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I have Never Seen Such Fervent Prayers By Black Christians Since The Election Of President Trump....

Updated on July 30, 2017

Can You Be A Christian And A Democrat... Knowing The Latter's Position On Abortion, Same-Sex Marriages....

I have Never Seen Such Fervent Prayers By Black Christians Since The Election Of President Trump....

Every Sunday and on Wednesdays and Fridays nights -- and I supposed wherever and whenever most of the Black churches convoke -- there are fervent, passionate prayers, supposedly being offered up to the Lord Jesus to intercede for America because of Donald Trump’s ascension to the Presidency -- I tell you that I have never seen such fervent prayers by Black Christians since the election of President Trump.Of course, when President Obama was in office -- you remember those eight years of perversion of almost all that is Christ Jesus – the constant refrain we heard was to pray for him because ‘the Lord put up and He takes down.’ Most of my Black brothers and sisters supported President Obama by voting him into office twice and are also guilty of supporting his policies of murdering babies, even in their ninth month (Abortion); his sanctioning of same-sex marriage; and his tepid support for the state of Israel… but of course, President Obama was the first Black President, so it was ok to choose Black pride over Christ Jesus and His unchanging teachings.

Since President Trump’s ascension to the White House, he has done away with the MexicoCity Policy – a policy that President Obama fervently supported - which used monies given to foreign non-government organizations for Abortion counseling or for Abortions referrals; since President Trump’s ascension to the White House, the Johnson Amendment that virtually prevented preachers from endorsing political candidates that mirror the latter’s religious beliefs was revoked; and since President Trump’s ascension to the White House, the friendship between Israel and America is white hot compare to the tundra-like chills under President Obama… these are, apparently, some of the reasons for the passionate, fervent prayers to Christ Jesus, by Black Christians, on behalf of America.

Where were the Black Christians’ fervent prayers when President Obama mocked the Lord by co-opting the rain-bow (See Caption below) and circled the White House to celebrate the Supreme Court’s sanctioning of same-sex marriages; where were the Black Christians’ fervent prayers when President Obama says that it was a woman’s rights to murder babies via Abortion; where were the Black Christians’ fervent prayers when President Obama over and over again insulted the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu; and where were the Black Christians’ fervent prayers when President Obama, by fiat, said that it was ok for a man to use the same bathrooms as our daughters -- you need not answer since the queries were rhetorical… but go and wash your proverbial hands, Ala Pontius Pilot!

We have perverted the scriptures -- specifically Psalm 75:7 and Daniel 2:21 -- which, basically, say that the Lord put up and He takes down rulers to rationalize our voting for President Obama. And there are some Black Christians who have said that if they knew before of President Obama’s respective positions on same-sex marriages and Abortion… that they would not have voted for him a second time -- you know that it is a lie from the pit of hell because most Black Christians still voted for Secretary of State Clinton, knowing before the election her respective positions on Israel, same-sex marriages, and Abortions. Incidentally, when the Lord in the scriptures mentioned above that ‘He put up and He takes down,’ He meant after we made our free will choice to choose. Note that the Lord is not a God of confusion: why would He destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19), if same-sex marriage was morally ok or if the Lord thinks too that Abortion was morally ok, why say in His Word to the weeping prophet that He knew him from his mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5) or do I need to further tell you about the Lord’s Agape love for Israel (The Apple of His eyes – Zechariah2:8; or Genesis 12:3).

Racial pride, along with its purveyors, is one of the ravening wolves… that the Apostle Paul, or moreover, the Christ, warned us about (Matthew 7:15) that is causing many Christians to be castaways. Many of us Christians do not have the basic gift of Discernment that comes from reading the Word; case in point, if the witches are placing hexes on President Trump, why would you, as a Christian, want to be sympatico with the necromancers, the gays, the lesbians, the transvestites, and the Luciferians? Many of us Christians (Hypocrats) have sold our souls for the modern day version of thirty-pieces of silver, whereby, we vote for the Democratic Party because they promised good union jobs, with living wages, just as long as we close our eyes to the baby killings, among the other perversions of the Word of Christ Jesus. Maranatha!

I have included the cover of the song -- Amazing Love – as performed by Paul Chang and Leena Cho, to help flesh out the themes of this blog because this particular Gospel song captures the reason why the Lord Jesus is bigger than any issue: racial pride, politics, family, Mammon, Jew, Gentile, Republicans, and Democrats… drill down in the hyperlink and enjoy.


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