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I Want to Ask God What He Thinks...

Updated on January 31, 2021
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American Children PrayingChildren Praying In SchoolPolitics and Prayer go hand in handDevastation at Ground ZeroNo Mosque Here!Jesus Vs. AllahTwin Towers
American Children Praying
American Children Praying
Children Praying In School
Children Praying In School
Politics and Prayer go hand in hand
Politics and Prayer go hand in hand
Devastation at Ground Zero
Devastation at Ground Zero
No Mosque Here!
No Mosque Here!
Jesus Vs. Allah
Jesus Vs. Allah
Twin Towers
Twin Towers

Christian America

I went to New York City this past weekend. I wanted to see two things while I was there: Ground Zero and the site where they are planning to build the new mosque. I saw neither. I think maybe it's for the best though, because I probably would have cried at the the site where our Twin Towers used to stand. I would have cried from sadness. 9/11 will live in the hearts of TRUE Americans FOREVER. I probably would have cried at the site where they are planning to build the new mosque as well (after dropping the bacon from my BLT on the site). I would have cried out of anger. Like I said, 9/11 will live in the hearts of TRUE Americans FOREVER. I am a True American, and my allegiance is to the United States Of America. The only allegiance I have before the USA is my allegiance to my God, Jesus Christ.

While on vacation in New York, I didn't bother to pay much attention to what was going on back home in Boston. I was only gone 4 days and figured I could just play catch up when I got home. It wasn't long before the news slapped me in the face. I swear I wasn't in the door more than 30 seconds when I was told that the City of Cambridge, MA was going to be the first city in America to honor one of two Muslim Holiday within the school system! It begins next year, 2011.

I'm appalled to say the least! Cambridge Rindge and Latin is the only high school in our liberal City of Cambridge. Apparently the Muslim students there felt like they were being left out, because Christians have two holidays off and the Jewish students have one. I'm sorry, but they felt left out? This is a good enough excuse why? This country was founded on Christianity, and Jesus, himself, was a Jew! That to me is a darn good enough reason to celebrate our holidays. Why would we celebrate a Muslim holiday?

Please don't think I'm being racist. This has nothing to do with being racist; this has to do with being an American Christian. I do not hate Muslims for being Muslim. In fact I have many friends who are Muslim. What I hate is the political correctness B.S. that seems to go along with how we must now treat Muslims.

I have absolutely no problem with people practicing their faith, no matter what their denomination, as long as I don't have to agree with it. Live and let live. However, I don't believe people of other countries and faiths should be catered to if they choose to live in America. Here, we have built our Country on Christian Principles. I fully believe that if you go to work here, you should be doing just that...working. Not on your knees on a mat out back because your faith tells you that it's time to pray. I don't believe Mosques should be built. Period. We are a God fearing country and we go to church to pray. If you don't believe in Our God, that's fine, but don't build a mosque so you can go pray to your god, whom you call allah, and then try to ram it down our throats by building it on what we now consider pretty sacred ground.

I am fully aware that not all Muslims are terrorists. I have many friends who are Muslim and I love them dearly. Do I agree with their religion? Heck no. Do I agree that they should be able to take time out of a work schedule to be able to pray? Heck no. Do I believe their religious holidays should be observed? Hell NO!!!

While this country and it's politicians try so hard to be politically correct and not offend anyone, the rest of us God fearing Christians, are becoming more offended by the day! We sit and wonder why we have to be so welcoming of other faiths. Especially ones that go so far against what we believe in. We believe in the Pledge Of Allegiance and Prayer in school, yet the politicians want to do away with both, because they are afraid of offending people. They want to change Christmas to Holiday, they would like to take "In God We Trust" off of our money and the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, because it may offend someone. What's next? Should we take down our churches and not let our children read the Bible? I've just about had it!

Jesus Christ Crucifixion

What Would God Think?

So, we have our God, Jesus Christ. Muslims have Allah. After being brought up Christian, studying how to be a good Christian, going to mass to learn of all the ways to worship God, and knowing that no other God should be put before mine; how do I accept Muslims worshiping Allah? I don't. Can they do what they want? Sure. But if their god is so wonderful, why do they come to what they know is a Christian based country to live?

Many of them call us racists. Many of them say we discriminate. Yet they seem to forget what we Americans will never forget: 9/11. Our God didn't bring down the Twin Towers. Theirs did. They say they will die for their god. I'm fine with that, as I would die for mine. However, if I were to die for mine, I wouldn't take thousands of innocent people with me.

I don't mind if they pray. I don't mind if they don't worship my God. I don't mind if they live here, work here, die here. What I do mind is them forgetting the fact that they are in AMERICA now. If they don't like the fact that we are a Christian country, founded on the basis of Christianity, then they are more than welcome to leave our beautiful country and go to one that will let them take the day off for their own religious beliefs.

I'd like to ask God if he agrees with the fact that I can't accept the Muslims' whining about how they don't feel like they fit in, because we aren't catering to their religion. Is it a sin because I'm not accepting, or am I right, because I see them as sinners as they don't put God first. My God.


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