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What caused the big bang theory to happen to start our universe?

Updated on February 28, 2016

Can nothing be something?

Every living thing came from the same organism is ridiculous and has no evidence to support. Life cannot simply create itself and neither can atoms. We know the laws of physics but do we really know why we have them? Why do atoms bond together to make molecules? Really, if the universe came into existence by accident then why is there order instead of chaos? Simple, it wasn't an accident. How much of science and the universe do we really know and understand, not very much. So is it really that hard to believe that there is a being that is far beyond our own understanding, a being that has always been and always will be; that has immeasurable knowledge and power? A big bang for no reason, please; nothing cannot create something out of nothing for no reason. Humans living in something with nothing outside of the something that was created by nothing for no reason; and humans being born to live and to die forever with no meaning or reason to be there in the first place. Sorry, but these points do not make sense.

Now that you have that in your head of nothing meaning nothing, would it be possible for something to spark up from nothing; nothing meaning no space and matter to start a universe on? I say it’s the work of God, not the work of nothing. I believe its God, not because I want to, but because it makes more sense. To my atheist friends, you would have had the upper hand if you knew how nothing works but you don’t, and this puts you in the same boat as theist. At the end of the day you choose not to believe its god that created everything, because you don't know for sure. Your scientific facts would have only been proper evidence if scientist knew how the beginnings of nothing evolved. But they don’t, so that doesn't make you atheist smarter than everyone else including Christians. God is the answer my friends.

Our knowledge of the known universe does not give us the ability to dismiss a God. We have never seen the creation of life before our eyes nor has science theoretically been able to create it. The only proof for a big bang is that scientists claim that the universe is expanding and that somehow they know that the energy remains in space came from it. The "Big Bang" does not dismiss a God because its fundamentals have yet to be explained. Whatever caused it is claimed by experts to be beyond space-time. Space couldn't have randomly created it since space itself is the product of its explosion. Any atheist who claims that the existence of God is irrational is themselves delusional by the standards of their own belief system. Theists believe in a God because science can't disprove it. Their God is beyond religion and morality, but I say because morality exists in his creation that God is moral and he would have taken responsibility for his creation. There is only one first cause. With all of what science has given us, we know that the universe didn't always exist and couldn't have come about through its own means. There is no science that can deny a first cause or prove that the universe had always existed. God is the only being that is beyond space-time, with infinite power, that could have created the cosmos in the orderly fashion that it is in.

The work of God


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