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If I Had the Power-To

Updated on March 19, 2011

God had to be male

I will openly admit that I am very dubious when it comes to the subject of one’s belief in a higher power (God or otherwise in all manner of religions). It is up to you to decide that for yourself. My position comes from the idea that this power is all-knowing and powerful and has the ability to do good for all mankind.  So things like the recent series of tragedies in Japan, Terry Fox not being able to finish his run, just about any war, cancer, and so many other things that would make for a painfully long list, are inconsistent with this concept. Surely this power would have to be male because no woman would ever be able to do such things to humanity. (I am a heterosexual male by the way, for what that matters in this discussion, but some will ask). The woman is in the position of mother of all mankind here and it is hard to conceive of a mother doing such things to her children.

If I had the power, I would have let Terry Fox finish his quest to run across Canada in his efforts to bring greater awareness to the need to find a cure for cancer. Lots of people will argue that this was because his inability to finish this task was meant to draw greater attention to his plight. I would have a hard time with that, I am afraid. The power also has the ability to inflict the disease in the first place. So it is really quite confusing. Just makes one want to scratch their head and say “That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense”. For sure, there are a lot of folks that would say that this article doesn’t make a lot of sense because their beliefs are different, and that is fine by me. You are welcome to your beliefs, just like I am welcome to mine. So you can stop reading now if it bothers you that much.

Religious beliefs seem to have played a large role in the advent of so many wars. Nationalism also plays a real big part and pretty much the major reason why a war comes to an end is that one side runs out of “stones” to throw at the other and “peace” is now offered to end it. It’s mostly guys throwing the stones, isn’t it? The moms are just trying to protect their children while the grown-up men go to war. It hasn’t changed much over the years, only the stones have become much more powerful. I believe that WWII ended in Europe largely because Germany ran out of the needed resources to build more “stones” and the ranting’s of the madman, Hitler, started to fall on deaf ears. If I had the power Hitler would have had laryngitis and chronic diarrhea every time he tried to get up and speak to a crowd.

And for those individuals that feel the need to indiscriminately spread computer viruses to just about anyone on the Internet, I would make it so that the mindless perpetrator would receive a sort of lightning bolt charge that would hit him squarely in the lower extremity where he goes to scratch himself more often that he should. Could be some ladies doing this, but once again it’s mostly guys, probably because they ran out of stones to throw and found another way to act like idiots.

So if I had the power, I would try to use it in such a way as to inflict meaningful but otherwise harmless punishment for bad behaviour to any of those “schoolyard” bullies out there. They were probably more like “campfire” bullies way back in the day but the schoolyard seems to be the place where most of them ended up since they weren’t learning much of any value in the classroom. If I had the power, I would have made their hands magnetic so that when he tried to strike someone in anger, his hands and feet would more or less glue themselves to each other until the rage dissipated.

If I had the power all manner of destructive weaponry would turn to Jell-O if it was fired upon another human being. If I had the power, cancer would disappear since it doesn’t function in any consistent manner. True, we can’t live forever (and that would probably be not much fun), but cancer seems to cut so many lives before they have had a chance to develop.

If I had the power I would make auto-correct work properly…; OK you get the picture, but I don’t have the power. None of us do. We only have the power to use our heads and our hearts to try to do what is right and avoid what is wrong and maybe make something good out of what is bad. Maybe we could start by not making so many “stones” and use those resources to work on a cure for cancer, help out Japan, stop fighting over dirt, etc. etc.

Oh well, it’s still a good thought.


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    • gingerka profile image

      gingerka 7 years ago from Colorado

      Showing love and mercy is always a good choice.