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In the Face of Injustice

Updated on January 30, 2010


In the Face of Injustice

As A parent we kiss boo-boos, explain our views, teach by example, love with triangled depth! We shelter the storm as a broad angled buffer! How do we teach them about injustice? Is that something we should let them see on their own? Better yet is it something that can be explained?
At 45 years of learning, I for one have tried to teach my girls that injustice is a part of life and that cause and effect are well at play. That if one treats one well that they are inclined to reciprocate! Well I was wrong!!! Still all in all its the best form of Godliness that I know. Feeling good about myself has always been more important to me than revenge or stooping to a level that is truly beneath me. However now I see that that same passive attitude is replaced with pitbull fierce anger if someone should treat my loved ones with less injustice that many have displayed upon me!
God must feel the same way but he has so many children disregarding others and forsaking him! Almost like a room full of your family and all their children. "Play nice" is always for starters, then the room gets louder and it is now" lets not be so loud children"!! All of a sudden its a full blown 3 ring circus and all thats left to do is pull the rug out from this show of bad chararcters. The children are screaming "thats not fair" but the true injustice here is the ones that were playing nicely, sitting quietly and reading and the few that are in shock and tramatized by the mean spirited ones! Whats a father to do? Well what I see is a need for discipline, a few kind words of approval and a well trained therapist! What a job huh?? He is the almighty and can handle the job......but we will need his help in the face of injustice! Highly encouraging that we all seek his guidence and feel his love. Thanking God has never been so easy.......for he is there in the face of all our trials and tribulations and yes in the face of injustice as well !!


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