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If you know a better foxhole...

Updated on February 13, 2012

I Will Set My Face (Wonderful God)

I will set my face to seek the Lord.

I will set my face to seek the Lord.

Give my full attention to my God

I will listen for His voice...

I will listen for His voice...

My Wonderful Counsellor

My Teacher, Reminder, Revealer

My Healer, My Strengthener

Repairer, Refiner

My Jesus, My Saviour

My wonderful God

Forerunner and Finisher

My Conqueror, Deliverer, Restorer

My Hammer, My Fire

Uniter, Redeemer

My Jesus, My Saviour

My wonderful God

Creator, Defender

My Maker, Instructor, Commander

My Warrior, My Shelter

My Helper, My Leader

My Jesus, My Saviour

My wonderful God

My Shepherd, My Gatherer

Refresher, Rewarder, Protector

Inspirer, Provider

My Portion, Forever

My Jesus, My Saviour

My Wonderful God.

My Wonderful God, My Wonderful God

My Wonderful God, My Wonderful God

My Wonderful God, My Wonderful God

My Wonderful God.

Godfrey Birtill 2005 © Thankyou Music

The old story goes that two soldiers were huddled in a foxhole during an artillery bombardment, when the younger one turns to the old sergeant and says he 'don't like it here', so the sergeant replies... "If you know a better foxhole, you'd better climb in it"

My approach to Christ has always been somewhat like that.

My coming to faith was based not upon what I knew of Christ, but what I knew about the enemy.

Christ literally 'won' me in the battle between Satan and Christ for my soul, and from that point onward I have never doubted His authority and power, nor questioned the way it has been manifested by the Holy Spirit.

I may not understand every line of scripture, nor intellectually agree with all of the stances God tells us are correct, but I do not question the fact that God is right, that Christ was sent to save mankind, and that the Holy Spirit is an essential part of our relationship with God through Christ.

But equally I have always sought to examine all the evidence presented that tries to undermine that faith and trust that I hold, for I said when I 'came into' the Kingdom of God, that I wanted to follow the true path to Him, and that if I ever found that the bible, the word of God, was not truth, I would cast it aside and follow the truth.

I want to spend eternity with God.

But I also understand that there are many who say that Christ is here or there, that the bible is not reliable, that there is no proof of the existence of God, Christ or the Holy Spirit, that I follow a mythical god and the myriad of other mithering satanic whispers that folk utter in their attempt to discredit our Lord.

They matter not one jot, for I have lived with Christ for 17 years, and He has lived with me for 58 years, and I have seen His faithfulness, experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and understood the words of God, and the depths that they convey.

I cannot deny Him any more than I could deny my mother.

I just don't know a better fox hole to hide in, though I have explored many of them in my quest.

When I first came to faith it was to escape the clutches of the enemy, who I had been increasingly dabbling with as my morality had slowly succumbed to the wiles of the world.

When you give authorities to Satan's demons, you start of with a nice comfy one, who will show you the hidden powers you seek to utilise, but like all self abuse, you quickly seek more power and that means 'stronger' demons, or 'higher spiritual forces'... and as you rise through the ranks then you become familiar with your 'familiar spirits' and accept their influence in your actions and thoughts, until eventually you forget their presence at all, and may even be persuaded to deny their existence whatsoever.

I'd been down that route for a couple of years and was slipping slowly down the slope of demonic oppression, and feeling quite good about it as I became amoral in my lifestyle.

But God obviously had better ideas and by a variety of ways made me aware of my predicament, which scared me witless once I started to make the defection from Satan's team to Christ, for that is when I became fully aware of what I had become deeply indebted to.

Scripture tells us not to be afraid of the one who can steal your life, but to be afraid of the one who can take your soul. I was duly afraid.

The culminating evidence of my situation came about during a 'deliverance' session when I joined my local church.

As the three believer were ministering to me, I distinctly heard an inner voice saying "You expect these three pathetic fools to be able to deal with ME!"

Not surprisingly It was a shock to realise that there really was something else 'in there' with me, and it was apparent that it was NOT benign.

The illusion of my friendly familiar spirits shattered, and reality struck home.... and I knew I needed to find a better fox hole, for this one was no longer tenable.

In my walk I have explored many 'foxholes' that seemed to possibly be better, but close examination has always shown them to be defective when compared.

I simply have to stay true to the words of Christ spoken in the bible, especially as they tell us prophetically that many will come in the end times offering different 'truths' set to deceive 'even the elect' if that were possible.

It obviously is possible, for many, even here on the hub, hold positions which put them in direct opposition to the scriptures we live by, and by that count stand as 'antichrists' to the Word, and many of them are proud of the fact.

Not me.

I have seen that Christ is good and His love really does endure forever.

You may try to tell me that Christ is not His name, that I worship a Greek god, that I need to steep myself in Hebraic roots or Gnosticism before I can fully understand what the bible really says.... I will not deny my Saviour.

We are collectively staking our (eternal) life on how we believe.

I think I'll stay in this fox hole if you don't mind.


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    • UlrikeGrace profile image

      UlrikeGrace 7 years ago from Canada

      I'm with you my brother...aguasilver...this is definitely an excellent hub...I want to be where God is, in His fox Hole...He is the one that saved me from certain destruction! No one else could do it...why follow anyone else...He made the way to safety for me through the death resurrection and ascension of His Son, Jesus Christ.

      Thank you for your testimony and for the witness of what Jesus has accomplished for you and all of us sinners.



    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

      I babbled on too long above, this was an excellent hub! I finished reading it with thoughts of studying it and ran up on this hub directly behind, this hub augments the next one or the next one augments this one, It matters not as I find the two together tie a Good knot.

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

      John, my friend and brother, I really like what you have done here as it feeds me "pictograms" of a fox hole in reality that some how mingles to the edge of some spiritualism. Imagine this, being in a fox hole with bullets of sin flying over your head, your feeling safe surrounded by faith, but then a grenade full of demons rolls in with you, then you have but 3 seconds to make your move. You have to throw it back or jump out of the hole. If you stay in it your a goner for sure, if you roll out on faith that the percent of being hit by something terrible is of better odds. I see no where safe from the onslaught of sin and demons. To offer your hand up and let Christ pull you to safety is the only hope, in the face of diversity if we do our part he will never leave us, is what I believe. Even here on Hub Pages with all the folks I've met I still find temptation to sin on some hubs. I see recommended bare butts in thongs in thumb nail images off to the right, I so want to click on them to see a big picture to admire the beauty of some girls booty, and sometimes I fall prey and do it despite the fact I know better. I have found that once I have learned a lot of my past was walking alone in the valley of sin. Some how it seems harder than it was before. To become child like I suppose would be best, to return to the mind that didn't know as much sin as the world taught to me. Being able to go to the beach to play in the waves instead a walking and seeing hind ends a big boobs scantily clad. I think back to being a kid and the fun in the water oblivious to these types of things, but one example of many that tug on our shirt tales to see and do. I suppose it's hubs like this that help me along, trying to play right as Jesus taught.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Aguasilver, what a marvellous testimony John. Fact of the matter is with Our Father, and Jesus,and Holy Spirit in you and in your life, ther is little or no need for a "Foxhole".They will sustain you throughout every danger the enemy might send your way.

      Brother Dave.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Once we come to know the truth- we cannot deny the truth! Let's stand for the truth but jump into that fox hole when we need it!

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 7 years ago from trailer in the country

      Jesus is true and he is good...thankyou for your hub...he will never leave us or forsake us.