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Ideal or Idol

Updated on July 6, 2023

Ideal - a one, (The Creator) a person or thing regarded as perfect satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect, supreme, and absolute. There is an adage that is used, “nobody’s perfect” although this is most certainly true, that no-one is perfect, but it does not hinder the pursuit of striving towards or believing in perfection. My resolve to this adage is someone is perfect, who? The Creator is perfect. It is because of the fall that the Creator as the Creator alone is never a consideration or mentioned.

The Creator, the one who created all things, provided all things that are substance, energy, and matter all by creative rights, which are the Creator’s rights alone, the right to create only belongs to the Creator. It is a slippery slope that man/woman now asserts they have the power to create, but unless one can create the thing that it creates from, that is an illusion, delusion, and deception, but compared to what?. Man/woman has great potential when it comes to inventing, building and devising, but what is man-made has the innate ability to harm, destroy and kill and is made with hands that do so, mouths that utter deceit, and feet swift towards destruction.

This is what the fall has done, it has provided the ability to invent things which can actually destroy and kill, rather than invent what can never, ever do any harm, nor to cause destruction in any way, form or fashion, this is the perfection that we as a human race are missing. The ability to do everything perfectly, herein no harm is done to or in the universe to ourselves or each other. Perfection is an ideal, a lofty and high space reserved only for those who would dare to believe in the Creator.

The fall doles out weights that should not be carried, such as sin, and the response to not being sorry for unrepentance of and for sin, meaning that no remorse for wrong even registers within the heart or soul.

All of man/womankind is in a fallen state. You may ask, fall from where? It is the fall from the perfection of moral excellence and beauty. Jesus offers the only rule of thought in being victorious in this fallen state, I would ask that if you have not repented of any immorality that you alone have done past or present, known and unknown, that may have offended or may be offending the Creator, please, I plead with you to do it today, and open your path to repentance, only you have the key to your door of repentance, or just use the words of Jesus. I remember from where I have fallen and I repent right now at this very moment, even if you don’t feel that you have fallen, make a fresh start.

(Revelation 2:5), “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” He counsels that we should remember or consider, to actually give it thought where have we fallen from, it is a descent from a state of good and perfect and a fall from a moral obligation in which we are the offenders.

  1. Remember - to exercise memory that is recollected; by implication to punish; also to rehearse: - make mention be mindful remember.
  2. Therefore - accordingly: - and (so truly) but now (then) so (likewise then) then therefore verily wherefore.

  3. Whence - what (as relative) place state source or cause: - where.

  4. Fallen - to drop away; specifically, be driven out of one´ s course; figuratively to lose become inefficient: - be cast fail fall (away off) take none effect.

  5. Repent - to think differently or afterward that is reconsider (morally to feel compunction): - repent.

  6. First - foremost (in time place the order or importance): - before beginning best chief (-est) first (of all) former.

  7. Works - toil (as an effort or occupation); by implication an act: - deed doing labour work.

  8. Quickly - a brief space (of time) that is in haste: - + quickly + shortly + speedily.

  9. Remove - to stir (transitively) literally or figuratively: - (remove way.

  10. Candlestick - a portable lamp or other illuminators (literally or figuratively): - Candlelight. Seven Candlesticks as defined in Revelation 1:20 symbolize Seven Churches - this rebuke was given to the Church in Ephesus

  11. Except - if not that is unless: - before but except if no (if + whosoever) not.

  12. Repent - metanoeō - think differently or afterward that is reconsider (morally to feel compunction):

Compunction - A pricking of heart; poignant grief or remorse proceeding from a consciousness of guilt; the pain of sorrow or regret for having offended the Creator, and the ability to break laws and the order which govern the universe, world and earth; the sting of conscience proceeding from a conviction of having violated a moral duty and civil call to justice through adherence.

What is it that Jesus through God is endeavoring to do? Reconcile the world to God, what is God endeavoring to do? Reconcile the universe and every realm therein to the Creator, the state of absolute perfection. All are created in a perfect image and likeness that when translated to human form is truly infinite (possessing no limitations) and not finite (possessing limitations) but the forms we are in are all imperfect, we dwell in imperfect bodies, possess imperfect souls, and we live in an imperfect world, because sin only produces imperfection. Repentance of this fallen and imperfect state transports one to a new location of transparency which leads to transformation liken to the caterpillar's morph into the butterfly. Metamorphosis is the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages. All that it takes is a perspective shift.

There is no representation of perfection in human form. Humans strive to do things perfectly, but human nature inherently and intuitively knows that it is far from perfect, or without fault or flaw. It is a fragile and delicate place where the human being lives out life because life is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to what happens to you, the fall happened to all, none are exempt, but all are accountable individually.

The highest ideal humans encounter is the one that God is the source of the perfection that is not inherent in human nature, the only representation of the perfect man is found in and through Jesus Christ, has time produced a human as a result of Christ that exemplifies perfection? My answer is only repentance can produce the essence of the perfect human. In the case of no one being perfect, many have solved this dilemma through Christ. What about the perfect man or woman for humanness which has to be experienced in time and life? What perfection has humanity embraced experientially which is but in one's own self as a result of belief in Christ? Can the human see their own need for the perfect ideal experientially?

What is the preference of human nature, an ideal or an idol? How about you?

Idol - a representative or symbol of an object of worship, false gods

The only one who can never fill or serve as an idol is the Creator, and the Creator can never be a false god. It is something to have to contend and die for faith in the only true God. One of the commandments is that there be no other God but one, yet in this verse, it infers that there are other gods which can be put before or in the place of God. Inane as that may seem, it is a reality that anything that is put before God is considered an idol. Any God put before the Creator has become an idol.

Creator, I look to You


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