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In The Image Of Yaweh

Updated on June 4, 2017
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Some of us do ponder how to begin redesigning aspects of what matters most to us in this lifetime.


So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them -Genesis 1:27.

This article was originally written in Hebrew by Moriya, my teacher in practical spiritual philosophy. She subsequently translated it into English. It is reproduced, here, under her patronage - C.C. Saint-Clair


Human beings were created in the Image of God, that is, in the shadow of God's Back, for withstanding the blinding rays of True Light, God's Face, is well beyond the physical capabilities of human eyes. The spark of True Light is hidden from our sight. Only its reflection can be perceived. Physically, human eyes cannot discern the ultraviolet or infrared bands in a rainbow or identify items upon the surface of the sun without being dazzled, but only their refraction on the water.

Due to the limitations of physical eyes human beings cannot see their own face. Mirrors enable humans to see only REFLECTIONS. Dazzling sunlight turns the reflection into a shadow.

Exodus (33):


Upside down reflection

Because human beings have been created in the shadow of God’s Back, everything we perceive through our senses is upside down.

Human eyes can only perceive vibrations. What we ‘see’ falls on the retina at the back of our eyes upside down, as in a camera. Equally, the images we see are projected upside down at the back of the brain. Just as our brain interprets vibrations as images and assembles the information into a form we find coherent, the lens forms images, too.

True Light is hidden in the darkness. Thus, it is through the black pupil that we see light and not through the white of the eye. Darkness is pure matter. Darkness and light are the two sides of the same coin.

Thick darkness and extreme light make people grope around like blind ones. It is logically assumed that the more light there is, the better able we are to see, but that is true only up to a point. In reality, human eyes cannot see beyond their limited border. Only the inner eye can perceive lights within darkness while the physical eye is blinded by darkness.

In order to understand what is happening around us, we need to reverse the order of what we experience. As long as what we experience is perceived in its state of reflection – everything is upside down, unintelligible, incomprehensible and irrational.

Reflection mode is an hypnotic state that prevents a clear vision of what is happening. This is a state in which we see reflections wherever we go, whether they are people or objects. When we are faced with another person, it is as if we, in fact, look in the mirror and see a reversed reflection: our right side is the left side of the figure standing in front of us, and our left side is the right side of the figure.

The source of many of our woes

This condition prevents clear communication between people because whatever we see or hear is understood incorrectly according to OUR frame of reference and interpretation. In order to know clearly what the other person thinks or feels, we need to stand exactly where s/he stands and NOT in front of them, because looking straight ahead means we see OUR REFLECTION and not the person, per se.

Let's take the example of a car. When we stand in front of it, we are looking at a reflection because its right and left sides are inverted in regards to ours. But if we sit in the car, for example, in the driver's seat, we are in the ideal position to assess correctly the person in front of us, and we are able to respond to what is happening before our eyes, just like the driver can.

But this situation is impossible in the physical world, since no two objects can be in one place at the same time. As a result, humans identify with the character standing in front of them and with words said to them, without realizing that they are interpreting everything according to the data already in their mind. The dialogue that takes place between human beings is always incomplete and always accompanied by a lack of understanding as to the true intentions of the person in front of them.

The mountains, towers, trees, animals, etc., indeed everything looks at us from the right angle which for us is upside down because of the reflection of our perceptions. This simple truth is best illustrated by the entire cosmos, the galaxies, suns, stars, planets, etc., which beam down on us from the 'right angle'. It is like standing before a mirror and seeing ourselves as their reflected images, while at the same time we are deluding ourselves that we are OUT HERE, separated from them instead of being WITHIN them, as an inseparable part of the whole cosmos.

We perceive everything in its momentary position – be that images, thoughts, or feelings – although they have long ago ceased to exist in the state and location in which we experience them. In short, we are stimulated by and respond to something that no longer exists in the NOW.

Looking around us, we are unaware of the way we perceive the surrounding world as being upside down. For instance, when we drive and see a sign of an arrow telling us to turn right we say: ‘Here we are turning right’, while really it is right ONLY from our angle of view, while in reality it is left.


Genesis, chapter 3

The story of Adam and Eve illustrates this condition (Genesis, chapter 3):

3 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’ ”

4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. 9 But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”

10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

12 The man said, “The woman you put here with me — she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”

13 Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

In the above passage, we see the snake as a mirror reflecting images which tempt the eyes to see what is not there. Although both man and woman are in the garden, neither SEES the fruit of the forbidden tree – not until it is reflected to them by the snake/mirror. This is the seminal reflection that has set mankind on its course.

Although both Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, they accuse their own reflection: man projected his guilt onto woman and woman projected hers onto the snake, because of their inability to recognize their true image. The snake talks in an understandable human language and, because humans can only recognize what is already known and familiar to them, it means they are looking at their own reflection, as in a mirror, and the snake merely exposed it. This type of misunderstanding has been repeated many times daily by each person throughout the history of the planet and, as such, has created its myriad of misconceptions, confusion and disharmony in human relationships ever since.

Most people live permanently in a mirror-image reflection mode, projecting their thoughts and feelings onto others, believing this to be the "objective" truth. Such incorrect interpretations are the reason for so many conflicts and wars.

Men and women are designed to complement each other in order to come to realize their true inner nature. When the balance is lost and one side dominates the other without mutual sharing, they experience tragic and dead-end situations which, to them, seem as a punishment from heaven for unforgivable sins.


What did He do?

According to MidrashTanchuma, (Bechukat) Rav Acha [a.k.a. R. Aha b. Jacob, a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon]:

When the Holy One Blessed be He wanted to create man, he consulted the Angels. He told them: "Let us make a human". They said to Him: "This human, what quality shall he have?" He told them: "His wisdom shall be surpassed only by your own wisdom".

What did He do?

He convened every animal and bird and they passed before the Angels.

He asked them: "What is the name of these?” And they did not know.

After He created the first human being, He called every animal, bird and beast and delivered them before him, and He told him: "What's the names of these?"

Adam said: "It would be nice to call this one an ox, this one a donkey, that one a horse, that one a camel, that one a lion, that one an eagle,” and so for all the animals.

God asked Adam: "And what is your name?"

He said": "It would be nice to call me Adam. And why? Because I was created of the ground".

"And I, what is my name?"

Adam replied: "It would be nice to call you, Lord. And why? Because you are the Lord of whatever you created."

Why couldn't the Angels themselves name the animals? The answer is clear: Angels experience the world as a unity that cannot be separated into categories such as humans, animal, plants, planets and therefore, they cannot see separate objects within wholeness. They experience the world as if everything were painted in one hue that does not allow any separation.

Humans, unlike them, experience the world through colorful items, which gives them an inexhaustible abundance of objects and options.


Angels experience life

Angels experience life according to their essence, that is without an ego and, thus, they have neither shadow nor reflection. Humans, however, experience life as reflections, constantly trying to reach the other side of the mirror to be reunited with their real Image of God looking in the mirror. While the Angels experience the world as an inseparable wholeness from above/below, man experiences the world linearly, as separated into multitudinous items from below/above. Therefore man's vision is blurred and accompanied by misperceptions. Only the unity offered through woman’s vision can prevent the evolution process from being very difficult and painful.

Human society is established on the basis of male dominance which rules all aspects of life. This cultural model is completely contrary to the surrounding world in which everything is intertwined with another and is inseparable and thus harmonious.

In Nature, large herds that ensure the survival of the herd and, ultimately that of the species, are only made possible through the activities and the nurturing of the females while very few males are needed to keep the line going and maintain the order.

Man is in fact completely dependent on woman when it comes to his daily needs and his personal well-being, success and achievement. Without woman, man is emotionally weak and destitute and it is only through woman's efforts that man can raise a family.

One essential aspect of achievement that is considered ideal for a man is to have a large family, the modern equivalent lifestyle of rulers of the past who maintained big harems with wives and concubines. King Solomon, for example, held a harem of 700 wives and 300 concubines. (I Kings 11:3).

Single men are proud to have many lovers as if this proved their success as conquerors. In Western countries where polygamy is forbidden, married men often have temporary lovers, long-term affairs and even children by women who are not their wives.

Other measures of man's ideal achievements include a flourishing business, a big house, a large this or that. However, man is never deeply satisfied with any of the achievements he garners for himself because their impermanent nature can never fill the heart.

Whatever is not an integral part of the person, such as thoughts/feelings, the ability/inability to give/accept etc., is merely a temporary artificial addition and, thus, it forces a separation from what should be left inseparable. It restricts the full potential of the true self. For example, animals that are kept behind fences, like cattle and horses, are only used to generate profit for their owners.

Looking reversely, we see clearly that their owners reflect the animal equivalent, the same lack of freedom, as suffered by the animals, though to man, this situation comes by choice.


What man does

Man chooses to keep himself behind closed gates in a bid to protect himself and his possessions against others, judging outsiders as untrustworthy. Man separates aspects of his private life from the public.

This state of permanent insatiability pushes man to hoard, at all levels, more than he needs which, in turn, creates disease of the body and illness of the mind, symptomatic of the imbalance created by the compulsion to dominate spheres beyond his own capabilities – spheres that would be best left alone.

Woman carries her baby nine months in her womb and gives birth through pain. She is the loving mother and the principal carer for the child. Man watches from the sidelines. His essential involvement is mostly over after mating, but in his delusion, he generates thoughts of being essential to the safety of woman. To justify the role of guardian, man fabricated in his mind an image of woman who is inherently helpless and, thus, in constant need of his protection against the outer world. This idea stems from his inability to live in harmony with his surroundings, to see danger and opposition where they do not necessarily exist.

At some point, man announces: "This child will be so and so! He will learn this and that! I am his father and I decide about his life!" He demands to raise the child as a reflection of himself to justify his position as outsider controlling the real owner, that is, the mother. The child will grow up to become a replica of his father or, conversely, rebel against him, without the possibility to evolve into a better and more enlightened person. When the grown child fails and involves himself in reprehensible deeds because of his uncontrolled lower desires, his mother and his sisters will support him, even against authorities, even against his own wife and daughters, in the case of rape or incest.

The male child learns that society is a false world in which man enjoys extra benefits by forcing the woman to serve him by having however many children he wants, by raising them, by cooking and cleaning and by addressing her husband's or partner’s sexual needs even though often she, too, works, out of the house. In many cultures, woman gives up her own personal development because it is thought that only a man truly deserves to develop and to improve his position by going into the world and achieving.

In this traditional set-up, woman must be always at hand to serve and always be satisfied with the success of her husband. Sometimes, a small portion of that relative success rubs off on her. It is such a case among Jews where, for example, the wife of a rabbi is given the title of rabbanit although she might, in fact, be cleverer and more developed than her husband.

World-wide, it is also the case for the wife of a politician or the wife of a celebrity. Woman imitates man in such circles, but seldom dares to rise beyond it. She is always the woman BEHIND her husband's success but, because she stands in the shadow of his image seldom does she get her real reward in the public arena.


Fraud and sexual abuse

The fact is that scandals of fraud and of sexual abuse continue to be predominantly by men, often by so-called ‘pillars of society’, and religious leaders – men in a self-appointed position that allows them to control their devotees, believers and followers.

The constant need for the almost invisible horde of formal and informal ‘service providers’ in attendance to enable man to achieve anything reflects man's state of internal enslavement. He is forever dependant and unable to stand on his own feet without using the woman as a crutch.

The aggressive father, who demands total attention at the expense of his own wife and children’s needs, only expresses extreme hunger for love. ‘Out there’, in the streets and at work, man faces large crowds, especially when he is involved in politics, sports and entertainment where he seeks to satisfy his huge inner emptiness but, alas, true love never comes from fans or the masses.

Generally speaking, most of man’s achievements are ‘out there'. They are exterior to himself and to his family. Man is heavily represented in the areas of armed forces, politics, religion, science, business, advanced studies, sports and so on. There, man is able to display his wisdom, his strength, his power, his charm and his ability to attempt changing his or others’ life.

However, how can we explain that the moment he comes home, this successful and powerful man that he is out in the world, immediately loses all his personal resourcefulness and becomes a boy still searching for his mother - using his wife as a substitute - and expecting her to serve him, as his mother did - when he was a toddler?

It is an absurd situation that man returning triumphantly from a sporting, military or business foray will, once the front door closes, reveal a helplessness that disenables him, even when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl, washing the dishes or preparing a simple meal.

Sucking matters

Evidence of this desperate desire to return to the days of infancy is the man's need to shed his clothes as soon as he returns home. However careful he is to dress to impress 'out there' those who see him, at home man feels the irresistible urge to take off his clothes quickly and walk around in his underwear or, if it is impossible for reasons of modesty, then, he favors pyjamas or a loose, old pair of track pants. In doing so, he validates his claim to recognize himself as a baby proclaiming: "Look, I am a baby!"

Just look at the addictive attachment of men to cigarettes and their need to suck the tip in order to simulate again and again the experience of suckling milk and rekindle their happiness as babies at their mother's bosom. The same attachment is expressed even more by sucking cigars and pipes by those men considered successful persons.

Over many decades, action movies in which the hero sucks on cigarettes express man's masculine need to prove that men are strong and not dependable on women. Ironically, a simple look around will confirm that only babies slouch sucking on things, most often, but not exclusively, a pacifier.

Many men accept as natural the option to marry young girls because they reflect man’s image as a little child too. Man deals more easily with young, frightened girls than with strong and opinionated women.


Man remains attached to his mother

Until his very last day, man remains attached to his mother because of the wish to return to the womb and become a baby again. The question is: though having so much influence on their sons or husbands, why haven't more women/mothers/wives taken the reins in order to lead to equality? The answer is: because they are NOT GENUINE MOTHERS but reflections of the male image – of their husbands or sons.

A GENUINE mother never distinguishes between her children – sons or daughters – and she is open naturally to accept all of them into her heart. To differentiate between one’s children is a male trait that tells of suspicion, of the inability to accept and, ultimately, of rejection.

Kings have never trusted either their brothers or their offspring, seeing them as rivals to their throne – through which they secured the love of their people.

Kings have always been forced to surround themselves with guards in order to prevent being murdered. All their lives, they fight internally and externally in order to survive and to prove themselves as the one worthy of love.

For woman who is the giver of life, it is difficult to shorten any life. On the other hand, man is quick to kill when taking someone’s life appears as the solution to his problems. It is not woman who invented the Inquisition or the idea of impaling people on stakes because of their different opinions, or to execute them publicly in stadiums. Neither did she create concentration camps and Gulags.

Man does not perceive the duality of power and weakness, and he believes that only more controlling power will remove the obstacles in his path. Consequently, in order to overcome such obstacles, he risks the increased power he uses becoming uncontrollably violent.

Bygone childhood

Idleness is a prominent male trait. Man seems to have an ability to sit for hours indoors in pubs and taverns, breathing in stale air made even denser by cigarette smoke and body odours, just to drink alcohol with other men and play cards.

Man gambles to get more money. He often uses his winnings to treat himself to more fun, alcohol and various sex-related expenses. That same idleness follows man home as he returns from work or play and sinks into his armchair watching television, fully expecting his wife to serve him in several ways. Man enjoys returning to the days of his childhood and to his dependence on his mother who was able to fix what was wrong, to soothe his brow and to clean up the various messes he made in the home and outside of the home.

This idleness is clearly illustrated in (Wild) Western movies in which men sit all day in saloons drinking, smoking and playing cards and being entertained by women. In Muslim and other countries, men sit in little cafes drinking, smoking and playing shesh-besh/backgammon.

Unlike men, women become bored quickly. That's why men tend to bribe their wives/girlfriends with money. "Why don’t you buy yourselves something or go out with your girlfriends", they say, which would free them to continue engagement with their preferred activities.

In the West, man has constructed giant cathedrals and monasteries in which very few monks dwelled. In Tibet, Japan and other Far Eastern countries, man constructed big monasteries, sometimes containing 10,000 monks – all of them under the supervision of a Master, doing the same activities together like soldiers, and are punished as well accordingly.

Man feels safe in the togetherness although, from among several thousands of monks, only a handful ever understand real spirituality and gain enlightenment. When they are left to their own devices, men tend to use their status to fulfil their desire, especially sex. They use money to tempt and bribe, as a substitute for their inability to give of themselves – from the heart.

The masculine idea of overcoming desires to be enlightened meant becoming disconnected from society in order to live as a monk or hermit and to repeat dead, empty ritualised words or to meditate away from society. All their achievements were reduced to making themselves more mechanical and to repress desires, especially sexual desire, which would inevitably still explode sooner or later, because opposites cannot be separated. Repressing sexual desire mechanically only allows it to resurrect again at the onset of the next catalytic moment.

While the physiologic nature of man guides him mostly centrifugally to push away from the body, away from himself, the feminine aspect of woman's nature prompts her to pull toward herself centripetally. While man rejects and denies, the woman accepts and invites. They are intended to complement each other.


Women are versatile

Women unite. They are versatile and they vary in their approach to life, and this is reflected in the styles and colors of their clothes, especially in the Far East. In the Middle East, the Bedouin women create beautiful embroideries to their dresses which contrast with the dark colors of male robes.

This multicolored variety mimics beautifully the variety in the multicolored surroundings found in Nature. Women do various tasks at home and thus they make the house look as one accomplished unit, including their family. Women invented dances and songs performed with multicoloured clothes.

Man tends to standardize and reduce life’s opportunities by creating more repressive laws or prohibitions, mostly intended to curtail woman’s freedom. The more man limits woman, the more man becomes extreme and demonstrates behavior opposite to what was intended by the restrictions. He, then, projects it onto woman, as if she allows herself uppity rights that might somehow rob man of his achievements.

This restriction which stems from a narrow understanding of the inability to separate what is inseparable, is expressed by the creation of religious and military processions of secret associations like Free Masons, Templars or schools for boys, etc. – all this with special uniforms for the soldier, doctor, nurse, priest, nun, Orthodox person, sport supporter, and so on.

The intention of any traditional uniform is to make a visible separation from others and to pretend authority. Preceded by the Ku Klux Klan, in USA, in their robes and hoods, Islamic extremists have opted for a uniform of their own, the black abaya. Whether the robe is black or white or whether the headgear is tall and pointy or wrapped close around the head, unbeknownst to them, they actually signal these men’s fear of change.

It is clear that wherever there is an uniformity of practice, such as in synagogues, churches and monasteries, which requires long prayers and repetitive rituals; or when there's a need for driving trucks/buses routinely for many hours in the same routes; or to fly planes (how symbolic it is to engage the automatic pilot option) – there are a multitude of men performing such activities. Conversely, wherever there are occupations that demand informality, such as teachers in schools, nurses in hospitals or seamstresses for fashion houses, which required diversity, creativity and constant changes – there are a multitude of women who do the work.

Man, on his own, is a limited being who lacks a built-in ability to contain unconditional love. Therefore he lives in a state of constant hunger for real love which can be obtained only in the home and only by giving the same in return – but such reciprocity seldom happens. That is because, while the woman gives of herself all the time by being subservient in one way or another, man just takes as if it were his God-ordained right.

He is blind to see the inverted way in which he behaves by going 'out there' to get love, to supposedly give love to his ‘audience’ while leaving at home spouse and children hungry for that very love. This renders hollow man’s ‘giving’ potential. It has already been spent ‘out there’ – and, his wife ‘hungry’ for the real thing, refuses to be sustained with the leftovers he brings home.

Such absurd situations are well illustrated by man who returns home after a tour of duty or a performance of some kind 'out there' and who just wants his wife/girlfriend/partner to hear of his exploits and adore him as much as his audience does.

However, all she needs and wants is his love and devotion. The conflict between them arises when he compares his successful outcomes 'out there' to his wife's involvement in all matters of the home. The inability to equalize the energy of giving and receiving in and out of the home drains what there is of it, just as it drains the passionate love that had once united man and woman which, by now, has vanished like a wisp of smoke.

Man's needy dependence on woman distorts his vision and he translates the picture upside down. He 'sees' how woman depends on him for many of her needs and therefore he fails to understand why she is in constant revolt and wants freedom. He muses why she is not satisfied with the dependable situation he has crafted for her, supplying all her needs – according to what he thinks is good for her.

He does not understand that, in reality, woman, too, is independent and free, and does not truly need him. The protection he allegedly gives her is actually from other men like him who believe that women are property that can be transferred from man to man.

All the restrictions and prohibitions man has created to better control woman stem from the projection of his thoughts on to her. For example, because of his inability to control his sexual desires which, for instance, might lead him to visit brothels or have an illicit affair, he sees his own behavior reflected back at him by the woman like a reflection in a mirror, which leads him to pointing an accusing finger, casting her as a sinner.


Man's greatest fear

Man's greatest fear is to reveal his personal weaknesses and his dependence. Therefore, he is constantly on the defensive and makes use of emotional, verbal and/or physical force to achieve his goals. Any loss, he perceives as the exposure of his weaknesses, for all to see. Even a loss in a card game or the loss of his favorite football/basketball team may cause him to erupt violently to remove the disturbing outcome and subdue this weakness that he sees reflected back at him by woman.

Perceiving emotion as a sign of weakness, he represses his own tears in all areas of life, granting himself permission to cry only as an expression of his religious fervor and sincerity – in synagogues, churches and temples.

There, it is permissible and legitimate for grown man to cry because he has been told that his Father in Heaven, Jesus, His son, and Mary, the Mother of all, along with the bevy of goddesses, mother-figures, they all accept crying as a positive, humbling experience and a sign of vulnerability when man returns for a moment to his child-self.

Man measures his weakness by comparing it to woman – as the mother. On the one hand, she is strong enough to give birth to many children and, on the other hand, she's strong, too, when her children die, for example, as victims of war. By contrast, man tends to fall into depression or indulge addictive, unhealthy behaviour like heavy smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs – prescribed or otherwise.

We see man's dichotomous reaction to his biological mother. As long as his mother behaves independently, man adores her as he did in childhood but when she becomes needy, demanding more and more attention than he is willing to grant her – or when he sees her as becoming repressive – conflict grows between them. Her needy attitude projects his own demands as a child and he cannot stand to see his own reflection projected back at him by his own mother.

Looking at the phenomenon of retirement homes, it is easy to see clearly how the management and financial aspects lie in the hands of men while the daily, hands-on services have been left mainly in the care of women, such as nurses, carers and social workers.

The same is true in hospitals where doctors conduct the daily tour looking at their portable computer screens for reference and information, without bothering to check the patient, before leaving instructions for nurses, mostly female ones, to follow. In previous generations when families lived together, then, too, it was mostly the women, sisters and daughters who took care of the parents and grandparents of both sides.


Man does not often stand alone

Man's weakness is particularly evident in his need to constantly be with other men – in stadiums, political gatherings, pubs, clubs; to be a member of a particular group or party. This need indicates feelings of loneliness, the fear to be alone and the strong need for a crutch he finds in a leader.

Man who reveres manly strength because of the weakness of his character always respects a strong leader, a financially successful man, a winner in sport, a policeman who apprehended a criminal, etcetera. Only a woman (Agatha Christie) could create a gray character such as Hercule Poirot, as the wise and strong person – the anti-image of the masculine hero.

Linearly, leaders are supposedly physically and emotionally stronger than the average person but reversing the mirror highlights their weaknesses. They pretend strength by surrounding themselves with burly bodyguards/police/army, large palaces secured by high walls, large vehicles, etc. But such a crucial dependency on more and more objects only reflects their big, inner weakness which they try to disguise by more strength and more bravado. Not many men are able to deal with circumstances on their own. When the Dalai Lama visited the United States in 2014 he often appeared on the stage with 200 monks standing behind him.


Extremist love

Extremist militants, men, reflect the inner bondage and the inability to break free and develop as free spirits. After all, their countries are not under foreign occupation. They, themselves, have created their own way of life based on a blend of slavery and terror that expresses nothing more than the internal violence that lies within them. It is as if in the midst of total delusion, these extremists truly believed that by imposing more restrictions especially on women, by making them more submissive in the very household they govern, they, men, will become purer and better human beings.

These men behave no differently from bank robbers who take hostages and demand money for their return. So, if their innovative ideology is based on a greater reliance on getting more money, more weapons, more food and clothing, more electronic, digital devices and a number of other goods manufactured and imported from the world they reject, it is such a great error in thinking that creates an endless string of internal and external conflicts for all.

Any attempt to separate the world ‘out there’ from themselves can only end in spectacular failure and deep-set aggravation. Again, these men are attempting to perpetuate a lifestyle in which man is the autocrat and woman’s sole function is to serve him, shut out from the world at home and when outside under her hijab or burqa. They don't understand that women reflect the men’s own image: hiding under a lot of guises, afraid to expose their true face.

No matter how cruel these men can be in all their aspects of life, their weakest point, their Achilles’ heel, is their mother whom, by and large, they adore. They cannot bear the thought of her being raped or hurt by men, as they, themselves hurt others' women/mothers.

The fact is, these men often head households which support elderly parents, more usually a widowed mother, for there are no homes for old people in Muslim countries.


Bonded or bondage?

Man’s need to control stems from a lack of internal control. Control means bondage, because to control another signifies dependency on that being, as does his dependence on woman for all manner of services she provides for him.

Men from different nationalities have descended upon many countries in the ex-Soviet block. In particular, they have targeted villages to lure away young women with the promise of good jobs/salaries ‘overseas’ – only to have them exploited as sex slaves on arrival.

In current times, women from Ukraine and elsewhere have been trying out for a better life. Once having arrived ‘somewhere’, their passports are confiscated. Instead of reasonable wages and good work, as promised, they are fed less than appetizing meals and are given a mat to sleep on while they are forced to work as sex slaves to ‘pay back’ the alleged cost of their upkeep, and that is at the discretion of their pimp, their new owner.

Consensual sexual bondage is the legal expression of man’s compulsion to control. Kidnapping of women, rape and torture are only extensions made possible because of the above.


Equal terms

Man’s constant refusal to accept woman on equal terms stems from misunderstanding that whatever we attract to ourselves exists only in as much as it is necessary to achieve wholeness and to tie up all loose ends of situations that would otherwise be left unfinished.

The need to do so is the same as putting an end to a bad relationship which would otherwise pollute the new one with its murky energy. Therefore, none of the partners linked by that energy can possibly escape their consequential destiny until a high degree of equality has been achieved.

To maintain the established status quo that has man 'responsible' for woman, man creates and uses laws intended to give him more control but, he, himself, is in constant competition with other men for the same goals and for the same reasons.

Man exhausts himself on many fronts.

This is why we see so many individuals and groups from among crowds in the stadiums, political meetings and religious public meetings who, living in constant fear of being outsiders, do what is not acceptable according to normal human standards in order to gain acceptance by the group.

We see a similar process in the whole world. Men behave the same and they expect women to follow in their wake to accompany and support them. Woman, whose primary role is to be a mother, moves away from the nurturing of her family to imitate man in her own constant search for the perfect mother figure.

All conflicts between mothers and their daughters are due to the type of thinking man imposes on them. Adoration of the four mothers in the Old Testament (Tanach) especially Rachel, Our Mother, shows typical male characteristics. Motherhood means spiritual and physical independence, powerthe flipside of the childish dependency of male thinking.

All restrictions men have been imposing on women are intended to turn the women into a character alive in the man's imagination: the loving mother willing to sacrifice her life for that of her children; the faithful wife waiting for her husband who is far away or simply in his secret lover's house, the obedient wife fulfilling her husband’s every wishes; the daughter who rejects offers to marry in order to take care of her elderly parents, and so on.


I refuse to divorce you

While surrounding woman with numerous prohibitions bolstered by harsh penalties, even today in the Muslim world most particularly, man finds his panacea and escapes punishment for adultery by marrying several women, thus ensuring that his 'sin' cannot be considered a reason for divorce or punishment.

In Judaism, a husband can refuse to divorce his wife. He can refuse to give her the document called Get ,which is the legal document of divorce, signed by the husband who agrees to set his wife free to start a new life, whenever she so wishes. Without this legal document, woman will face many years without the possibility of re-marrying legally.

In Islam it is sufficient for the husband to say three times, "You are divorced from me". The mere suspicion of adultery condones the stoning of the woman who has been found guilty of the alleged offence.

Masculine society is very tolerant of men’s sins and does not see error in lauding them as "great" or "enlightened", as in the case of Rousseau.

From Wikipedia: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (28 June 1712 – 2 July 1778), was aGenevanphilosopher, writer, and composer of the 18th century. His political philosophy influenced the French Revolution as well as the overall development of modern political, sociological, and educational thought.

Beyond the fact that Rousseau’s idealism was intended as the political weapon by which he was to help the poor and the downtrodden, this man did put his five children in an orphanage, convincing his wife that they would have a better life there than with them, their natural parents. Thus, hiding his real intention to rid himself of rivals for his wife's heart.


History is rife with examples of psychopathic male behavior

History is rife with examples of psychopathic male behavior but a couple of examples here will suffice.

The Roman Emperor Augustus (23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD) allowed his wife to murder family members and whoever she thought stood in her way and his to become sole rulers of the empire. And Herod ‘The Great’ (74/73 BCE – 4 BCE), a Roman client king of Judea, murdered his own wife and children and many others.

Democratic elections in the West and elsewhere only express an illusion of change when leadership passes from one political party to another. No change can ever exist as long as the cultural basis is enacted solely through a masculine perspective.

Sooner or later, the change will collapse as a consequence of the recurring chronic imbalance. Instead of changing the system completely and having it rebalanced by women – man is replaced by another male and, in spite of surface changes, everything keeps revolving in a vicious circle, repeating the same old patterns because of uniformity in men’s thinking. The same old driver might be driving a new car, but his driving habits are still the same old ones.

Man sees the world 'out there', as being separate from himself because of his one-sided perception. In order to see clearly, man needs to access woman's perceptive nature. This need is characterized by his wish to conquer the world and all that it contains, which is then symbolized by the external aspect of his sex organs.

Woman's inward-looking nature is symbolized by the inward/internal aspect of her sex organs. Her ability to give birth symbolizes the ability to bring about the real change – her karmic role.

In order to reach balance between the masculine and feminine aspects, man's goal needs to be to learn to give of himself and to sacrifice body and soul for his loved ones. For that to happen, man needs to realize the falsehood of cheap substitutes like sex, money and power.

Man’s linear thinking is uniform and lateral. It pushes him to constantly repeat the same controlling measures intended to solve problems which result in the original ‘problem’ becoming entrenched and systemic. For example, he uses the language of control and subjugation: Man wages a ‘war’ against crime, a ‘war’ against diseases, a ‘war’ against violence. He talks about conquering space, Nature and conquering the heart of his lover.

He fights against pollution, addictions and a number of other things. He is told to dominate his impulses. Man lives as if surrounded by enemies. When he feels control slipping away from his hands, man uses the same methods exactly where he intends to strike: more domestic violence at home and harsher legislations in the public arena: more power given to the Police, more lethal drugs to combat diseases and illnesses, stronger penalties to deter violent teens, more authoritarian tactics to flush out would-be terrorists from our communities, etc.

Repeated use of only one side of the coin, the attack mode, creates imbalance and shapes a sort of stopper which prevents the constant flow of fresh energy that would allow a softening or a refinement of the original situation which would, thus, make it easier to have it fade away in the fullness of time.


Children dislike study

Man of all religions has attempted to keep woman in a state of ignorance since ancient times. That is as true in Islam as it is in Christianity and Jewish Orthodoxy. Thus, man has expressed his great fear of woman and her capabilities.

What is it man sees when he looks at his ignorant wife and refuses to let her learn and develop her intellect? He see his own image reflected in the mirror as an ignorant one which he projects on to woman which gives him control over woman deemed "inferior".

The fact is, that all over the world, the education curriculum is delivered mostly by women who are often paid lower wages despite the hard work and dedication that teaching entails. Not for nothing it is said in Proverbs (1:8):

8 Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction

and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Woman is the true teacher. Man's role is to scold the children when they deviate from their mother's teaching. Men are not attracted to teaching not because of low wages but because of their inability to deal with children which reflects their inability to free themselves from their attachment to their mothers.

Man invented all forms of competition as a way to acquire the rewards of success in all types of endeavour. When it comes to studies, students go to school, not so much in order to learn, but in order to eventually get better qualifications that will enable them to get a better job and more money.

Children dislike study because this activity is separated from the reality of the world around and is based on 'dead words'. Youngsters fail to see the connection between themselves, what is important to them and what is taught to them in schools. Therefore they fail to enjoy what they are learning. Instead, learning becomes the long, inevitable and tiring process of pursuing shreds of validating prestige which comes to them in very tiny measures.

Man’s masculine power is derived from the oppression of woman – the suppression of man’s feminine side. This imbalance is projected on all aspects of life. Man uses the same oppressive methods to control or oppress workers, by making them submit to draconic contracts which enslave them, taking away their expected right to live as free people.

Slavery has never been permanently abolished and child slavery has remained a very active business throughout the centuries. Adult slavery was simply changed from being visible on farms and plantations to be made invisible to western eyes, hidden inside sweat shops in Asia where women sew the garments and assemble all parts of the equipment for the best known sport labels and this kind of exploitation is replicated in factories where the world’s best digital devices are created for each of the main corporations, mostly U.S. ones.

The real IT industry is thousands of miles away from Silicon Valley and its thousands of workers are equally removed from the protection of Union laws that safeguard American workers and others in the West.

Besides the matter of pitiful wages, workers who travel across Asian borders seeking work in IT factories often have their passports confiscated upon arrival in the same manner as human traffickers confiscate the passports of their human cargo, after having squeezed an exorbitant sum of money out of each one, firstly as payment for the transit, and again to ‘buy’ themselves the possibility of work in these sweat shops.

Suicide protests, groups of workers threatening to leap from factory rooftops, are common and the actual suicide rate in this cohort is very high, of course.


Time-bound Jewish mitzvoth

Man’s masculinity emphasizes the contrast with its flip side, femininity. Thicker muscles, more physical power, a greater ability to absorb quantities of alcohol, a penchant for rough sport and drinking beer with other men – these traits help define standard masculinity.

Women are at a constant disadvantage because they compete in man’s world where pre-existing rules limit them to what men are willing to afford them. Consider examples in sport where female athletes cannot match male power and so need to compete in female-only competitions.

There are several arenas where woman cannot better man but is merely allowed to imitate him, as is done in Reform Judaism where female rabbis choose to wear the kippa, tallit and tefillin, religious trappings traditionally intended to denote the submission of man to the Torah and its Laws.

Orthodox Judaism, however, has freed woman from the burden of some of the 613 mitzvoth [commandments and/or specific good deeds]. Thus, woman should make the most of that freedom.

Below are some of the time-bound mitzvoth from which women are exempted:

the compulsory wearing of the

  • tzizit [knotted fringes of tassels tied to the four corners of an under shirt]
  • tefillin [a phylactery which is a tiny black leather boxes containing scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah bound on the forehead and hand during prayers]

The time-bound mitzvoth from which women are exempted also include:

  • reading or reciting Shema Yisrael, a declaration of faith, upon waking in the morning and before going to sleep at night
  • listening to the Shofar at key moments of the religious festival of Rosh Hashana
  • spending time in a Succah, a makeshift palm-frond hut, in commemoration of the 40 years the Children of Israel spent in the Wilderness
  • blessing Lulav at the time of Succoth
  • counting of the Omer (= 60 days from Passover to Shavuot)

and, of course,

  • circumcision.

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) understood that the exemption of women from these commandments was made because they were considered innately more virtuous than men.

פטור הנשים משאר מצוות עשה שהזמן גרמן איננו יכול להיות תלוי בפחיתותן; כאילו התורה סבורה, שאין הן ראויות לקיים אותן מצוות.

אלא נראה לנו לומר כך: התורה לא חייבה את הנשים במצוות אלה, מפני שאין הן זקוקות להן. שהרי זה כל עצמן של מצוות עשה שהזמן גרמן:

הן מבטאות אמיתות, מחשבות, עקרונות והחלטות על ידי מעשים סמליים; והן מחדשות ערכים אלה מפרק לפרק, למען נשיב אותם אל ליבנו

ונגשים אותם במעשינו, והתורה מניחה שיש לאשה דביקות יתירה ונאמנות של התלהבות לייעודה; והנסיונות המזומנים לה בתחום ייעודה –

סכנה מועטת נשקפת לה מהם; משום כך לא היה צורך להטיל עליה את כל המצוות, המוטלות אל האיש; כי האיש טעון זירוז חוזר ונשנה

לנאמנות בקיום ייעודו; ויש צורך לחזור ולהזהיר אותו מפני כל רפיון במילוי תפקידו.

"The exemption of women from time-bound commandments cannot be dependent on their being considered inferior, as if the Torah considered them unworthy of fulfilling these commandments.

Instead, it seems to us to say this: the Torah did not require women to fulfil these commandments because they do not need them.

After all, such is the essence of time-bound commandments: they express truths, thoughts, principles and decisions through symbolic acts; and they renew these values from one period to another, so that we return them into our hearts and apply them to what we do, and the Torah assumes that woman has more devotion and she is enthusiastically loyal to her purpose.

And the experiences awaiting her within the field of her purpose present little threats for her; therefore there was no need to impose on her all the commandments imposed on man; for man needs repetitive urging to loyalty in accomplishing his purpose; and there is a need to repeatedly warn him against any laxity in fulfilling his duty."


What is a good woman?

Now, seeing as woman has thus been freed from some of the constraints of religious observance, it could be argued that woman has more time to herself and more time to devote to the spiritual and physical upbringing of her children. It stands to reason that she has also more time to develop her own spiritual knowledge and teach her children to be open-minded and more accepting of their circumstances.

Instead, she only gives legitimacy to man as he rejects her. Man, then, tends to perceive of woman as a rival encroaching on his terrain, aspiring to wrest control from his hand.

The mother teaches her daughter to sew, to cook, to clean, to sing, to dance, and to enjoy what her eyes see. But the father – especially in religious communities – transfers to his son his own father's teachings, which contain mostly prohibitions and warnings: “This is not allowed; this would tempt you; Do not look at women, God would punish you,” etc. In other countries, the authoritarian dictator, and in villages, the local tyrant, replace God and there are many prohibitions in his name.

Instead of taking his son for walks that could create an intimate connection between father-son, the father takes his son to watch football/baseball games in big stadiums in order 'not to be alone together'. And so they 'get lost together' within the mass of other people who are also searching for an escape to their routine and ephemeral bonding according to the scoreboard.

Such behavior is one of self-forgetfulness and it is no wonder that so many men/women in contemporary society eventually suffer from Alzheimer’s.

It is equally wrong for parents to take their children to listen to religious sermons in synagogues and churches in order to teach them how to accept themselves and others, just as it is wrong for anyone to rely on a guru. Man wearing a uniform of religion or spirituality should say: "You don't need me. Just make honest eye contact with each other and open the heart!" Instead, the persons sit in their synagogue and churches or at the feet of their guru, unable to see each other because they are hypnotized by dead words, dead because they are merely an interpretation of the true thought/emotion which, as such, does not need to be explained.

In sport as in all other areas man's perception is to win and subjugate rivals wherever he sees them. In the sport of boxing for example, man sees linearly his opponent as someone to control and leave knocked out on the ring. Rarely, if ever, does he see the opportunity to extending a hand and let the one he vanquished rise up and regain composure.

In fact, the 'strong one' is really the weaker one because the power of the 'strong one' is actually derived from the weakness of the other. Without a weaker opponent, the 'strong one' would be unable to stand in his own right.

Instead of being the shameful failure that it is in our culture, losing in competition, in sport, in business, in politics – not making it – is actually a chance to reverse the mirror and SEE the opponent as a friend to whom we have sacrificed our victory, without which he wouldn't be victorious. The interdependence of loser/winner in all areas of life is as inevitable as it cannot be underestimated].


The karmic law of nature forbids man to touch what is intentionally kept under the ground

150 years ago, in his book On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin, the naturalist, failed to see the impossibility of separating the inseparable, which is as impossible as attempting to remove one side of a coin while ignoring the other side without which the coin would no longer be whole.

His theory of the Survival of the Fittest is another example of misunderstanding the impossibility of being physically or mentally strong without relying on the physical or mental state of the weak. Each is the flip side of the same coin and both are essential to the fabric of the world.

Survival of a being or of a civilization should not be the result of overcoming hard conditions to specific type but it should be the result of personal or collective upgrade. It is essential that the WHOLE system upgrades, as when Nature gets rid of unnecessary clothes in order to wear her new dress, by using cleaning means like rain, ice, earthquake, tornado, etc.

Man's outward perception of himself and the world as separate from each other leads him to try to subjugate Nature. He cannot resist the urge to dig and drill deeper and deeper into Earth’s womb, robbing Nature of her treasures in more and more remote and pristine places of the globe: fuel, coal, gold, silver, diamonds, uranium, etc. Once mined, all of them bring about destructive effects. These minerals act as demons released from the bottle within which they were asleep for eons undisturbed.

Once released, they are out of control because of their inability to withstand the contrast between the dense darkness inside Earth's core and the blinding brightness on the surface of the Earth. Thus, these minerals are owned by a handful of corporations who sell them at exorbitant prices for industrial consumption.

The extraction of minerals from the bottom of Earth is extremely costly and, therefore, attracts thieves and robbers. They also increase the greediness of people for more minerals and rare stones that the rich buy to keep in their safes, for fear of losing them or having them stolen from them. Thus, bad energy attaches itself to property stolen from the bottom of Earth and it affects all people using this property as surely as the one receiving stolen goods from a thief also takes in that energy.

It is the same greediness that pushes poachers to kill animals like rhinos, elephants, tigers and gorillas to profit from the sale of their horns, ivory and fur and various body parts.

The karmic law of nature forbids man to touch what is intentionally kept under the ground. This is because of the interdependence of what is above the ground with what is available below it. These treasures are in fact the essential energy which Nature feeds to the flora, the oceans, the rivers and streams, as well as to all the creatures above the ground. All misappropriation of underground treasures causes deficiency in essential ingredients which expresses itself through disasters above the ground such as drought, floods, depleted streams and rivers, poor land, storms, extreme weather, earthquakes and the like.


Karmic law forbids

Observing the karmic law of nature, it is forbidden to expose underground treasures to the sun where they become a time-bomb ticking for humanity. Look at the care with which scientists need to handle uranium which used to lie safe and undisturbed at the bottom of Earth. As soon as it is brought to the surface, it becomes a monstrous demon that is difficult to control. Let’s not forget that every packet of chemical medicine carries warnings against exposing its content to sunlight.

Mining and oil drilling through land and sea, ways through which people rob Nature, pollute every area and ruin the lives of many workers. These robbers assume that, because their deeds are done in the cover of darkness and below Earth’s core, they are ‘out of sight' and it does not matter. No one asks permission from Nature to dig, drill, wound or build on virgin lands that had previously been home to fauna and flora for many years. No one says Sli'ha to them. No one apologizes to them.

The irony is that on Earth's surface there is all that man needs to live healthily: sunshine, rain, dew, sea, rivers, plants, wind, oxygen etc., all of it free of charge and given to man by the feminine side of Nature, which gives with love.

People live in a cocoon of their own creation. Within free-flowing, ever-shifting Nature, man has erected rigid cities, roads, bridges, buildings, etc., grabbing whatever Nature's resources he can put his hands on. He tries to cut through the thick darkness that surrounds him by creating all manner of lighting equipment from torches, flash lights and flood lights to projectors and laser beams, only to have all of them obliterated by Nature, as she unleashes her heavy rains, hailstorms and natural disasters. Nature proclaims her superior position as real power by covering man and his property with daily dust, snow, rain and so on – not on a whim, but whenever and however she thinks it is needed, and so in comes her earthquakes and tsunamis.

The inability to develop trust affects man in all walks of life. This is particularly evident in interpersonal relations, when trust is a prerequisite for reliable and stable connection between people, both men and women. Male-driven society takes for granted the network of mercenaries implanted within foreign armies, ready to kill and commit crimes for money; or for athletes to sell their bodies to various corporations for marketing endorsements, shamelessly passing from one sponsor to another according to their current value in that market; or for other celebrities to model wrong, unhealthy commodities like cigarettes/alcohol – behaviors that are often imitated by the younger generation.

Societal acceptance of all such improper practices encourages man to see no fault with emotional and sexual infidelity in his personal life, and he runs love affairs in parallel to his family life. In addition, mistrust prevents the spiritual elevation that requires total faith in the Higher Self.


Warnings - label thin

On a spiritual level, the aim is to serve others, but to do so in exchange for money is wrong. When giving is done from the open heart – it is a blessing and leads to personal growth, but doing that for money maintains the situation as it is - fossilized. Money causes violence in sports, in business, in politics, etc.

Altruistic giving stems from infinite love and acceptance of others as equals. It can never become a commodity.

Falsehood World: Drugs – forbidden but the sale of cigarettes with advertised warnings is allowed. Currently, full-page newspaper advertisements put forward a clear warning: "Every cigarette brings 43 cancer-causing substances into your body"; "Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease"; "Medical studies have determined that smoking during pregnancy is endangering your baby." And yet, people continue to smoke and endanger not only themselves, but also their family members with toxic cigarette smoke.

On the one hand, clerics of the major religions, forcefully forbid sex with other women yet, on the other hand they take for granted the role of male gynaecologists, thus allowing a total stranger to take control of woman’s body by penetrating her most personal place. Man, even as a male doctor, has no genuine understanding of what woman feels at birth or in other circumstances related to her body, be they physical, mental or emotional


To appease his conscience

Man has invented titles, like professor, doctor, director, etc., and they honor the persona accordingly. The director traditionally has a personal assistant and a secretary to serve him and do the more mundane but harder work for him while he goes about the business of managing.

Other managers control factories in which many employees work mechanically, many long and hard hours with machines for a very small salary. On the whole, the manager is not in the least disturbed by the knowledge of such poor workplace conditions and seldom thinks to change them to improve the life of the workers.

To appease his conscience, man has invented titles for spiritual people too, like rabbis, priests, kabbalists, holy ones, apostles, Zadikim, gurus, etc. But how could a holy one, regardless of his title, be really holy while he is still so much attached to his title, his followers, his books and his interpretation of dead words?

How could a holy one, like a rabbi, an iman or a Protestant priest not SEE that he depends on his wife for his spiritual achievement, because she is taking care of his personal needs, his home and children while allowing him the hours to sit and meditate/read/write and pontificate and posture for the benefit of his followers?

How could a holy one not SEE that the same society of which he is an inseparable part excludes his wife and other women from their rights to be equal to men? How could a holy one accept such wrongs selfishly, blind to the fact that his wife is his partner in the personal evolution without which he would collapse and fall?

If this holy man were a truly holy one, he would immediately detach himself from such societal falseness. But if he doesn't SEE that choosing only one side of the coin is not only impossible, it is also a big mistake, then, he'll never achieve clear insight.

For similar reasons, man has also invented a horde of super-characters, such as Superman or Spider-Man and Captain America who save the world by killing criminals. Such creations stem from man's state of inner weakness and fears.

As always, personal responsibility is transferred over to superpowers to save humans who are assumed to be unable to save themselves from themselves. This assumption yields inferior forces, which only illustrates the definite lack of faith in human capabilities such as being able to transcend beyond the visible world.

Why not use devices to "see" the world!

Scientists have reduced the world to a lab where they use devices to "see" the world. While they are immersed in their studies, the world streams past and beyond their blind eyes.

In modern society men and women are encouraged to learn secular and religious studies, including science. As a result, the graduates are not developed personally to internalize what they have learned into daily life, and they see their goal as an infinite competition with others next to them, seeing them as rivals. That is why society has created hard-hearted clerics in all religions as well as heartless and dishonest businessmen and politicians.

We clearly see how the dominant form of life devastates man. Just look at how even a young man is prone to losing his hair and how his stomach tends to expand with age. Both symptoms are the results of unhealthy food and wrong habits. Man, if not looking to attract woman’s eyes, neglects his appearance.

Man has taken over the ‘celebrity kitchen’ by re-inventing himself as the chef who creates dishes that are eye-catching but have no real nutritional value for the body. Still, in the home, woman is the steadfast cook.

Man is born endowed with the potential of greater physical strength than woman and man’s function is to activate this strength to earn his living by working in the field, sowing, planting and harvesting; cutting up wood to build houses, furnish them, etc.

All holidays – monotheistic and pagan as well – are based on the agricultural events of the year. However, reversing the order, in Jewish Orthodoxy for example, man sits all day, studying scriptures in a yeshiva, while wife works outside of the home to support the entire family.

In the same manner, office workers, including their managers and directors, are sitting most of the day in cubicles or within four walls with artificial lights, artificial air and eating junk food. No outlet for their built-in power. Within a few years, they look older and develop diseases.


Man has invented

Man has invented pubs, nightclubs, casinos and the like – places, where woman does not go on her own but the existence of such places gives man the approval to drink and spend money inappropriately without being regarded as “loose” and irresponsible. Man also invented junk food which destroys health and shortens livestheirs and that of their loved ones.

In fact, there is not even a single invention that has been built on the giving of self, that is, something additional from the heart. All inventions have been designed solely to increase the force of man to exploit more and more of whatever is possible.

All machines, from the largest to smallest, operate noisily, preventing the ears from hearing the whisper of the wind, the song of the dew, and from sensing the endless dance of harmonious Nature. Thus man misses out on Nature’s invitation to join and feel light as a cloud. Only Soul hears the voice of the silence and does her best to prompt and push the persona to throw away her many crutches in exchange for a faith in Soul - as only Soul is able to raise the treasure hidden within us.


Let's venerate, shall we?

It is impossible to see the woman and her real value in life – not in modern Western society and not in Third World countries either, because everywhere women are still subjugated to men’s authoritarian control. All we see is man’s image reflected in woman, for example in politics where woman is expected to show herself as the ‘Iron Lady’, the ‘strong’ leader, i.e., exuding raw male power. Female politicians and women executives have learnt to hide their womanly gentleness, their motherhood and their beauty under dark suits using mannish assertiveness, callous insensitivity and a penchant for false words.

It is impossible to see the true image of woman, without the restrictions and prohibitions imposed upon her by a man-ruled society.

This is particularly evident in the area of spirituality.

While women are more likely to tend to the spiritual side of pure spirituality beyond prohibitions, men are more likely attracted to physical activities involving various aspects of the body like ritual clothing, baptisms, fasts, prayers, meditations, and especially in veneration of saints, of their graves and relics, the granting of titular saints while they are still alive and after their death.


Male energy? Female energy?

History knows that queens have often brought about a ‘Golden Age’ to their people: Queen Salome in Judea is one prime example; and Queen Elizabeth I of England is arguably another – though Catholics were killed during her restoration of Protestantism, the incidence of such deaths is considered low by Reformation standards.

By comparison, kings drowned their people and other peoples in rivers of blood and unnecessary wars (Alexander Janai in Judea, Napoleon in France and Hitler in Germany).

Women seldom marched off to war to conquer. In Nature, there is no phenomenon of one species waging mass slaughter against another. In nature it is done one on one, and even predators focus on one animal alone.

Women are not so reliant on physical power because their natural spiritual power is stronger. Prophetess Deborah sat under a palm tree as she judged the Children of Israel (Judges 4:4-5):

4 And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time.

5 And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.

Deborah led a victorious war against Sisera. She ordered Barak ben Avinoam to gather people and go to war. He accepted on one condition (Judges 4:8):

8 And Barak said to her, “If you will go with me, then I will go; but if you will not go with me, I will not go!”

Deborah was not an ‘Iron Lady’ but a gentle prophetess, whose language was poetry.

Prophetess Huldah used to teach in the Temple. The nobles and priests came to her for advice on the authentication of ancient Torah scrolls found while not one of them could make a pronouncement (II Kings 22:14):

14 So Hilkiah the priest, and Ahikam, and Achbor, and Shaphan, and Asahiah, went unto Huldah the prophetess, the wife of Shallum the son of Tikvah, the son of Harhas, keeper of the wardrobe; (now she dwelt in Jerusalem in the college) and they communed with her.

The gentle nature of the prophetesses contrasted strikingly with the rugged roughness of male prophets such as Samuel, Elijah and Elisha who did not hesitate to kill and burn others in spite of the commandment: 'Thou shalt not kill'. Non-violent Jeremiah is remembered for his laments about his undeserved fate (Jeremiah 15:10):

10 Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth! I have neither lent on usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; yet every one of them doth curse me.


The need to unite both male and female aspects

Perhaps the best example of the essential need to unite both male and female aspects in order to achieve balance is illustrated by drag queen and kings shows that attract large crowds.

There, man disguises himself as a woman and woman disguises herself as man – not merely by wearing each other’s clothes, but by thoroughly mimicking credible details of body movements, voice tones, etc., so that onlookers believe they see real man/woman.

The question is: what do the observers see? Isn't it their own reflected image - the aspect of themselves they hide so deeply so as not to see it themselves and so as not to let others see it? Isn't it TIME to expose the true Self?


So God created human beings in his own image

"So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27).

The impossibility of separating opposites points at their union and at their wholeness. Any attempt to operate according to only one opposite and to ignore its complement leaves whatever is done or achieved in a state of great deficiency linked to the feeling of incompletion.

The habit of favouring one side while ignoring its complementary side creates the inability to see both sides of the coin that are active within every moment and everywhere.

This short-sightedness that prevents the essential aspects of wholeness forces people, for lack of an alternative, to use an ever-expanding number of emotional, spiritual and physical crutches in order to attempt balance, and therefore the only possible change is merely an outward, temporary and ultimately unfulfilling one.


Feedback from Moriya in Jerusalem about this lens

Moriya: Very yo-fi, C.C.. the result is be-emet the same as was in olden times when beautiful pictures were added to stories, especially stories of stirring adventures. Khol hakavod.

Me: :-))

© 2015 Carole Claude Saint-Clair


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