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I'm Dreaming

Updated on October 11, 2009

Conversations with Dream Character

wait..did I hear u say...
wait..did I hear u say...
there's nothing wrong with the washing machine..nor the carpet..
there's nothing wrong with the washing machine..nor the carpet..

Dream Scientist WannaBe Speaketh

Dream symbols amaze me. I have a dream log of 9 years duration to sink my few teeth into in hopes to learn something about the symbols used, what they mean, and I want to draw links to other dreamer's symbols, to discover the commonality features. Perhaps a new book will arise; but for now, I'm still assimilating and brewing ideas about this new book, which will be about relationships as well as dream language. A friend of mine dreams the way I do. He frequently gets a precognition about something, then he tells me he busted the code of the dream.

As many times as I may bust a code on a dream, another enigma symbol will arise in yet another dream and I get so curious about it I can be like a dog gnawing forever on this bone, just to get to the yummy marrow part. If you're reading this, it may cause you to consider your own dream symbols and perhaps there are messages in dreams that we just don't get until down the line. Perhaps gnawing on a bone is necessary after all, if it's fun.

You may not understand this hub at all, as that's the nature of the dream world; that it is not understandable, yet dreaming they say, we all do, and it appears it is a healthy thing to do as well. Even our nightmares, it's so healthy when we realize, ah, I'm not having that nightmare anymore! I must have surmounted it then. MP will be his initials, and I am LR.

Conversations with a Re-occurring Dream character

LR: Why are u jumping on top of our shared washing machine and twisting the lid off? Our clothes are not done going through the cycle dearest honey bun.

MP: We need a new washing machine. This one is not getting the clothes clean!

LR: Well, it's an older model, I grant you that, but it seems quite efficient to me, besides twisting the lid off doesn't make the motor stop running for heaven's sake!

Later, I think, hmm, could it be that clothes represent thoughts that we wear? Does this dream mean MP doesn't like the machinery of my belief system? Does this mean he likes everything to be new and modern, while I adore antiques and recycling stuff? I don't know. Maybe it shows opposites interacting, as this next dream interaction is like a repeat of this one.

LR moves into MP's huge house. I have my own very spacious room in which I will do my writing work. The carpet is a tan color, it's clean, functional and I rather like it and have no plans to replace it at this time. Maybe later, but for now, I have more important things on my mind than replacing the carpet.

MP rips the carpet out of my room above my objections.

MP: It's MY house! I'll do as I please. The carpet has to go.

LR: Oh, I see, it's your house; it's not my house? But it's my room. You make me feel like I'm just a guest and have no say in the matter. I can see that I cannot live here then, because it's your house, it will never be mine.

In this interaction, I am looking at a possessive person who is likely to not confer with me before he goes ahead and does what he does. It is likely he will not share with me his feelings, and it is likely he will expect me follow him and he would be the dominant part of the relationship. This interaction shows me who I am also. It shows that I hold the belief system of being a non-materialist. It means when I enter a relationship I believe in trusting each other, and loving each other enough, so that possessions and issues of money, and what belongs to you and what belongs to them, is simply a moot point. Either you trust in your love to win out, or you do not. This shows then a materialist interacting with a non-materialist mentality.

As it stands, this person is very rich, while I am happily living in a classified by society state of poverty. I did not make a value judgment here on lifestyles chosen. I simply saw what the future would be like with this person. In this case, our love has no chance. Now we go onto the next bit of craziness in dreams. I bring an old friend with me to visit MP, as we had done some work together and I thought it was ok to just drop in on MP without calling ahead, as I felt he would be glad to see me, even if it were a surprise visit. I felt I could confide to MP anything that had happened in my life and he would accept me just as I was and even have understanding.

I arrive at a house atop a hill where MP is working at the computer diligently. I won't be long then, I decide, just a quick introduction as I don't wish to disturb his work.

My friend (JB) looks at MP and is not acknowledged and before I can introduce the two, JB rushes to the bathroom and is looking around in there as if he's trying to find something. I can see that JB is nervous and that is because he feels unwanted here, like an intruder.

I stand in the center of the room and call to JB to come over to me, that we must be going as MP is too busy to attend to us. I am realizing I shouldn't be here at all. Just then MP makes this shattering remark:

MP: Are you still collecting men?

I yell at JB we must leave immediately and as we are going out the door I hiss into MP's ear that I will NEVER be back to this house again and I really believe it. MP barely looks up from his work but frowns at me as if to say he doesn't give a bunny's fart if I return or not.

Later, my own daughter interprets this dream in her way, to say, MP is a jealous man, who doesn't like the idea I have had other boyfriends and have certainly been around the block, so to speak. MP is also quite private, while my life is an open book. More differences spring up as we go along; I am empathic and emotional, MP is mental and unemotional. More interactions in later dreams support this jealousy trait and lack of magnanimity towards others in general. I later discover this is who he is, and I had been asking who he was all along, while thinking he was somebody else entirely. I am to learn to accept his faults, as they are human faults, along with his divinity side. I also am freed up to make new decisions about my life and the course I am taking due to the dreams and the sort of person I wish to spend my time with, should I desire to have companionship in my life at some point.

Yet I begin to reflect that I have collected relationships over the years. And so the dream language thrust me deep inside my psyche and reveals the course my life has taken.

I also begin to consider, is there a reason I should feel badly, or guilty over having had more than my share of relationships? I learned, after all, much about human nature, about myself, and about men in general and so considered none of my relationships to be failed ones, in that regard. Not only that, each person I related with came to thank me in another dream, at some point on the highway of life, so that I could know, it was never wasted time, not even for them, and so certainly not for me. I begin to truly appreciate my own self through the dream interactions. I decide there is no reason to feel guilty about having had many relationships. As many men do the same thing. Yet if a woman has many relationships, they are somehow looked down upon as "bad." It illustrates an inequality between men and women, even in our so called enlightened age.

My error, the dream would show me, was that I expected understanding from one who was not capable of understanding my journey; not yet, and maybe sadly, never. And more than this, the dreams show me I must learn to understand difficult people and have compassion first, and leave judgment to God, or to say, Higher Self, linked to the great designer of the universe, for surely, all is in divine order, and if it were not, I would be up a creek without a paddle, and life has shown me, I am taken care of by forces which ever more rescue me from despair.

Dreams are a real gas! I am always blowing my mind over them. The more surprised I am in a dream, the more I tend to learn something I thought I knew already, but now I see how previous thoughts I've had about self, as seen reflected through another's eyes, effected my personal reality, in my ideas of who I thought I was, and by studying my dreams, in a sense I see who I am becoming and I love that person I am becoming.

In conclusion, the interaction in dreamstate between two, is a real relationship, in that they mirror each other, just as we do in physical interactions, we are mirroring each other all the time. I want to see love, I want to see beauty. Therefore, I will go and seek and then I will find! For this is a working law. BTW, I have never met this MP in person, although I know he is a real person, who does have a physical body, for if we did meet in person, we would not then have a need to interact in dream state, but instead we would live out the futility of opposites in interaction as we discovered our basic incompatibility factors.

By doing our relationship within dream, we suffer much less in the end. And yet, we both continue learning about each other with the gain of finally, understanding each other. And the world keeps turning meanwhile. Thank you for reading me.


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    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      thank you for the response lounn. Never thought of being intrigued with myself but I'm thinking of what you said as healthy rather than narcissistic. I think u r very perceptive. You may even be a psychologist? something I wished to become once. I study that too. this woman (me) does attract men magnetically at this time of my life. I ponder if I have self hatred about something that does not seem in my control (attracting men) I think I did feel a twinge of discomfort over it just now. it seems to come with the fact that I'm on a stage singing about relationships, but no longer having intimate ones, by my own choice. I like my hermit life, yet still have hope for just one more nice, solid relationship like I had with my 2nd husband.

      again, thank u very much, to see myself a little clearer. alysia

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have to say I'm absolutely fascinated by this version of your perspective on a woman you are intrigued by.

      Here you make her a man magnet, deep, passionate and intense, a creative talented writer, self-assured and healthy, non-material, kind and well-received by others which clarifies now what lies under all the other things you write about her elsewhere.

      You get dreamstates (I actually found your hub pulling up my own terms on my Hubs), learning all the time, being on a life journey, far away lovers with solid spiritual connections and being proactive about looking for beauty in everyone and everything.

      You offtrack a little bit to get a few hits in at women you perceive men are magnetically pulled to, accidently pulling yourself out of 'your dream' and interjecting yourself judgementally into this woman's relationship life (imaginary self-hatred), but other than that, not that far off at all.

    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      if u don't mind a tiny interpretation on your jog dream, I'd like to relate it to my gliding dream.

      I see the energy body as a person's center.

      your center in movement at that time was a sensation of jogging through life. my center is like a gliding movement for much of waking consciousness, and dream consciousness also, I glide in dreams.

      so you had like a literal interpretation dream which is quite rare, so I hear, to be able to instantly know what the dream is saying. well, you have an awareness of guides too. I get the voices too, on occasion. it's nice.

      u may have fallen off track, when some event happened and the rootin and tootin seems important too, that helped to get you back on track.

      I'm over here rootin and tootin for you too! if I ever start placing one foot in front of another as in walking instead of gliding, I certainly hope I get a little nudge to start flowing with life again.


    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      What a grand and luscious HUB. Dreams and the wonderful realm of the subconscious mind are truly mind blowing at times. Enjoyed this read. Have also been studying dreams, symbology and working with them for many years. Still howl every time I recall the dream where I heard the words GET BACK ON TRACK. I was jogging at a track field race event and had kind of fallen on the wayside. Everybody was rooting and tootin for me. So when I woke up recalling the dream very vividly as I often have trained myself to do, I asked my guides and subconscious what is this meaning? Am I get to my life back on track? For things were not hunky dorey at the time shall we say. I heard a giggle and spirit said GET YOUR BUTT BACK ON THE TRACK AND RESUME YOUR JOGGING. So here I thought the dream was symbolic, but it was a literal message from my subconscious mind TO GET BACK ON TRACK AND JOG. I listened and did just that and began to feel much better. Dream tales are facinating. Thanks for this hub.


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