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If God is true, then why is there so much suffering in this world? Part 3

Updated on May 18, 2016

The sin of Adam is not Lucifer's lucky punch!

The Angels that rebelled distorted and manipulated the creation of God. They have nothing in mind but to disprove Him!

Little did they knew that in so doing, they have expressly allowed God to penetrate through and manipulated them instead.

What they did and wanted to do, God knew and already anticipated. They were so predictable, they only want revenge from God.

God in turn has nothing against them. In fact God needed them for His plan to work out.

God took the opportunity and wasted no time to create His Church and His Son through the Angels that rebelled.

He used their grievances to persecute His Wife and assault directly His Son.

The Angels that sinned, procreated the Church of God and His Begotten Son by providing the Furnace and the Crucible of life.

I am God and I am promoting Holiness in conduct if we are to make it through eternity! It is the only narrow way.

But to become Holy, one must be exposed to the Good as well as to the Evil.

You must be able to contain that Good and Evil within you and by freewill, choose only to implement the Good at all times and at all cost.

That is the essence of Holiness.

The Law must be written right through your heart to the point that you can live with it and abide with it effortlessly.

For if you only obey the Law out of obedience, then you are only labelled Righteous. Any given time the Law changes, you also have a change of heart.


In the Garden of Eden

God introduced to Adam and Eve a way of life.

The same way of life He introduced to all the Angels He created.

The way of obedience towards God.

The way of Righteousness.

When the serpent came, he knew that he could not make Adam to disobey God for he is a Man.

Just as the Devil could not fool and sway the atheists and professionals today who represent the Spiritual Man.

So instead, He went to Eve and reasoned with her.

Pretty much like what he is doing today with the world's religions who are representing the Spiritual Woman.

For the Woman is frail.

He approached Eve and argued,

did you really think that God is directing you into the right path? He doesn't want you to eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil for once you do, your eyes will be opened and become like God.

Lucifer did not lie! He told exactly the truth! For when Eve and Adam ate of the tree, their eyes were indeed opened and saw their nakedness!

Lucifer knew exactly what he is saying for it is the same set of Laws God gave them and look where it brought them, to demotion of rank in heaven!

That set of Law is the Law of Righteousness or obedience towards God. An inferior Technology.

And yet God's ultimate plan is to create People who can obey His set of Holy Laws. A Superior Technology.

Lucifer sympathized with the Woman. She hit her right at her weakest point. He made her as bitter as a woman can be. Until finally, she gave in.

God knew all along that Adam is going to choose his wife over God.

In fact, even I would do exactly the same.

Adam knew God could survive by Himself. He doesn't need an Adam beside Him. But Eve was so helpless, how can she just leave her like that?


There has not been a single mistake!

Adam did exactly what has been ordained.

Remember, it is not on the first day of creation that God created His Son but rather, at the end of the 6th Day. Adam existed approx. 6000 years ago or spiritually speaking, on the 1st day of God's creation.

On the 7th Day, His Son took over and God rested from His works.

When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree, God is able to advance with His plan. He never intended to introduce the Holy Laws to Adam and Eve anyway for they could have not followed.

In fact, no Humans can. And also, no Angels can.

For only a GOD can!

The plan is to simply introduce Sin or Evil into Humanity because it is an essential recipe towards Holiness.


God did not introduced sin to the angels

Then why did not God introduced sin Himself to the Angels to make them Holy?

The Angels are immortal beings who have finite traits and qualities given to them by God at the moment of their creation. By immortality comes inherent power of self preservation which entails absolute ability to do as I please free from any external influences.

When God created an Angel good, He is good not only because that is the nature God gave him but because he chooses to be good without prejudices. God can make an angel good at the moment of creation but He cannot force them to stay good if they do not want to because they have absolute freewill and autonomy as a consequence of their immortality.

As soon as they are born, they can already stand alone without God.

So getting back to the question why did He not introduced sin to the angels?

It is because the angels have the absolute freedom to think and evaluate for themselves whether or not Good is actually better than Evil!

A very dangerous situation for God! God knew how tempting Evil is and that no known realm in the entire expanse of everything could overcome Sin once accommodated except in the realm of God.

The kind of ability which he planned to give to Humanity through the ingestion of His own Spirit to the Human Spirit conceived at the very womb of His spiritual wife, the Church.

Once the Angel chooses Evil, there is nothing God could have done to influence or change their mind.

The Angel can continue on with the Evil he so chooses for all eternity with God being able to do nothing.

Light is a consequence of Goodness, and Darkness or Emptiness is the result of Sin or Evil. When the angels that rebelled chose the way of sin, corruption immediately followed in their very composition. The light that their body used to produce slowly turned into darkness as their way of living transitioned from giving into taking.

Just as the Sun turns into a black hole once it starts giving off light.

Once sin is introduced, entertained and chosen by an Angel, corruption immediately follows. This is what happened to the rebelling angels. They can only be either good and stay good forever or be bad, stay bad and be corrupted for all eternity! They can never be both.

In layman's term, their soul cannot be upgraded to contain both due to hardware limitations, lack of flexibility and lack of adaptability to situations.

For Man however, corruption may follow but death pays it all.

Get it right.

Angels do not have the proper built to carry over and overcome sin. And so also is man alone but at least he can die together with his sins unlike the Angels.


The Spirit of God - a must have recipe towards Holiness

To obey the Laws of God, it is necessary to obtain the Spirit of God. For the Spirit of Man can only obey the Laws of Man. If God is to create in Man His Son through the spiritual Eve it is necessary to introduce His own Godly Spirit.

This is the major difference between the Creation of Humanity and Angels. That God is able to influence Man and Woman due to the flexible nature of material composition of Man. A clay in the potter's hand capable of being molded.

The very nature of the creation of Humanity alone is already a paramount proof that God truly Loves us. He had allowed us to entertain Sin and be corrupted by it but this time, He did not deprived Himself of the power to intervene to stop the corruption. For as long as we live we can continue to sin and suffer the consequences but once we die sin as well dies.

Now here is the catch. There is nothing we could have done to be saved as well even if we do not sin because whether or not we sin, still we're going to die! That is the drawback of the physical nature of man.

However, God revealed to us that through His only begotten Son, who is able to pass all the criteria necessary to redeem us all through the help of His very own Holy Spirit, Mankind will be saved! Not by our works but only by grace. And that is because of the very naive reason that God Loves us.

The amount of love and effort God and His only Son went through to redeem and save mankind is exclusive to the two of them and to those whom the Son chooses to reveal it according to the Bible. But if you knew, then you know that you have just witnessed the greatest love story ever told.

May God Bless You All. Thank You. :)


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