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I Am Possessed by Four Evil Spirits Part 2

Updated on December 11, 2019

I received this story from Rosemary Campbell, this is the second part of her first hand account of possession.

Rosemary wants her story to be known by as many people as possible so I present it here with permission. If you are interested in subjects like demonic possession you will read this to the end.

This story is being written through automatic writing and every time I sit down here to write I have many Spirits both good and bad in the Spirit World helping me to write this story.

The four possessing spirits have not left my body as this writing and I have been continuing to discuss this situation with several Guides who are trying to help me force Dr. P. and his friends out of my body and he said I should go back to the beginning and write more about this situation from the beginning and leave nothing out.

For a time we have been only sketching details in and hoping if we eliminate some of the worse things that Dr. P. would get out in an effort to not let his family see all the very grisly details of his behavior in the Spirit World after his death when he met my three relatives in the after Life who influenced him to join them in their terror tactics against me when I knew nothing much about the Spirit World and back then I was terrified because of the things they told me they could do to me if I didn't comply with their requests.

The more gruesome details...

We have been holding back some of the more gruesome details of this story because Dr. P. leaves a family here on Earth who angered him from the beginning because they would not accept that he was speaking through me trying to tell them he is alive in the Spirit World. At the time he asked me to get in touch with his wife and tell her he is alive and sending her his love.

She of course in the eighties didn't believe in Spirit Communication and was suspicious of my motives and said her minister had told her that when people die their spirits hang around the earth plane for seven days and then they go to heaven. She then said all she knew about this is what her minister told her, but if what he said is true then I should just tell her husband to go wherever he is supposed to be in the Spirit World, and do what he is supposed to do.

She then said but if what I am trying to tell her is true she wants to know why he is here with me and not over visiting her to tell her he is alive. I said well one of the reasons is she may not be able to hear and see spirits yet, and Dr. P. and I had discussed by delving into the paranormal and so of course when he died the first person he tried to make contact with Earth through is me. She said well if he is here with me and not her, then he is my problem and so I should tell him that she is finished with that situation and is getting on with her life. This angered Dr. X to the point that he had me mail her several large brown envelopes of his writing trying to convince her he is alive in the Spirit World and as a result she and her son called my relatives and told me and them they would take legal action against me if I ever approached them again.

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Even at this point in Time Dr.P. is trying to force me through pain to add his full name, town, and all sorts of personal details about him in the copy to tell his relatives on earth its his name and his story and he will post it anywhere he chooses and at this time he is writing right along here through automatic writing and I have no idea just what will be added to this story through automatic writing as we go along here. Yesterday we discussed this and he insists that I add his name, address, town and hospital where he was on staff but I told him I can't do that because of the threat made against me by his relatives who could I suppose take legal action if they choose to. This brought up the discussion as to how could I defend myself if Dr. P. insists on doing this his way and I did have legal action taken against me for writing about him with his help from the Spirit World.

Could I legally in court claim that this is his doing, and would I then have to hire a lawyer to do a test case much like the 'Monkey Trials" and could we claim that Dr. P. in the Spirit World has all his intelligence, and memories and remembers everything and as such he has the legal right in the Spirit World to have freedom of speech and write anything he wants about anyone as long as its meant to prove he is alive in the Spirit World as we try to prove life after Death.

Just yesterday as I was raking leaves in the yard we discussed this and I told him if he ever wants to write every detail about his life on Earth and in the Spirit World he will first have to come out of my body and bring my three relatives with him, then once outside we will see what the Guides do to him for the evil he has been doing all these years and if they do nothing then we will discuss whatever anyone in the Spirit World wants to as long as they take no mean action against me or threaten me in any way. I then said his punishment or lack of punishment by a higher power doesn't matter much to me anymore after the way he has treated me, but on the other hand if no one stops him from writing and he and my relatives never enter my body again then we will use this experience as Paranormal Research and try to prove to others that he is alive in the Spirit World. At this time someone in the Spirit world is writing like this when they know when I sat down here Dr.P. was determined to write all sorts of personal things about himself but again someone has stopped him and wants to discuss this further. I suppose this is one of the Lawyers in the Spirit World who has been giving me legal advice.

I took a break at this point, to get another cup of coffee and think about how to proceed with this story here. I personally feel that Dr. P. is trying to sidetrack me here and prevent me from going back in time to tell all the terrible things he and my three relatives have done to me since this all began back in the summer of l985. I came into this to gather wonderful angelic things about heaven, and angels and had no clue as to what could really happen to me at the hands of three of my relatives and Dr. P. I also at that point in time believed everything that I had ever written about the Spirit World and I believed at that point in time that I would be safe and I also believed all I had to do was to perform some ritual and surround myself with white lights and a little sage burning and I would be safe from Evil Doers in the Spirit World. I have learned from experience its not as simple as that.

Just yesterday my relatives told me I brought this all on myself, and say from the beginning they told me most of what I had read was not true, and etc. I said well that may be true but I have to accept that there are Guides in the Spirit World who told me different stories and since they are giving me good helpful information, and they on the other hand choose to tell me other things as truth and they do it by attacking and abusing me from inside my body where they appeared to me as Satan's Followers whom do they think I will believe? I then said, but on the other hand since no one has actually taken them out of my body or proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt they have the power to do that I am now going to keep an open mind and take this situation on as an Investigative Reporter would and whatever I learn about the Spirit World which is proven to me by either one or the other group of spirits I am in communication with I will write exactly what happens in this situation and leave no stone unturned until I find the Truth. I then asked Dr. P. as a former Psychiatrist to look at my three relatives as patients and treat them as such and he then revert to his in charge personality he had when he worked on the staff of our local hospital, and in his medical practice in a very upscale neighborhood and then come out and let me see how they all behave outside my body.

I took this latest attitude after my three relatives admitted they were not too put together on earth and they feel that Dr. P. being a therapist took advantage of their mental state and used them to seek vengeance against me and his relatives on Earth for not letting him be in control of the situation. They have now said the blame now rests on the shoulders of Dr. P. and he is now appointed as their therapist and as such its his responsibility to bring out of my body and take them away to a safe place because they say they are too frightened to leave on their own but with him leading the way they feel they can get up the courage they need to come out.

The Guides and I have both said all we want is for them to come out of my body, and not frighten anyone else on Earth or try to bother them the way they have me and at this point in time they are free to come out and go in peace.

These are the things we all discussed yesterday and since Dr. P. and my relatives are joining in the writing here I believe they may have decided this is the deal they can live with and may be preparing to come out? On the other hand we have been through these negotiations in the past and once I got off the keyboard I realized they were using that tactic to prevent me from going back in time to tell the world all the terrible things they did to me back when I was so terrified that I called one of the Associates of Dr. who believes in these things and told him I needed to come to the Catholic Hospital where I could get a Priest to try to help me.

What a nightmare that was but since Dr. P. and my relatives may now be thinking about ending this standoff and come out of my body, perhaps I can save the next information for Part III.

Copyright 2007 Rosemary Campbell all rights reserved


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