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What If I Told You I Was Abducted by Aliens

Updated on December 29, 2017
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A fellow human who loves his planet and beyond, with interests that match and never end. One life. One love. Appreciate everything.

My Story of Alien Abduction

Here is My Alien Abduction Story

As a young child somewhere around the age of six or seven (which puts this experience around 1970) I used to have dreams that I could fly. Not one dream about flying but several. Now In my fifties I can still see those dreams, which is strange because I really don’t remember much else from my childhood especially from around that age. I also had a frightening experience from around that time frame that I always chalked up to being a scary dream. As an adult I wonder now if that was a dream or maybe part of my alien abduction.

I was terrified when I saw Aliens in my window

As a child I was Abducted by Aliens

Alien Faces in My Window

Before I get into the flying dreams I want to share an experience I had around the same time frame that might help prove it really was Aliens. One summer night in 1970 my mother had just sent me to bed. I remember my grandfather was over visiting and had brought over a wooden child size table and a couple chairs. So there I was lying in bed.

That time of year it is still light outside until ten or so and I remember it being light in my bedroom. As I laid there I looked over at my bedroom window which was straight across from the foot of my bed. There in my window were two faces at the bottom of the window. Both beings showing just the top of their shoulders and all of their heads. The faces weren’t menacing or anything really, they were just there looking. The strange thing was the faces were not human, they were typical of the gray alien that everyone documents.

Once It clicked in what I was looking at I screamed for my mother. I remember her coming into the bedroom asking what was wrong. I also faintly remember her just telling me to go to sleep. The thing is that my bedroom window was on the fifth floor of an apartment building with no emergency stairs or anything outside of my window.

As an adult I think back about that moment and wonder what kind of exposure a six year old would have had in 1970 to pictures or TV shows or anything to cause me to dream such an experience. I don’t believe I would have been exposed to anything that would have helped my imagination drum up such a thing. So all of these years later I really think that I did see little heads in my bedroom window.

I can still see myself floating into the air

Flying High in the Sky

Now that you know about the Aliens in my window let me tell you about my flying dreams. In the summer of 1970 I had several what I would call progressive dreams. I remember very clearly starting to dream that I would start floating in my bedroom. My position as I was floating in the air was if I had been lying on my stomach and then just lifted straight up.

Over a few dreams my floating in my bedroom turned into floating out the building door and up into the sky. Floating higher and higher into the sky. I remember discovering that if I moved my arms like in a wing flapping motion I was able to slightly control myself floating higher and in a certain direction. Now jump ahead to my last floating dream that I can remember. There I was floating outside going higher and higher now seeing many other people dozens and dozens of people also flying in the same manner I was and all moving in the same direction.

One of the last things I remember is realizing that there was a massive what I would now call a space ship above everyone just hovering there silently. The size of the Alien space ship is unknown because it seemed to stretch as far as I could see while directly underneath it and floating upwards.

Then that was it, no more flying dreams ever again.

Still fresh in my mind after all of these years

Analyzing a Dream

So anyone old enough to remember that back in 1970 there was no internet and not much TV at least from what I could remember. I don’t honestly know how I would have been influenced to come up with dreams like this. I am not saying these experiences were not dreams however I really feel like I might of just experienced these moments.

I think about the moment I noticed all of the other humans floating in the sky in the same direction as me and I can’t help but wonder if possibly this was not the physical me and others but maybe our souls or as some believe the energy part of us. I just don’t know BUT I do have these memories that have stuck with me all of these years. Why would Aliens want a young child to float up to their spaceship?

What do You Think?

Are Humans Being Abducted By Alien Life Forms?

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  • Mel Carriere profile image

    Mel Carriere 14 months ago from San Diego California

    As there are 200 billion suns in our galaxy alone, each with its own entourage of planets, it is ridiculous and utterly arrogant to think we are the only sentient life. But the question is, have they got here yet? Maybe so. You certainly believe it, and you have written a convincing justification. Great hub!

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 15 months ago from Canada

    Great questions. I don't believe I have gained and special abilities. Not really sure. I don't talk about this with people who are close to me but I do have an ongoing interest in all things paranormal cryptozoology etc. I anything I feel that I am just very open minded to the possibilities of our universe. Thank you for commenting.

  • Luke Holm profile image

    JourneyHolm 15 months ago

    Many people think that aliens are versions of our higher self, another aspect of our soul. Perhaps you were being abducted for the purpose of some soul cleansing or other such matter. Your experience is relayed very vividly, showing truth behind your words and evoking empathy in your reader. I wonder, did you gain any abilities or attributes since being abducted? What have you taken away from this, as a lesson for your overall growth and expansion through life?