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Ignostics of the World Unite!

Updated on October 28, 2010

Show Me The God!

First let me say I have complete respect for those who believe in a deity, nor do I deny the sincerity of their faith and its benefit to their daily lives. For me however, I have yet to be presented any evidence of a god or gods or any description of a deity which I could rationalize. Most attempts are very loose spiritual, ethereal concepts which theorize that none of "this" could exist without god. While those defenders of their faith offer to answer in the negative, I submit then, without your leap of faith, how do you know? Prove it... describe your god, tell me how and when and where god did all these things? And for that matter, where is this god that exists so we exist?

I have a far simpler explanation for all the philosophical arguments and theistic theories. Humans who believe in god do so because of fear. They fear the unknown so they create an all knowing, all encompassing "god" that provides the security of morals, ethics, and social conscience. Personally I think that from the days of the caveman, men grew and learned the concepts of morals, ethics, and social needs out of necessity and the same lessons are little different from the fundamental teachings of religious leaders today. This is not a bad thing. Most of the time it allows humanity to coexist albeit in different ways, depending on one's culture. However the world defines right and wrong, its better to have rules than total chaos, even if they are broken now and then.

So how did we get here? How was the earth and universe formed? What do we do now... what's our purpose? Nobody knows. In all the years of human existence no one has come forth with irrefutable proof of god, gods, superior beings, or any form of deity. It is said that in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the simplest explanation is the answer. In the absence of any evidence at all, the simplest answer is that there is no god. As a gifted statesman once said, "You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts."  We cannot discuss or argue characteristics of something which doesn't have any basis in fact without accepting the premise that it is possible for deities to exist.

You should be free to abide by any religious doctrine if it keeps you grounded, but its OK to feel the way I do as well. Ignostics are people too.



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  • profile image

    fatso3451 5 years ago

    I believe, i just thought someone out there night be interested, that "God" is a super energy. He has there power to give himself shape and create matter. It take a certai combination of energy to create such a being so there arent two, yet, but as time progresses that will be jesus second coming the time another supernatural being is created and wishes to announce himself like the first. The bible may or may not be true but i believe some is. He can't talk to pople b/c for him to get close enough for you to hear he would share his energy overloading us. When we got to heaven or hell our energy left over is sent to one of two places well one in the same really an alternate dimmension where either we feel pain so intense we beg for death or an alternate reality where there is nothing but eternal peace. The war between heaven and hell will be when the three realities combine trying to tear a hole in the universe. either the energy will stitch that hole or wait too long relinquish all its energy disperse and revolt back to plain black space.

  • burning bush profile image

    burning bush 7 years ago

    Jim, thank you for your followup. No, I don't take offense because someone differs with my opinion or gives constructive criticism. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and let's face it, a closed mind is a sign of fear and ignorance. If you only believe your own baloney, how will you ever know lobster thermadore. Our world could use a little more open socialization and a lot less fear. You can critique my arguments anytime. Just remember, I know where you live :) Thanks.

  • Jim Bryan profile image

    Jim Bryan 7 years ago from Austin, TX

    My intent was not to "put you in your place" but rather help you to better defend your views. When dealing with certain people on the subject of religion there can be no argument save from ignorance. If you fight fire with fire, all you do is burn down the house, despite the popularity of the adage. I see you are a serious person with a serious mind making valid points, though perhaps, not in a valid way. That was my goal, my hope, that you would see the fallacy and the next time you you state your views, they stand up to any abuse...because they are important, too important to be dismissed out of hand for the tact in which you present them.

    I am very happy that you did not take offense or become defensive, very impressive, especially in this current age. I'm quite glad to call myself a fan.

  • burning bush profile image

    burning bush 7 years ago

    Jim, I stand corrected, rebuked...crushed and burned. I am the naked man offering you my shirt. My statements were way too superficial. I should have been more articulate but in my own defence, the intent really wasn't so much to argue the existence of a diety but rather to recognize the sublte difference of agnostic versus ignostic. It's quite difficult to characterize a position about something which one claims could has no definition and therefore doesn't exist so there are no parameters by which to discuss it. Agostic/Ignostic, yam/sweet potato. There are differences but sometimes it really doesn't matter as long as they taste good. You're a good egg. Thanks for putting me in my place, in the kindest way.

  • Jim Bryan profile image

    Jim Bryan 7 years ago from Austin, TX

    Your use of the quote by the late New York Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan is perfect regarding this subject.

    That being said, your arguments against religion's use of argumentum ad ignorantiam (an informal logical fallacy), then relies on the same fallacy.

    First you point out that religious faith offers this (and other fallacies) as *proof.* In other words, no one can prove god does not exist, ergo, god exists. You can take any unproven occurrence and substitute it for "god" above and achieve the same results. For example, no one has proven that bigfoot does not exist, ergo, bigfoot exists. You can use leprechauns, space worms, vampires, werewolves, etc. and because no one can ever prove that something does NOT exist (attempting to prove a negative is its own fallacy), you achieve the same results.

    My difficulty then stems from your use of the same fallacy to offer support for your own conclusion. Just because the existence of god cannot be proven does not also mean that god does not exist. Much as it pains me, matters of "faith" can not be proven nor disproved (though the likelihood of some imaginary friend in the sky, who watches over us like some aged woman with her "Soaps," who waits for us to die that he might judge our worth and condemn us to eternal torture and imprisonment for such crimes as *wanting* to sleep with the next door neighbor or sassing our parents when we were teenagers, or alternatively, if we are "good," condemning us to eternal boredom in very serene surroundings, seems implausible to the point that most logical minds assume these fanciful tales to be fiction).

    Regardless, you did make some extraordinarily valid points and I look forward to seeing more from you.

  • Jewels profile image

    Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

    I actually like that term Ignostic and can understand why it is used. Dare I put my belief on your clean page - that the belief of 'god' is quite irrelevant. At the end of the day it's entirely up to me/you to get with a decent program. Purpose is simply to find some sort of happiness and a bit of love, lots of love would be cool and have a good laugh and fun etc. But to me god is irrelevant unless you are one.

  • Rishy Rich profile image

    Rishad I Habib 7 years ago from Bangladesh

    hmm...Interesting..looking forward to see more from you...stay on touch