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In Memoriam Lydia Shum (Four Pillars Perspective)

Updated on November 19, 2014

Lydia Shum was born on July 21, 1945. Below are her four pillars:

Our first impression when we see her is the Yin wood (Year Pillar - Heavenly Stem), which is her money element (Metal conquer Wood). When we first encounter her, we got an impression of she has money. The second impression is the Yin water (Month Pillar - Heavenly Stem) - her intelligence element (Metal produce Water). A lot of celebrities usually have a lot of intelligence in her four pillars. We know she is very talent in entertainment industry.

The third impression is the Yin metal (Day Pillar - Heavenly Stem) - showing her beauty (Yin metal is like a necklace, ring, etc.) The time of when Lydia born is just I estimated on the talent that she showed off as an celebrity (that is why I pick Yang water on Dragon Earth because water is her Intelligence element and Earth is her knowledge). Why do I pick Yang water on Dragon Earth and not Yin water on Snake Fire? It's because people with strong earth inside their four pillars tend to be fat and if I pick Snake Fire, it is not suitable for her, and because Fire is power element and Lydia do not have this kind of quality. Anyway, it is just based on my assumption.

The other thing that we can conclude from her four pillars is that she has an unexpected wealth (Indirect wealth), which means she can get an unexpected money. Yin water is her normal intelligence.

We consider her as a Strong Metal Day Master with water, wood and fire as her favorable elements, and earth, metal as her unfavorable elements. We attempt to achieve balance in our four pillars.

The Goat (Yin Earth - Earthly Branches) is her Star of Arts showing that she has an artistic quality. This Goat (Yin Earth - Earthly Branches) is also her lonely star, which means although she looks happy in front of everybody, but actually she feels lonely. Star of Arts also denote loneliness in life.

Goat (Yin Earth - Earthly Branches) is also her storage of money star, which means that she can accumulate wealth easily. As we can see in her luck pillar (the two row below with number on top which showing the age), since 6 years old up to 25 years old, the money element (Yang Wood and Yin Wood) is showing up, which means she accumulate wealth in this period of time. She entered Hong Kong entertainment industry at the age of 13, and her film debut is in 1960 (15 years old). 1960 is a water year (her favorable elements) and water is also her intelligence element.

In between 1971-1973, these are the year where the water is very prosperous, which means Lydia showing her intelligence/talent as we can see that she gain respect in image-conscious Hong Kong.


Shum married actor and singer Adam Cheng Siu-chow in January 1985. January 1985 is a year of Rat water which is Lydia's Flower of Romance and a month of Yang Fire (Strong Fire conquer her weak Metal - husband element for Lydia, this strong Fire can also denote somebody whose age is older than Lydia too) on Rat water (again the Flower of Romance showing up). At that year also, there is a penalty between the Rat water year with her house of spouse (Earthly branches under Day Pillar) - the Rabbit wood, which will cause her to be emotionally unstable and eventually, she married with Cheng in such a hurry decision and later on Shum regrets that she didn't put a wedding gown on her marriage.


Lydia Shum is reported suffering from several diseases such as cholangitis, diabetes and hypertension.

In September 2006, she was diagnosed with a liver tumor. The year 2006 is Yang Fire on Dog earth. This Dog earth made 3 penalties with the Ox earth in her luck pillar and the Goat earth in her four pillars. This 3 penalties usually indicated a hidden danger usually cancer. And why was the liver? On September, the Metal is very strong, and this strong metal attacks her two woods on her four pillars which is already weak. Wood represents liver.

When Lydia was admitted to ICU on January, her mother passed away in Canada. January 2008 Yin water on Ox earth which is in clashed with the Goat earth in the month pillar (the mother). That is why her mother passed away at that time.

On February 19 at 8.38 a.m., Lydia passed away. The Rooster metal is taken away (combine relationship) with the Dragon earth in the hour pillar of February 19, which is the only supporting Metal of her self element Metal. The foundation is taken, so Lydia died on that time. There is also a clash between Goat Yin earth in the four pillars with the Ox Yin earth in the date of February 19, 2008.

Hery Yansen is a Chinese Metaphysics practitioner and owner of Authentic Feng Shui Asia website. His website provides an informative content on different kinds of Chinese metaphysics for those who are keen learner on Chinese metaphysics subjects.


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