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In The Arms Of Evil - A Poem

Updated on August 2, 2011

Written 06/28/09 - Poem


Feeling safe and feeling warm / Feeling free from any harm.
First by day, then by night / You don't struggle, You don't fight.
Everything seems, so calm and serene / Yet you never wonder, what does it mean.
There is no struggle, never any strife / There's been none, for your entire life.
All goes smooth, and all goes well / Theres a reason, can't you ever tell?
Each and every, single little day / Everything goes, just your way.
You are lavished, in power & glory / Luck, money fame, your life story.
Your not one to question, the how or the why / You see no need to worry, fear, care or cry.
But the day is coming, and soon you will see / It's because your soul, belongs to me.
I have tricked and fooled you, with my evil lies / It'll be to late, when you realize.
When you finally enter, my barren wasteland / As you take hold of my gruesome boney hand.
To late will you realize, just how far you fell / Come my lost soul, I'll take you down to hell.

In the arms of evil, In the arms of evil,

You found your earthly comfort, rewards and pleasure /
But in doing so, waived your Heavenly treasure.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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