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I am the way - The greatest gift

Updated on November 23, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

One door for all

Perfect door
Perfect door

I am the way-the greatest gift

I remember the story told about Einstein. He was fond of cats. While Einstein lived in Berlin, working as a patent office clerk, he did his research work in a small study away from his house. While doing his research, a cat started to visit him daily. Normally the cat would come and scratch the door and Einstein would open the door and feed it with milk. After a few weeks, the cat comes with a small cat.

However, the cats at times could be rather burdensome, scratching persistently at closed doors, demanding to roam freely throughout the house. He could not leave all the doors open, so he decided to cut holes in the bottom of the doors, producing cute little cat doors. He cut out two holes in each door; a large one for the large cat and a small one for the small cat. It made perfect sense to him.

You may be asking why he should make two holes for the big cat and small cat? Can't the small cat go through the big hole?

Yes, you are right. A small cat can go through the big hole. There is no need to make two holes. Yes, Einstein, a reputed scientist, made a small mistake. We often make such mistakes in our life. We are looking for big and small holes to get in. Sometimes we stare at the small hole through which we can't get in. Sometimes we look for a perfect hole to get in. Other times we are afraid of big holes. The holes are there for you to get in. But you doubt. You think it's too big to get in.

I am the way

When you build a house, would you make different doors with different dimensions? One door for you, another for your wife and one for your small child. We would not make different doors suitable for each one of your family members. Whether you are tall with 6' ft high and your child who is small with a hight of 3' ft. Both of you can get into the house through the door which is of 7 ft. That is the answer to the question of my friends who are asking how can one man's death make the mankind free of sin. Jesus Christ said "I am the way"

The greatest gift

Jesus is the greatest gift of all
Jesus is the greatest gift of all

Our Debt

Alfred owes $1000000 to Bob. Alfred does not have the money to pay his debt. Bob is demanding his money from Alfred by showing the contract of agreement and the bills. Alfred is now bankrupt. He can't pay the debt. Bob is threatening Alfred by saying that he's about to file a suit and the police would come and arrest him and lock inside the prison etc.

Charlie enters the scene. Charlie is a rich man who has a lot of money at his disposal. Seeing the trouble of Alfred, Charlie paid the entire money to Bob without being asked by Alfred. Now Alfred is free. Now there is no debt for Alfred. He is a free man. We can call this act of setting free with different words. It could be compassion or kindness or a blessing. Hallelujah. Alfred is free from all his debts. When Charlie paid all the debt of Alfred to Bob, Alfred only needs to have the faith in the act of Charlie's paying money to Bob. Alfred have to believe that his debts have been paid in full. Only believe. No work is necessary to get out of his guilt feelings and trouble.

As per the Bible "The wages of sin is death." When we do sin, our reward is death. We have to suffer for the sin that we committed. Sin will give you death as a reward for the work we have done for it. Who can pay the price of our sin and redeem us from the clutches of sin.

Jesus Christ died once and for all. Jesus paid the debt for me and you. Paid in full. You need to just believe that Jesus died for your sin. You are free... Jesus said "I am the way" The only way to reach heaven. Now we are free of sin. You only have to believe that a sinless man died for you. You may be asking how can a single man's death make the mankind free of sin. As I stated above, we are looking for the different size of holes to get in. If one hole, which is big enough for everyone to get in, why are you looking for a suitable hole. Why are you doubting?. What are you waiting for? This is the right time to believe in Jesus and get your redemption.

The one who is the way to heaven conquered the death. Jesus resurrected from the dead and conquered death. The one who conquered the death is offering you free from sin and it's wages. Believe in Jesus and set yourself free from the spiritual death. A live a guilt-free life. It is a gift.

Greatest Gift

Suppose, if you get an I-pad as a gift, what would you do. Would you leave it unattended? Would you allow your little child to play with it and throw it on the floor? Would you leave it in a place where thieves can come and steal it? No. I don't think so. You would never do that in your perfect sense. I know you preserve it. You'll take care of it. It has many uses. You can connect with many people. You can surf the internet. Many features are there in it. It is a valuable gift. We honor valuable gift. You will take care of it.

Yes, our salvation is a gift from God. We need to take care of it. Preserve it. It has great value. So don't forsake it and leave it unattended. It is the greatest gift you can ever have. To know more about preserving your greatest gift, read the bible and understand it. Let us share the joy of our salvation.


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