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I will never be ashamed to praise Jesus, He wasn't ashamed to die for me.

Updated on August 12, 2012

I just praise better at home

That's what I use to say. It's a private thing. I do it better at home. I just don't want people judging me. I could come up with 10 million reasons not to praise Jesus in front of other people. Mostly I thought, people will stare at me. I thought, What if people think I'm fake? I thought, What if I look silly. What if I lose control? You know what? WHO CARES!! I love Jesus. I love Him with every single part of me. Every piece belongs to Jesus. Was it a private thing when He was crucified for me? No, He did that openly. He did that in open shame. For every eye to see. He was tortured, He was spit at, He was pierced. He could have come down from that humiliation, from that pain. He could have waved His hand and sent them all into Hades. But no, He stayed there. He hung there on that tree, so I could be forgiven. So I could be healed. So I could be saved. So I could some day go to a church altar for the first time in my life and repent openly in front of everyone. So I could walk down one day at an altar call and say I want to get baptized in the name of Jesus. So I could finally, after 11 years of running from showing emotion about Jesus in front of anyone, I could finally go to an altar, and I could praise Him with everything in me. I could give myself to Him. I could cry out to him in an unknown language with people holding my hands and speaking words of deliverance and healing and freedom into my ears. I could let go and Praise Him with all my heart, In front of a ton of people, and I could not care one bit what anyone thought but him. I thank God for everyone who has led me to this place in my life. I thank God for my new found Home and my new found freedom in the Lord. I thank God for healing, and deliverance on so many levels. I praise God that I do not have a spirit of Fear, but of love, and of peace, and of a sound mind. I will show emotion for Jesus. It's not all in the shout, but I guarantee Jesus loves to hear you shouting out for all to hear that you love Him with everything in you. Openly, Without Shame. I am a child of the King. Tonight I was David, Standing up to my Giant. And The God of the armies of Israel fought for me. His name is Jesus. The Stone hit the Giant right between the eyes, and the Giant came crashing down. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE HIM??? WITH EVERYTHING INSIDE OF ME!!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!


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