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I don't have a Soul. I am Soul !

Updated on December 21, 2009

My reply to a question posed by another hubber M'Lady Grimm
What exactly is Soul?, Is it part of our consciousness? Do animals have Souls?

I got a better understanding of what Soul is when a friend declared:


It just totally confirmed my contention since I was in grade school, and reversed the teachings in religion class where we were made to think that "we have a Soul. And Soul lives forever."

Yet for many years, I kept asking myself, "What am I? The body or the Soul? If I am the body that possesses the Soul, what happens when the body dies?"

However, I often mused: If I am Soul that possesses the body, then I will live forever, just like my religion says. I soon concluded: I AM SOUL. And my friend confirmed it.

Once I started to think in terms of I AM SOUL, instead of I HAVE A SOUL, everything started to make sense to me.

I started to realize that I, as Soul, was dreaming every night. My other persistent question in 2nd grade -- "If I (body) am asleep, who is dreaming?" -- was practically answered. Obviously, now I know the answer.

Soul, the real me, my real essense, is traveling while MY body rests and sleeps, to different dimensions, perhaps even the various planes of God.

Now I understand that each SOUL, you and I, IS A UNIQUE CONSCIOUSNESS, not a part of it, that experiences various situations, and learning the ways of love, of God.

SOUL is the divine essense of each and every living thing, evolving as we grow as consciousness from our experiences and interaction with other Souls -- minerals, ameoba, plants, animals, and man (the ultimate physical form of Soul).

So, I do believe that animals do not have Souls. ANIMALS ARE SOUL too, just like you and I.


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    • vikkycab profile image

      vikkycab 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      @M'Lady Grimm. Thank you for elaborating on the topic and putting similar thoughts into coherent words so much better than I did.

    • vikkycab profile image

      vikkycab 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      Thank you @skyfire for your comment. You may have misunderstood me. In my last sentence, I said that I believe animals are Souls too, like you and I.

    • profile image

      M'Lady Grimm 8 years ago


      What a wonderful surprise! You've hit the nail on the head with the subject of dreams, we can experience the ability of the Soul. I however, do give the Soul designation, for each individual Soul is the combined elements of each person's unique personal perspective, expressed through the Mind, the Will and the Emotions.

      The dream state takes our thinking Mind, and thrusts it into circumstances whereby we must make choices, face difficulties, and manuever obstacles within the dream environment. We react to what is presented to us in the dream, calling into play the Will, that desire and action which walks in hand with choice. The dream "us" makes the determinations to go left or right, stop or go, in accordance with our conscious Will, which has little variation from our choices and Will in the wake state. Thirdly, immersion within the dream still allows us an ability to feel Emotion, and react to our dream circumstances with fear, wonder, or laughter.

      Our total Consciousness of Mind, Will, and Emotion rarely takes into account the presence or absence of our "physical" bodies in the dream state. We think little about our physical form, because we simply automatically presume our bodies are part of us in the dream. We can touch and be touched, and we sometimes see ourselves in a mirror, in our dreams. This Mental inclusion of our bodily form is literally an imprinting of the sense of self upon the Consciousness, expressed through Mind, Will, and Emotion. This is our true self: our Soul. Consciousness is an energy form, continuous and never-ending. This Soul carries one's sense of self beyond the physical, and romps as one's ambassador across the fields of multiple dream environments.

      Merry Christmas.

    • skyfire profile image

      skyfire 8 years ago

      "I DO NOT HAVE A SOUL !!! I AM SOUL !"


      ? Hmm, just twist in words in my opinion.

      And if humans have soul then why not animals ? and how you confirmed that humans have soul and animal don't ?