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I Need You, You Need Me; Politics Aside

Updated on November 29, 2017
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Judith was a victim of self-torture for over a decade. She enjoys helping people alienate themselves from self-torture through sharing.

I Need You; You Need Me; Politics Aside

It’s unlikely to hear an early morning knock on a holiday. Moreover, the politics of the country are quite unfriendly. The estate is damn quiet. I reluctantly open the gate only to meet my good neighbor looking distressed. He wants to see my husband but doesn’t find him; he’s already left.

He sighs, and with mixed reactions doesn’t seem to be able to make headway over something that is disturbing him. As he makes a step, I ask “can I help you?” He walks back and says “I have a cash deficit yet my wife just got a discharge from the hospital. I thought your husband could bail me out. She has brought forth the youngest member of the family.”


How comes I didn’t see it coming?

She must be having extra compartments in her, so her children don’t sit in the living room, they prefer the bedroom eh!

He bursts into laughter and says, “She’s just so unique. Even me I rely on her dates and not on what I see, lest I deceive myself.”


How much do you need?

Well, I excuse myself, dash into the house thinking hmmm, what men can do, women can also do!

The two-minute warfare

The current political situation in my country takes a toll on me within two minutes away from him.

It is sad that we look at people and gauge their political affiliation based on their ancestral background. One thing I am glad about is that it flips my mind but doesn’t take control of my actions.

I can see you looking at me straight in the eye and saying, “really, you of all the people?”

Well, don’t judge me.

Just accept that the devil is hovering all over but only takes advantage where he finds is space.

I know it happens to you often, that is the reality.

Yes, God sent this man specifically to my house, and I have to perform my moral obligation, period.

Now let’s go back to the thoughts of my mind

Why didn’t he approach his brother so and so? It’s like our brotherhood has been washed away by politics. We tend to feel more brotherly in our ethnic groups.

By the way, I am referring to you.

Now, stop looking down in shame; nobody is watching.

Within seconds, my son’s mysterious illness that disoriented me for a full month flickers in my mind, notwithstanding the sleepless nights and the endless prayers.

My body feels flashy, I feel like I have sunk and God is just telling me I saved your son, you’ve got to save this man.

My allegiance quickly stabilizes my mind as I rush back with the money.

Every man for himself, God for us all

Whoever came up with this saying was not instructing us to do exactly that. The author was referring to what exactly happens.

It is sad that you can take a photo of a bleeding man wreathing in pain, post it on Facebook and rejoice over it, all because of politics. My brother, you never know who will come through for you at your darkest time. It is either God comes by himself – like He did to me or sends an unexpected person – like he referred my neighbor to me.

I hope you heard me well. My early morning visitor is a neighbor, not a friend.

My family has never related to his, beyond just saying hi.

Are you still saying you will cross the bridge when you get there?

Let not politics divide a people of God

It’s easy to say God was not out of his mind when He populated a country like Rwanda with only two ethnic communities and made sure Kenya had forty-two tribes.

You cannot answer that, neither can I?

And our neighboring country Uganda uses Kenya's Mombasa port for their imports.

Yeah, we have the Indian Ocean, they don’t have it. It is stupid to think Uganda needs Kenya more than Kenya needs Uganda, yet they pay taxes for these services. Don't you benefit from the taxes as a person?

Recently, there was a discovery of oil in Turkana. If you’re not Kenyan, you probably have heard about Turkana for all the wrong reasons. A dry, infertile waterless land where people die of hunger, I bet that’s all you know.

People from the more elite communities may be wondering why God specifically placed the oil in such a minority region. Again, you and I have to take it as it is. We cannot answer that because there is a supreme being who knows and we don’t know.

You may feel you deserve everything, but to God, your region deserved what He placed there, and Turkana deserves the oil.

How to handle the politics syndrome

If you want to know that politics is a disease that can make you wear a different skin for the moment, read the comments on the media houses posts. Some of the posts are meant to test the waters. It’s like somebody somewhere rejoices over the stone throwing on social media.

Oops, my friend, Bridget cannot stand it.

She deactivates her Facebook account three months to elections and returns after elections. In simple terms, give Facebook a blackout for the moment.

You can copy her, that’s one option.

I hope this far you can tell that my interest is to help you maintain your relationship with God.

The other that many have done out of anger is to block friends who trigger their emotions on Facebook.

You got upset and only blocked those whose interests are not similar to yours.

I know you, that is why you’re smiling.

But now I will tell you that even those who excite your emotions for political reasons yet still abuse your brothers on the other side interfere with your spiritual life. If you’re not strong enough and can lose yourself, give them space for a while.


What answer do you get when you ask yourself why the earth goes round?

For me, it’s a rollover. I turn right, shake your hand with a big smile then turn left and lend a hand with a bigger smile. Indeed we need each other.

Politics is earthly and temporary. Morality is Godly and permanent. Never lose yourself.

Social media has good and bad stuff. Take the good and ignore the bad.
Social media has good and bad stuff. Take the good and ignore the bad.
Politics must never divide us.
Politics must never divide us.



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    • bizna profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago from NAIROBI - KENYA

      Thank you Alianess for your time and compliments. I believe you've reminded yourself that it's not worth losing God for politics. Keep up the spirit.

    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 

      14 months ago from Kenya

      Judith, this was an excellent, eye-opening article. It is sad how politics divide us when the intention of politics was to maintain peace, that is, co-operation. In essence, politics is not a dirty game; it's the people who don't know what politics is all about.

      We shouldn't be divided on lines of color or tribe. There is more to life than hey, am from this tribe and I think yours sucks. You have shown the true meaning of politics - shaking hands.


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