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If each of us transform,golden age could be ushered on earth!

Updated on October 16, 2017

Compassion is...

Compassion is natural quality of human beings!

Compassion is a natural quality that emanates from human heart. It is because of compassion of some people, the poor downtrodden lot survives in the world where selfishness dominates the mindset of majority of human beings here. In fact, god is closer to people who have compassion in their heart even in this Dark Age of Kaliyuga. When there is drought in certain areas of the globe, even the middle class people finds it difficult to manage. At those times, there will come some philanthropic person who focuses on providing food for the needy out of his personal resources. Such person never bothers about his personal discomforts in arranging to feed the mass of poor souls, organizing things in an orderly manner. In ancient time, there was no dearth for such compassion in the rural villages. Each house holder makes it a point to feed at least one person during meal time in the noon. They will go and search for people who are hungry and bring them to their home to feed them before they themselves eat their meals. This has been practiced for hundred s of years in each village. Their motto, none should leave hungry from the village! Some rich people who are considerate towards society, has constructed resting places where feeding the wayfarers were in vogue. On those days, people used to walk to places of pilgrimage. No public transport was available the pilgrims used to rest in those rest houses in the night. If there are no rest houses, they will sleep under some big tree and finish their morning cores in a nearby river or tank or well. They will be fed in some common boarding places. Some people used to carry cooking utensils along with them and cook their food managing with the local facilities.

Compassion to even animals!

Most of the people in the world were compassionate in the villages!

Even the kings and rulers make it a point to construct such rest houses along the routes of pilgrim centers, put someone in charge to manage the place and feed the pilgrims on the way! This was the practice from ancient time. After industrial revolution and adoption of money for transactions, the human qualities began to fall. Greed and selfishness occupied the mind of people everywhere. Helping others was not given priority. For the condition today we witness, the reason is lack of compassion and empathy. Majority of the people in the world used to ponder whenever they undertake any work, ‘what is the benefit that will accrue to me from this work? None will undertake any work if the work do not fructify for their benefit. Hence sharing has become a rare quality and sacrifice remains in the books of dictionary. I don’t deny that there are certain rare souls even in this Dark Age, who are ready to relinquish their all for the sake of suffering poor. During the political struggle to gain independence, the role of such sacrificing people is very great. The selfless leaders had undergone severe imprisonment many times. They had no time for their family or relations. Their entire thought hovered around freedom of the country from alien rule! Domination and one up man ship was prevalent during those days when materialism was much rampant among the super powers. Truth and righteousness will always win ultimately, though in the beginning the corrupt and cunning may seem to have an upper hand. In every age, there is a perpetual combat between dark forces and the virtuous.

Each one has to transform for heralding Golden Age!

Of course, the pious do not wield any weapon. Their only support is god and the efficacious chants of the Veda. With the sole help of Divine chants, they faced the demons. In the initial stages, the demons infested much turmoil on the sages and recluses who were silently meditating on god and performing fire rituals for the welfare of humanity. As is seen in the present day universe, the evil forced had upper hand and they destroyed the places where the sages performed their fire rituals and sacrifices! They poured carcasses of animals in the glowing fire. Thus they forced the sages to stop their rituals abruptly. They threatened the sages with dire consequences if they continued to worship gods in this fashion. Hence the sages lived in mortal fear and prayed to god in heavens to protect them from the atrocities of the demons. It used to take many years for the Lord to answer the prayers of pious people. For annihilating such demon forces, god used to come in human form and incarnate as a baby in a suitable place. There are two things here to consider. Those demons had performed many austerities in their previous life or during their present life and obtained powerful boons from the god. Whenever anybody performs penance with one pointed focus without caring for the body or life, god melts and manifest before such demons. God will ask the demon, ‘what do you want’?. The cunning demons used to extract very powerful boons like, ‘none should kill me. I should not suffer death at the hands of human beings, beasts or other such forces. I should not be killed by any weapon. I should not be killed either inside or outside. I should not be killed either on earth or sky! God out of mercy pronounces, “so be it” and vanish from the place. After obtaining invincible boons, the demons become more furious and inflict pain on the demigods or devas, the recluses in the forest, sages and saints. Above all, they abduct young women and imprison them. During one of the incarnation as Krishna, the Lord has released around ten thousand ladies from the forceful abduction by the demons.

In the present materialistic life, evil is wide spread. During the previous ages (yuga), evil was concentrated as few demons. Hence by slaying such groups, righteousness was restored on earth. Today, everyone is wicked in the sense that evil is residing in the brain of almost all individuals. Of course, the proportion of virtues to evils may vary! Hence, if an Avatar resort to destroying the wicked, none would be left on the earth. Hence in the present age, god will resort to transformation of individuals by his teachings and life as an Avatar! Each one of us must take some efforts to adopt truth, righteousness and nonviolence in our life. When each individual transform, the world will be transformed, peace and harmony will be restored. Let us await for the dawn of Golden Age!


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