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Ideas abound in every one!

Updated on March 5, 2013

Go beyond the Mind!

Once Saibaba has stated that each human being gets 5 million thoughts in a life time. Hence there is no paucity of thoughts in any body! But all thoughts do not turn into ideas! But, are we comfortable with the thoughts? Even when we are busy with some thing, there is a constant clamor in the mind in the background. This goes on involuntarily at all times of the waking state. Few people focus fully on the task in hand. Concentration of the mind is one skill needed for day to day life. Whether we are reading or driving or walking, we need to concentrate.

We might have heard about 'meditation' in which we have to abandon all thoughts about ourselves and the world. Meditation is really forgetting oneself and focusing on the Self within. In meditation, thoughts are suspended and we have to transcend even the mind. Meditation is not a function of the mind but it is the function of the inner man which is the Self. When we are able to go beyond the mind, the Self itself will guide us further. Hence thoughts are not welcome when we want to achieve our aim in this world. The aim is to realize ourselves! The ignorant cling to the body/mind conundrum. But the wise knew that the body is a mere bubble and the mind is a mad one. Hence, they never rely upon these faulty and feeble instruments for their progress in spiritual path.

Remember that thoughts distract us every time. We loose our peace by the thought process. Here, the readers may doubt whether good thoughts also is a distraction. Yes, all thoughts are distractions. They are like pebbles thrown on the calm surface of a lake in a deep jungle. Yes, even there is no flow of wind due to the thick growth of trees around. Each pebble cause ripples on the calm surface which reach until the outer edge of the lake. But in the initial stages, we can divert the evil or bad thoughts with good thoughts. Afterwards, we have to abandon both. When you step over a thorn which gets lodged in your sole, you take another thorn and remove the one in your sole. Then both the thorns are discarded. Likewise, we can divert the bad thoughts with a good one and afterwards, we should relinquish even the good thoughts. We must try to achieve a 'thoughtless state' which is really peaceful. Hence we enjoy the dreamless sleep. There is no thought process during deep sleep. You enjoy a serenity. Only after you wake up, you remember that you had a good nourishing sleep!

Our ancient scriptures, the teachings of saints and sages point to one Truth. The phenomenal world is a 'great illusion' like the mirage in the desert. It is never real. We falsely rely upon the fleeting senses and gives credence to their input. For instance we see many things in the external world. The eye is just an instrument. The image that falls in the eye is construed only by the brain but it is the mind which gets the final picture. If the mind is absent in any manner, we wont perceive the scene noticed outside. Likewise, the real experience is perceived in the mind though the mind is not the seer. The seer is beyond the mind. He is just a witness of all these things but the seer is absolutely unaffected by the scene. It is the mind which is agitated but not the self. The Self is the final knower and mind is just an intermediate.


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