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Illuminati-the illumine

Updated on November 1, 2013
  Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.
Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. | Source


It all started when God said, in the beginning, “Let there be light and there was light.” Then God separated the light from darkness because darkness could not comprehend light just as it is written “the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not”. He called the light “day” and called the darkness “night.” Light marked the beginning of creation and now they say, “Look towards the light and follow the light.”

But why seek ye darkness if ye can seek the light?

The controversy:

There has been a ranging controversy, in recent time, on the group/ organization popularly known as the Illuminati. The most important is the claim that they control world events like 9/11 attacks in USA among others. Many celebrities and leaders have been alleged to be members of the organization even preachers. Therefore it now seems that any successful man or woman is link to this group. Some people have wondered if the organization really exists. It is alleged that more than one group claim to be the real Illuminati organization. Wikipedia sources claim that Adam Weishaupt is founder of the Bavarian Illuminati which is currently known as the “Illuminati.”

The dark ages:

History recorded the Christian era as the dark ages (however, the writer thinks the world had some form of darkness right from its beginning). This is largely because the church had the power and all intellectual abilities were oppressed or suppressed. Men could no longer reason but was forced to believe whatever the church claimed. Men were killed and persecuted for speaking against the church. There was no advancement of knowledge so men lived in darkness even though men claimed to know and worship God, same God that created light.

Then came light: The age of enlightenment:

Some people, especially Christians, claim that his era started when Martin Luther King separated from Catholic while others claimed that some men, the enlightened few, worked towards this age. It is known that some enlightened men, also called initiates, lived secretly during the dark ages and some of them even pretended to be members of the church. That marked the beginning of higher secrecy of the various mystic groups as they sought means of survival and that secrecy, to an extent, still remains today in most of the groups as it was the tradition. Most of them used Jargon to survive.

It was as a result of the efforts by some of these men that led to the end of the dark ages and the liberation of man from the captivity of his fellow man. There was advancement of knowledge and new discoveries were made. That was the period men started to enjoy some degree of freedom and since then efforts are being made to unite man and to spread freedom and justice to all men.

The Illuminati

“Illuminati” simply means “enlightened” and only light can set man on fire. Therefore, such a man can be called a “brethren of light” while some people simply call such a man “illumine”. The mystics believe that any sane man can be enlightened. This, to them, is the essence of initiation when the vile is open for an ordinary man to partake in the heavenly blessings and exclaim, once again, like John exclaimed, “beloved now are we called the sons of God.”

The writer having written and published the book, “The formula for reincarnation (the rebirth equation)” and being one that was given the permission to trade on all grounds. Can rightly say that there are many mystic organizations that go by various names and each of these organizations perform their own rituals and initiations via diverse ways which means they are also enlightened souls, as they claim.

It is for this reason that it becomes questionable to ask, how a single group will claim and go by the name “Illuminati” which means “enlightenment” and is a name that should encompass all enlightened being?

The answer to the above question may be linked to the claim that various secret societies like the Freemason among others are involved in the organization. The claim may also explain why various world leaders like USA presidents and many celebrities are/were alleged members of Illuminati. It is also alleged that some Christians/preachers are members of the group. Then one can ask, if truly Illuminati is made up of enlightened souls or brothers of light why the killings as they were accused of 9/11 and Michael Jackson?

It has also been shown that some people wrongly accused the group in other to achieve their own personal objectives by giving the organization a bad name.

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What is wrong with the light?

The writer is aware of all the allegations/theories but his interest in subject was candled after he was recently called to listen to Eminem (rapper)’s song in which he said “if I don’t make it…fuck Illuminati.” Even though the song may not necessarily mean he was not a member or is no longer a member as it can all be part of the drama the group is directing. Just like the story of William Wirt, an Anti-Masonic Party member who was nominated to oppose Andrew Jackson, who supported Masonry. Andrew Jackson won but it was later discovered that Wirt was a Freemason. It is because people claim that Illuminati control world events that made the writer call them movie director because the world is a stage and men are actors. There is also the claim that Illuminati are behind the death of Michael Jackson. The allegations are numerous to mention here.

There is a need of universal brotherhood of man and the efforts being made toward its fulfillment can be applauded. The battle may not be won easily even as all spiritual beings hope to join hands to build a greater force that will match man to the Promised Land, a heaven on earth. Something must be wrong with the light if it kills the innocent to achieve its aim, even as some mystics claim no one is innocent.

If truly the accusations are true then there is darkness in the light. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

( and )

Let those that have ears hear this.

It is on record that Bavarian Illuminati was formed on May 1 1776 same year that American gained her independence and that mark the period man wake up to the need of spreading liberty and justice to all man. Liberty, unity, peace, equity, and justice are the lot of all men from the beginning but of a truth, it was hidden from the wise and prudent but made known to babies. Little wonder, man did not understand it from the beginning even till the current age.

There is no harm in illumination for it must take light to remove darkness. The harm comes when the light is not real and the writer is aware of the ongoing call to unite all spiritual being for the benefit of mankind. For man shall never know peace until light comes to remove the darkness that enslave man. The writer understands the need of enlightenment especially as the time is near. The days must be hastened for it is no longer welcome for light to be associated with darkness.

Everything must be put in check and balanced because without balance is without order and without order comes chaos. Then will the scale loss its function under the law. The serpent was more subtle than any beast but a wise dog will always recognize the voice of his master even in disguise. Let the mystics and all spiritual beings remember, just as it is written "He works like a two edged sword but he should cut only one side." One once came from Judea so shall he come from the most unlikely place.

No mortal can avert a prophecy that is true for it is the mortal that will fulfill all prophesies on earth. They say, “We are watching.” They are the watchman. The watchman never knew that an eye watches the all seeing eye because it is time. Let those that were given the most holy keys hear this because man must once again learn to trust in the light and that can only be done if the light has no darkness in it.

Pius IX
Pius IX | Source
Pope St. Pius X Blessing
Pope St. Pius X Blessing
Pope St. Pius X with Tiara
Pope St. Pius X with Tiara
The rider must be pure just as the journey is pure.
The rider must be pure just as the journey is pure.

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