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Updated on July 21, 2015

"A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering."


A Wise Man

A useful perspective is not something that falls into our lap; it is something we, ourselves, must create through our continuing diligence. Love, satisfaction, well-being, health, happiness, joy, fulfillment, prosperity, abundance, beauty, et al, all come from inside us. We are just living out the reflections of our inner dwelling through our projections into life.

Creating the proper perspective entails the recognition that we are, at this moment, living in a state of grace. It is the recognition that there are literally billions of scenarios that are much less appealing than where we find ourselves. There is no shortage of circumstances that you would not want in your life. That is why it is so important to stop living where you are not. Be in the present and recognize that there is nothing wrong in this moment.

You must act as if your very life depends on the proper perspective because, in fact, it does. Whether you live a long and healthy life or a stressed, disease ridden existence will come from the level of control you can exert over your mind. You are what you are because you say so, not because it is true. If it does not serve you to tell yourself that you are a certain way, then stop telling yourself that you are that. There are no inherent human characteristics. We are what we are because we say so. Things occuring in our lives mean what they do because we say so. The proper perspective is the most useful source for telling ourselves who and what we are.

The lessons we are here to learn will not let us off easily and we must stop looking at how everyone and everything affects us or we will never learn. There is no power in looking at how everything affects you. The only power you have is in looking at how you affect everything around you and affecting it in the way you intend. All of the circumstances we find in our lives have no meaning. It is we who create the meaning of everything. One thing is not better than another. The perspective you bring to everything makes all the difference in the world, though. Einstein was right when he said that doing the same things over and over expecting different results is surely the definition of insanity. If you are contributing to the insanity in the world we live in, please take another path. One in which self discipline of your mind becomes the only real task at hand. How we are seeing things is creating the world we live in. Our reluctance to look at the way life is being affected by what we are saying, doing and believeing is making life on earth not great for everyone.

Consider what is more important to you than anything else and then recognize that engaging the following two statements will help to get you more of that.



It all comes from you, all of it. In reality, there is nothing but you in your world. You are the Movie Screen, you are the Movie, you are the Projector, you are the Director, you are the Actors. You are the one calling the shots. You are the one saying what everything means. You are the one creating the feelings. You are the one who is either at the effect or who is creating the effect. Nothing is going on that you are not describing either in a way that is useful or in a way that is keeping you stuck. If you are not interpreting everything and everyone in a way that gives you more of what is important to you, then you are interpreting everything and everyone in a way that becomes more evidence for what already limits you.





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