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My "Fair Lady" Embraces the Idea of Amazing Self Change!

Updated on May 29, 2013

Heart and Mind SERIES

My wife, after hearing that I was obtaining the services of a cleaning service, said, "I have to get cleaning, before the Cleaning Lady Comes."

This to me was an instant article idea. In one flashing moment it said: (1) Our life is filled with constant anticipation of judgment. We must not be looked down upon, even by the Cleaning Lady. (2) Cleaning as a BIG TOPIC, instead of cleaning the house, declares we spend all of our lives attempting to live to a higher standard, and if in our attempts, perhaps we fail at those higher standards, there is always the standard just below that one. and (3) There is indeed a level of clean that must be attained, in order for other levels of clean to be addressed.

"My Fair Lady" - Rex Harrison and

Remember "My Fair Lady"? The Linguist/Professor/Anthropologist took on the assignment of transforming a street urchin female into a British Lady. This tale, originally written by George Bernard Shaw, was a declaration that so much of Propriety has to do with surface manners and speech and topics of conversation.

Before he could do anything with her, he had to change her accent. A street bound speech pattern could not fool anyone. Even if there was native genius and humorous brilliance locked in that person, her coarse accent would reveal her everytime. And so, came about the song "The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain".

Cleaning Up Your Personal Act for Effective Job Seeking

Someone who is looking for a job in this challenging marketplace has to learn good speech patterns, get a resume, have transportation, be able to interview formally and answer prying questions. That is the first "clean up" that one must receive before they can get the "clean up" of a job offer and job skill testing. Modernity has laid many standards upon us as individuals. Clean up before you can "clean up" in obtaining the bounty of the modern American life.

Jewish Festival - Days of Unleavened Bread - Passover

The Spring festival called the "Days of Unleavened Bread" and "Passover" refers back in Biblical history to the story of Moses and the Exodus. Because they were pressed for time, the bread to be baked was put together without leavening. Why? Because leavening (the sweetness that blends with the elements to cause the bread to "rise") takes time. Sitting there, you have to wait for that rising before it is baked. So, in their haste, the Israelites made bread quickly so that they could have food on the run. This was also a tremendous CLEANING EXERCISE.

"I Got Out with the Family Bible and the Clothes on my Back"

Have you seen distressed individuals evacuating their homes after a California fire? What you can grab, what you can put in a SUV, what you can get after a day's work -- all of these are the breakdown of levels "cleaning intensity". What you end up with is tantamount to a super cleaning exercise. The person who says: "I got out with the family bible and the clothes on my back" is telling you about a complete cleaning on a overwhelming personal scale As the centuries have passed, nature and tradition have declared that spring cleaning is very advisable. From Festivals to Fires, the lessons are out there for our consciousness. Anyone will tell you that.

The Cosmic Cleaning Lady

Back to the Cosmic Cleaning Lady. Americans are plagued by a super abundance of clutter because we are a Consumer Society. The home cleaning service that you might hire will come into homes that are filled with "THINGS". This clutter actually needs to be thrown away, but we just don't have time to box it, bag it, or call a truck and a crew to get rid of it.

Spiritually, our souls are burdened often times, with the physicality of life. We are not as materialistic, (truth told we are too materialistic) as we are overwhelmed with life's daily concerns. This robs us often of spiritual lives. It steals away intimate moments. It makes us distracted, on the go, restless people. When the "Cleaning Lady" finally comes to our lives, she puts one hand on her hip, and leans on her mop with the other and casts a "Lysol Eye" on our spiritual states.

The Kabbalah speaks of tikkune, or things we must learn. We as living souls are constantly burdened with duties that discourage us, blocked by curtains of darkness that keep us in a non-illumined condition and what many would today call "karmic burdens" that just get in our way. These elements of life are the things we try to avoid, ignore, walk around or deny. They are the "cleaning up" that we need to do before we meet the "Cleaning Lady".

In the end, why is judgment so bothersome? Not because we are going to fricasee on a spit, because in a new life, we are going to have to repeat the undone, the unrehearsed, the ignored, the "dirty laundry" of our present and our past.

It's not that the Cleaning Lady is that hard on us. She is going to have one of those big smiles and move through each of your rooms and provide some "Help".

"Are you sure you still want all this stuff?".

And your answer?

It will be: "Look, I know that needs to be cleaned..."

And the Cleaning Lady just might stop you and say:

"If you throw it away, it won't need to be cleaned!"

It has been my observation in my own life, that I am constantly holding on to things I am just afraid to throw away. Weight Loss, a Sarcastic Mouth, an Unrepentant Bad Opinion that plagues you night and day. Whatever it is.

Consider this: Some things you may need to clean up before the Cleaning Lady gets here. Other things may just need to be THROWN AWAY.


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 6 years ago from USA

      Lol. This reminded me of the article I had read somewhere about a a cleaning lady's experience where one of the house owners she usually cleans tries to clean the house before she arrives ^-^'