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Identity In Christ Jesus

Updated on January 12, 2013

What is identity?

Who do you identify with?

Why is identity important?

When is identity vital to ones existence?

We all identify with something, someone or whatever. We consistently label one another, by race, color, creed, religion or sexuality, even political affiliations. So for most of us labels that identify us are okay and necessary, either to our lifestyle or our existence in this world.

Thing is none of us are unique, especially when we start trying to identify ourselves. Labeling typically makes us just like everybody else. People typically follow something, an idea, an ideal, a philosophy, something because there is nothing new under the sun where mankind is concerned.

It is when we step outside of the box that we find that identity is nothing but a perception, so that someone else is comfortable with who we are and gives them some idea on how to treat us.

Yet, it is necessary for all of us to identify with something, someone or nothing at all. The truth is the nothing at all is actually an oxymoron - it is not possible. We as human being's seek to be inclusive, or included into something we feel secure with and are a part of, that is normal.

Those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ Jesus know that we carry the identity of Christian. We, we do categorize ourselves that way and there are a few frank assumptions that come along with that label.

Yet many of us do not understand our position! It stems from not knowing the truth for ourselves. So we need to investigate a few things to give clarity to our true identity. We need to read the manufacturers handbook, the book that gives us our new genealogy.

We are new creatures in Christ Jesus!

Questions to ask, answer

  • So who was Christ Jesus?
  • When was He the Christ?
  • Why are we identified with Him - Christ Jesus?
  • What does being identified with Christ Jesus entail?
  • Why is it important to know that identity?
  • Where do you learn the traits of Christ Jesus?
  • Why Christ Jesus?

Christ is not Jesus' last name, family name or surname. It is the title given to him because of who He is and His example to us.

Any follower of Jesus will refer to Him as the Christ. Christ means the anointed one. Ever wonder what the anointing was for, why was it necessary that He was anointed? What does anointing really mean. How does the anointing empower us, as followers of Christ Jesus.

According to the Old Testament men of God or men called by God for special reasons like King, were usually anointed with oil, from the top of their heads until it dripped down their feet. Sometime pooling where they stood so they identified with the role in which they were anointed for, so they could accomplish what the role required of them.

Anointing signified that that person had a special role and that it was God approved and should be honored by others as well.

So Jesus, the Christ was as a man - the anointed, honored to fulfill a role ordained by God for Him. Most of us know that it was as the Lamb of God! In the form of a man, a perfect man, to be the perfect sacrifice, so that all mankind could have the access to a love relationship with God the father, when they accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Once we realize that Jesus, Christ Jesus fulfilled the work of the cross and there is nothing to do but to accept the free gift, then walk out what our new identity is we see Christ Jesus in the flesh.

So what is your identity in Christ Jesus...What do you know of your identity in Christ Jesus?

When i talk to people and i have done it myself, when i have failed, i like others will say ' i'm not perfect, i am not Jesus'.

Thing is according to a portion of 1 John 4 :17, that is not true and can no longer be used by those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ or Christians. It says, "...As He, Jesus is, so are we in this world."

This world! Not the world to come or heaven. This world!

So what is your identity in Christ are some...

  • a child of God, "beloved", "in whom I - God is well pleased"
  • the word, a living epistle
  • a healer
  • a giver
  • a teacher,
  • righteous
  • justified
  • redeemed
  • a conqueror
  • an heir
  • forgiven
  • blessed (with all spiritual blessing)

Everything Christ Jesus is, the Christian who accepts Him as Lord and Savior is. That is how God looks at us.

Christ Jesus was the first of all the children of God. Those who choose Him, who choose to be sons or children of God are His siblings in God's eyes.

Our identity is in Christ Jesus. Who Jesus is, is who we are. He promised us we would do more than He did in the earth, while He lived and told us He only did and said what his father God said and did in heaven.

We have an example for living but we also have an identity, that sets us aside from the labeled boxes of man. Especially since it is based on our true nature, our spiritual self that is who we really are in this earth, because when death comes to the body the spirit leaves it. The real person no longer occupies their earth suit.

Who are you in Christ Jesus?


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