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I was GOD! A weird and wonderful experience...

Updated on February 17, 2010

'Stuff' Happened...

I am 're-visiting' some of the strange events that have occured in my life and I have decided to publish them in my hub pages under the group heading of 'Stuff' Happened...

I am beginning with this amazing experience, which I had back at the beginning of December 1999...

A Weird Feeling

I was in bed, my (now ex) husband was asleep beside me and I was almost asleep...

I suddenly started to get a weird feeling, something which I had felt before, and I knew that something strange was about to happen.

I thought that maybe I was going to have an out-of-body experience, so I lay completely still - I didn't want to stop what was happening, from happening! (as I had done in the past because I get all excited!)

The next bit is very difficult to explain, but the closest description is that I felt my body starting to dissolve. One moment my body felt solid and the next it sort of disintegrated into millions of particles of energy!!

Then I felt myself spreading outwards... my particles of energy seemed to merge with my husband's - I became him - or rather, we were one 'cloud' of energy.

Then I spread out further and 'merged' with the bedding, with the sheets and the quilt, with the mattress and the wooden bed base.

Then I felt myself spreading out even further - I was the room, then I was the house... then I was outside - I was the trees and the bushes.

I spread upwards and outwards… and into the earth. I was the earth, the sky, the stars - the Universe!

I was everything - all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be!

I was GOD!!!

Then I was me again...

All this happened in a few seconds! I was totally amazed by this experience - it was wonderful!


I had been reading 'Conversations with God' (books 1, 2 and 3) and this 'experience' was like a confirmation of everything I'd read.

(If you haven't read these books - I can't recommend them highly enough!)

The day after this happened I wrote an email about it and sent it off to some of my friends, later when talking to my Mum, I realised that what I had written had upset her (and perhaps others too) - not about the experience, which she did think was amazing, but about the phrase I used saying: "I was GOD!!!"

She felt most uncomfortable that I had written that and was worrying about what people would think of me - she didn't want me to share this story as she was worried it may offend people.

We are ALL God

I just want to try to explain a little - as I tried to explain it to my Mum.

With all due respect, I think that many of my Mum's generation really have a problem with the idea that we are all one - that is, one with God as well as with each other.

When I said "I was God", I didn't mean "I am God and you are all 'less' than me...

WE are ALL God and God is US.

If God is everything, then He is you and me - She is everyone and everything...

Therefore I AM God and YOU ARE God... and so, as a friend so often said,

"WE BE GOD!!!"

Conversations with God

Once again I must mention the books 'Conversations with God'.

If you read these books you would understand what I meant (if you've read these books then my words probably would not have upset you).

Everything you have been taught, whether by your families or religion... your basic beliefs... may be turned upside down when you read these books - but then it all falls into place and you think "of course!", "that is so true!"

You begin to look at things differently... you 'wake up' and start remembering 'Who you really are'...

Well, I hope that clarifies things a bit and hope I haven't upset anyone?!

Apologies that I am unable to express myself more clearly, but I hope you've understood!

If this starts a debate, or provokes any comments - that would be great!

Have any of you had a similar experience I wonder?


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