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If God exists, why all the evil?

Updated on April 20, 2016

I've heard it asked several times: If God exist, why is there so much evil in the world? If we are to understand why, then we must also ask: What is evil? The obvious answer would be anything bad. However, how do we know what is bad, unless there is a good to compare it to? That good we compare it to comes from God; God is the ultimate good. In Genesis 1 we see that God created the universe, and he calls it "good". Then it goes on to say that God created humanity, which was also "good". From this we can assume only good comes from God. It says that God created us in His image, thus having written in our selves a moral code of right and wrong. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree, their eyes immediately were opened, and they hid because they knew they did wrong. This was the beginning of "evil" coming into the world. Because of sin, we all have what we call "bad" in the world.

Bad is just "spoiled good" as C.S.Lewis calls it in his book "Mere Christianity". Everyone wants something good, and sometimes goes about it the wrong way to achieve that good. God created sex, and thus men and women have sexual desires. A man or woman can go about those desires the right way (which is to be married first to a man or woman, then have sex), or force their desires on others without them saying that it is okay. Both of these options end with that person having sex which God created to be good, but only one of these options is the right way to go about it. See, now you understand "spoiled good". God created things for us to enjoy, but it's our means of gaining those goods that defines what bad is. God created us with free will to either choose to do good, or bad. To go about it the way God wants us to, or to reject God's ways and give in to selfish desires. This is the same free will to accept God as our Savior, or reject him. One of my favorite bands is Switchfoot, and they have a song called "The Shadow Proves the Sunshine". What this title means is that the shadow only exists because there is a sun. The sun does not produce the shadow, but the object in front of the sun is what casts that shadow. Sin got in the way of us and God, it separated us from Him. Because of sin, we have "bad". However, If God did not exists then there would be no bad, or good. There would be nothing that defined what good and bad is. So the fact that we see bad things proves that God exists. Just like the shadow proves the the sun.

Unfortunately, when we are born, we are born into sin because of Adam and Eve; we cannot escape this. Even as babies we have selfish desires; We cry when we don't get our way. Because of this sin we all deserve the same punishment, no one is left out. But because God came down in human form (Jesus) to die on a cross, and rise again to defeat death, we have hope. He forgives those who turn to Him, and promises eternal life for eternity. However, he does not force us into loving Him, it's our choice.

This is a question that could go into even deeper conversations, but I will leave it at this. This is the short answer to a huge question. Please feel free to ask me questions regarding this if you do not understand. Thank you for taking the time to read this today. I hope you have a great day.

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© 2016 Matthew Olson


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    • Matt-O profile image

      Matthew Olson 21 months ago from Conroe, Texas

      Ericdierker, thank you for reading, and your comment. I do not mean that babies are evil. I simply mean that sin is with us from birth. We don't get to a certain age then suddenly it appears. It's with us from the beginning. I hope I shed some light on the issue. Thank you again for your comment.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 21 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Babies? I don't think I like that concept of sin of a baby. But you brought some thought to the table - I appreciate that.