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Lost in a Maze

Updated on February 4, 2020
Harishprasad profile image

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.

Our Own making

How we hanker after things,

We enter into the darkness,

Gather so much in our minds,

Love turns my love and her love.

Joy arises not, we rush after it,

And living doesn't excite us ,

Things we alter after the exit,

These look as lovely or ugly.

We create heaps of adjectives,

Flow of life doesn't attract us,

We want duels with the nature,

Hurting hills and all sea shores.

The world tasted our thoughts,

Hidden behind our own minds,

Our catalysis is so complete,

We've reached the precipice.

We plunged into our own world,

Turned Heavens into dungeons,

We so gloat over accumulations,

Are we made in His own image ?

Seeing us living in this world,

And all beings, doubts I have,

Mind so sharp,heart so deep,

Soul so high ! we live so low !

Lost In A Maze

When we are young and raw,

We all marvel at things around,

Our eyes see as mirrors see us,

The cynic mind doesn't touch us.

Depth of abyss and pride are far,

Love is our ally, rose a real rose,

We not only live,we are life itself,

How we enjoy knowing not joy !

Of innocence we are not aware,

Our ignorance is a great blessing !

Not only pure,we are purity itself,

This,that,good,bad...don't touch us.

When we begin to know innocence,

Good - bad, love-hate, pretty- petty,

The apple of strife blinds our vision,

Out we are and become different now.

Slowly we turn mute, want to explore,

And sharpen wits to win the world,

Savor less, dissipate a lot, pitiless,

We keep shrinking to our own world.

In a turtle's shell ! we ignore the world,

Immersed in wealth,we run so mad,

Miseries bother not,intellect blinds us,

No wonder we remain distraught ever.

A Cheerful Sojourn : Full Of Bliss

Birds look elegant ever, sitting or flying free,

Whether dawn or dusk, ever stirring the soul !

Spilling grace in the sky ! how cheerfully they move,

Such mirthful flights ! bathing in such delight !

Sounds sweet to ears ! one loves to hear,

Slowly fading away, melting into the sky,

Such awful indulgence ! such soulful play !

Living all pores ! and blissful to the core !

They never polish their ways nor their actions,

And never sing songs beyond what nature tells,

Eyes are in the world and the world in the eyes,

Their heaven & hell is here, they don't look there.

They seek not bliss, happiness, nor any peace,

No Buddha for them, not any saint nor the Savior,

They fly in the world, they fly away from the world,

And no attention ever to the lapse of existence.

So Apart They Are

Immersed in love, they are ever happy,

Hate, jealousy, knowing not in their heart,

They live in the moments and die in that,

Accumulation, greed...beyond they are.

Loss too they suffer but move they on,

Looking forward to having needs fulfilled,

Harbor they not a bit and go on carefree,

Why to live and what to live is not their way.

Living only their lives they are focused on ,

Their pretty and lovely nests- so much toil !

Ways the tigress teaches her art so perfect,

And turns her cubs into the graceful kings.

And the spider- what a great web designer !

Wonder where from it learns such an art !

And in matters of heart, are they any far ?

Dogs surpass affection, putting us to shame.

Stories they also make maybe more wonderful !

We don't know the tongues they want to speak,

They too take care of bodies and avoid the falls,

But how they live the fullest- this dance of life !

Man Versus Other Creatures

Do We Really Live Our Life Joyfully And With Mirth ?

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