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History of The Devil's Bible, Facts about this Idiotic Myth. Written in one night?

Updated on February 19, 2017

The Devils Bible

Codex Gigas

The Devil's Bible cover
The Devil's Bible cover | Source

The Devil's Bible -

and other idiotic beliefs.

Is it as valid as the current version worshiped by millions?

Both books are works of fictitious fairy tales - and yet............

This is a commentary on the History Channel special titled "The Devil's Bible".

It stated as fact that a monk, imprisoned and condemned to death, around the year 1230AD for unstated crimes against humanity and the church, made a pact with the devil to save his life.

The TV special suggested that it may indeed be fact. Wherein, this monk begged his captors for mercy stating that he would write a complete bible in one night if they spared his life.

According to this myth, he in fact created an entire bible that measured 3 feet in length, complete with a drawing, in color, of the devil. The text was purportedly written by hand with perfect penmanship, in the same ink, and each letter perfectly the same throughout the book.

This is how superstition begins, and is perpetuated by being repeated over and over again, down the generations until it is accepted as fact by today's uninformed and gullible people, perpetuating the fear and shamelessly disregarding reality.

Today's Bible

today's version of the bible
today's version of the bible | Source
Biblical poetry
Biblical poetry

Today's version of the Bible

The bible as worshiped today is known as the "holy scripture" was in fact created several hundreds of years after the death of a political rebel named Jesus Christ.

There were hundreds of letters, scriptures, stories, psalms, epistles, etc..., written by scores of men (and women) who all touted that theirs was truly "inspired by God".

Reality check: All written material is "inspired by concepts learned or imagined".

Even mine.

Just add.... "God told me what to write" ..... and the gullible will believe every word (as indeed, i submit, was the case herein).

The original bible was compiled by a few men who wanted to create something that conveyed the sentiment of the times. Ergo, they carefully picked and chose those writings that most closely fit their ideas of what that interpretation should look like, and 'presto' a holy book was miraculously created.

The devil's bible was also created the same way. It was a compilation from the remaining letters, writings, epistles, psalms, and even some recipes for spells that could be cast onto anyone who did not conform to this idiomatic ideology.

A fear tactic, still common in today's society. This text (book) was smuggled in to the incarcerated monk by one of his sympathetic jailers and presented the next day as having been written over night. (This information came to me in a reverie state of commune with my spirit guide)..(...about as factual as the actual story).

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for sane, rational people to even try to comprehend how such drivel can be passed off as truth. And yet, again i submit, the 'truth' of modern day beliefs, as proof of this idiocy.

There is little, if any, proof of these "miracles" from the past, except by word of mouth, being passed down through the ages by religious zealots who wanted to maintain their control over the multitudes.

Today's version of the bible was translated several times, through several languages. And those translators put their own twist on the themes, for their own agendas, to reflect the sentiments of their times in these translations.

Ergo, arose the practice of quoting one out of context passage to prove an argument - the most ludicrous practice of all.

Reality Check: Today religious sects still require tithing from their followers, suggesting that one can buy their way into heaven after their demise. These "religious" sects hoard vast fortunes, wield great political power, and pay no taxes. And still have an expectation of molding society to their way of thinking by using intimidation and fear of being rejected by a vengeful god.

When they start losing their grip on their followers, they sensationalize a particular "type" to bring their cohesion back into focus through promotion of hatred, bigotry and intolerance for anyone that they cannot exercise control over.

If religion dedicated itself to doing good {God's work} in lieu of their own greedy agendas, they would be able to strive for that unattainable perfection by promoting love, tolerance (as Jesus preached) , understanding, acceptance and equality for all men (yes, and even women and children).

Losing my religion

Losing my religion

I too, was a victim of the affliction known as Christianity during my youth.

When i started to refuse to promote the hatefulness of its ideology I had an epiphany (a sudden manifestation of the essential nature of, or meaning of, something)

ie: this is not the christian dogma i wanted to be party to.

So, I quit without hesitation, without reservation, without regret.

I am now free to pursue my happiness, unencumbered by the fetters of guilt or shame and a profound belief that I am now living a true "christian" life style without hatred and wholly sanctioned by a Creator I can be proud to be associated with.

I now marvel unashamedly at the wonders of the universe, the beauty of nature, and even the life span of a bug!!

I no longer need a middle man to commune with the Creator.

And neither do you my friend.

by: d.william

ignorance and religion. Is there a correlation?

© 2010 d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Of the 443 views this article has had over the past 10 months since i wrote it, you are the one and only person brave enough to actually leave a comment. The fear and guilt that religions impose on people is as real today as it was back then.

      People tend to believe that the ancients were somehow holier, and more above reproach than the people of today, when in fact there is absolutely no differences between them and us.

      There was as much corruption and vice back then (probably more) as there is today. The only difference is that pornography and debauchery is readily available to everyone today via the media, but back in those days it was done in secret.

      The judgmental living then, were the same mentally as those who are judgmental today.

      Humanity has not changed one iota, and religions still prey on unsuspecting people, by fear and guilt mongering, as they did thousands of years ago.

      Your remarks: "These invented accounts reveal their own perverted imagination as well as their lust clearly illustrated by the number of modern accounts of priests abusing young boys and the rest." is the absolute truth of the situation.

      Kudos to you for your bravery.

    • Radical Rog profile image

      Peter Rogers 4 years ago from Plymouth

      Of course you are right about it being an idiotic story. The truth is that the majority of accounts about witchcraft and demonic practices were invented and written by monks, priests and other members of the early Church all with the intention of denigrating and suppressing all opposition. These invented accounts reveal their own perverted imagination as well as their lust clearly illustrated by the number of modern accounts of priests abusing young boys and the rest.

      There's none so evil as those that claim to be holy.