a healing. Just like that. Poof. Done. It’s hard to get your left brain around it, so maybe we shouldn’t try. Just give thanks that it happened, and if you can’t share the good news, at least you tried, and maybe that’s all that’s important. In other words, not to be too redundant, you got to sing your song, even if nobody else sings along.

What Is True About A Son of God Stays True Forever

And So It IS
And So It IS

I Still Think About The Angel Lady Now & Again

In this day and age, it would be comforting to realize miracles still can happen, if you have a little willingness to open to the idea.

A course in Miracles has vernacular that puts some people off. Not me because I have a strong feeling it really is Jesus talking, returned to remind us of the basics of earth life 101. The book is exactly the way he would talk. Otherwise how would you even recognize it was him?

That said, it doesn’t bother me in the least when Jesus calls me a son of God. Gender is kind of irrelevant when you’re engrossed with material that is going to change your entire life.

There’s 52 principles of miracles and 365 lesson plans. There is also a large body of text which flows along in an energetic poetic fashion that mesmerizes. Very short lesson plan thoughts you take with you into each day train you for accepting miracles in your life. Reading ACIM is not like reading any self help book then putting it away. It becomes a part of you.

If you really get into it, like I did, it follows you into your life and you’re still thinking about those 365 lessons, which actually are repeats of the previous lesson, in slightly different words, and the 52 miracle principles the same, could be shortened, but hey, you don’t argue with the author.

I Need To Know What This Lesson Means
I Need To Know What This Lesson Means

She Didn't Mince Words

I often would test out some principle or other as I knew I was supposed to live this stuff, not just give word of mouth.

Too many ACIM readers would cut and paste whole dialogues of the text when I visited forums on the subject. It could get pretty annoying if they did that, and they did that a lot.

Obviously they were as blown away as myself by the material, and in their excitement to share this or that personal revelation, they would just act like the rest of us couldn’t read the book for ourselves.

All that is beside the point and I’m getting there, I promise.

I was saying I needed to live it, not just mouth the words. I can only remember a few healing miracles that happened in my 73 years, that is on the body. The other miracles were on my spirit, such as getting more self confidence in myself after reading the material, knowing I was OK just as I was, that, and the will to live had returned. I had a spot I could feel on my lung, at the time when I acquired the material. Spirit had prompted me to quit smoking early on. You cannot smoke while reading this material anyway. It absorbs all your attention.

There’s a lot to say, and I’d like to just stick with my story of this particular healing, so here goes!

It's Either All True, Or None of it is True

Lots of older folk have back problems. It wasn’t so bad I needed a cane but on this occasion the back just would not heal as the days went by until finally struggling to walk upright was out of the question and even crawling on the floor had become impossible.

I lay on the bed and as long as I was prone things were fine. I started thinking about ACIM wondering if it were true that I was a son of God like it said, and furthermore a son of God cannot be ill.

And here I was about as ill as you can get as I couldn’t really move without that horrible pain. Clearly the back was not supporting my weight.

Out of all the lesson plans Course had put forth and that I didn’t question as true, this one lesson plan I couldn’t fathom why I just didn’t get it.

Course’s spirit guide had told me either everything was true in the book, or nothing was true.
As I lay there mulling over that I must be mentally challenged as I didn’t get this lesson, I decided maybe I’d just die right here and now as I didn’t want to live with that kind of pain day in and day out, God’s holy son or not.

There's Someone In The Room With Me!

I began to have a dialogue in my head just me, myself and I, I thought. I didn’t suspect anyone was in the room with me, but in truth, we are never as alone as we think.

Someone was there and I didn’t know it. It seems this spirit was on call. I don’t remember calling her, I remember laying there thinking the book had let me down, or else the blame was on me.

It could be that I subconsciously called for help and that’s why she was there. I didn’t get much information on this lady as she was in and out rather quickly. Probably had a lot of son’s of God to help out!

I remember my thoughts that perhaps I would get better slowly, just not today. Maybe I could work with a bad back? I knew going to seek outside help, like a physical doctor was just out of the question. I didn’t like western allopathic medicine one bit. I was into herbs. And occasionally paid attention to my diet.

Define The Fear By Noticing It
Define The Fear By Noticing It

Did I Hear You Correctly?

I thought, “I can’t let my kids find me like this.” It would traumatize them. I thought if I tried to crawl again, it might be possible I would make things worse.

I thought it was all my own thoughts, then a thought came in “what would you do if this was healed, what can you do to assure it doesn’t happen again?” Well, I answered what I thought was myself, I would eat healthier foods, take minerals, not lift heavy stuff, essentially be extra careful knowing of this weakness I had.

Try to get up now. Wait. I thought I decided not to try that again because of the pain. Am I still self talking? Arise the other voice spoke assuredly, I will assist.

Wait. Is there someone here? I don’t think I thought that thought! Arise and walk, I will assist she said again.

Arise And Walk

Arise And Walk
Arise And Walk

I Will Try!

Wait. I think those are Jesus words. He told the cripple to arise and walk, your faith has made you whole. Did this angel lady know Jesus? It didn't really seem necessary to know this. It was just a thought.

I thought about that briefly, how faith can move mountains. This must be my mountain to move. No way would I try to stand without that lady in the room. I made a decision and it turned out to be the correct decision, to arise. She did say she would help. I told her it would hurt. I wasn’t sure I was that brave.

She said be willing to take that chance that it may hurt indeed, but that I am here to assist you and it may turn out the pain is very brief.

I became willing to try, as by now I could tell the difference between her words and my thoughts. She was urgent and sure of herself. I was the opposite.

Before it had been my habit to kind of roll out of bed on the side, and not try to use those muscles to sit straight up. Now I just thought “up” and automatically I was encased in a bubble of energy and I was standing up with no hesitation, but certainly not on my own, I knew without a doubt someone was in that room helping me stand all the way up and straight as a rod.

Son of God? Me Too?

Yea, You Too!
Yea, You Too!

She Changed My Life, Then She Was Gone!

It was tangible in a sense. A bubble. It was like it made gravity obsolete, a nonworking principle for the moment, weightless. It was rather fast the way I rose straight up with no pain. I checked for the pain, for any sensation back there. None. She was so matter of fact. Where is that wonderful lady? She had done it, I had given over a little bit of willingness to see this differently as ACIM had told me.

I took the moment to think, so it must be true my illness was not the truth about me. I must be a son of God and cannot be ill like ACIM said.

Well, this was going to take more work in the intellect than just that son of God phrase cannot be ill. For I would on occasion have mishaps but they would not last forever and I would always think about how I could call out for help; I just knew someone would be there if I needed them.

Was I just lucky? I don’t think that was it. I was prepared by the Course In Miracles. I had wanted to perform them, but that wasn’t going to happen until a few happened to me. Even if it was the wrong century for miracles, the fact is this book came to us in this century. It actually worked. All you needed was a little willingness to see it differently and a whole lot of leaping into faith ability. Then that little nagging question about whether I too was a Son of God, therefore couldn't be ill. I'm still working on that! To get a miracle, you really do need to make a space for that to happen. God bless and thanks for reading.


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