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Idolatry is Abominable Sin

Updated on May 27, 2014

His Love and Glory

It is most important to me that I make it known to all who read this that I write it in all reverence to God Almighty and to his glory, without malice toward any man and with much love toward my neighbors, my brothers and sisters in the Lord, and especially for the children we are casting into the fires that our fathers first cast us into for many generations.


The Holy days of men or the Holidays as we know them today were made up long ago supposedly to bring the pagans into the Catholic Church, when in truth they were devised to deceive the people into compromising with idol worshippers.


Christmas as we know it today originally called Christ mass started in the Roman Catholic Church many centuries ago and was devised supposedly to bring the pagans and their money into the Church. The reason it is celebrated on December 25th is that that,s the day the pagans celebrate Nimrod the sun god's birthday, The tree originally decorated with candles, and silver and gold garland were and still are all idols to the sun god. If you look at Jeremiah 10: 1-5 you will find a description of an idol, this also closely describes today's Christ mass tree, is this ironic or by design as all other prophecies have been foretold. furthermore Ezekiel 8: 16 shows men with their back to the Temple worshiping the sun to the east and how God himself calls this abomination, and check out Ezekiel 14 on how people set up idols in their hearts. Then there is Saint Nicholas also known as Santa Claus, one of the many people idolized in the catholic church. Our Lord Jesus was born on or near the first of the Jewish new year, which is sometime in late September or early October by our calender. We as Christians should celebrate his birth then if ever and without idols, rather than compromise his sovereignty and giving in to idol worship and pagan rituals, and that's only the beginning. How can we justify celebrating any Holy day set-up by a Church full of idolatry and who's leaders believe they are better and smarter than God Himself, changing even his Sabbath day which he tells us to remember in his commandments, can everyone really be that blind, I pray not.


Easter, mans most Holy of Holy Days and Christian's as well because it is around the time of our Lord's resurrection, is far from anything good or right in the sight of God. The name itself is derived from the name of Esther, the goddess of fertility and this holy day of men is full of idolatry. The bunny as we all are familiar with as a sign of fertility, “breeding like rabbits”is one of the idols unto Esther, as well as the egg, the most renowned sign of fertility in the world.


Halloween of course being the worst of all, when we put the costumes of every idol known to man on our children, and teach them to hallow these and worse, everything of the night and of darkness. This I know is done in ignorance as anyone can see, but we are light in the Lord, who are told to “walk as children in the light” as it says in Ephesians chapter 5.


As it says in Acts 15: 20 that we should “abstain from the pollution of idols”, and from things given to idols, 1 Corinthians 10: 14 even tells us to flee from idolatry. We need desperately to hold fast to his Word in these last days and be separate like it says in 2Cor 6: 16, 17. I'm not writing the quotes because we should read for ourselves and not these verses alone, but the complete passages to get the full meaning.

My Heart's Plea

Please don't get me wrong, I am not worthy and have no desire to pass judgment on any man, but rather I can only hope to bring to light the things that the ruler of this world, Satan himself is using to deceive us and to separate us from God and he's been using idols since the beginning, only now he hides them in plain sight and even calls them Christian holidays. We all know that God abhors idols and we had better as well. My God is a jealous God, and He is not given to compromise. It is time to come out from among them and be separate.

I learned the truth about the holidays 30 years ago and I have had to walk alone in this matter for almost as long as I have known Jesus, which means I have even been separated from my brothers and sisters in the Lord by my unwillingness to compromise his sovereignty with the ways of the world. Again I say it is not for me to judge men, but it is for me to judge what I do and follow, according to my understanding.

A Prayer

I pray that God will reveal this to all that seek his truth and his righteousness earnestly, because I believe this to be one of the darkest Grey areas of our time, and as the latter rain of his spirit begins to fall in these last days and the dark ways of this world are revealed by his light shining ever so much brighter in and about us all, I pray for his strength, that we hold fast to the faith and that his spiritual discernment would be awakened in us, that we be found blameless before God through Christ Jesus, Amen


© 2013 Ted


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