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In this time of need. (hold on).

Updated on September 11, 2015

Hold On.


In this time of need, ( hold on).

In this time of need.

‎‎May Gods presence be felt in your families needs and loved ones.
May your family grow closer.
May the chariot of love park outside your front lawn.
May your faith and hope fuel your vessel of life.
May joy surface again.

‎May life life be kind.
What ever obstacles come your way, my you gracefully embrace their adversity.
May you receive all that you give.
May there be plenty of quality of life and love at home work and play.
May you sleep peacefully when you rest at night.
May you recall your dreams.
May you count your blessings.
May all you sow be multiplied.

May you grow.
May you experience true love.
May you not tangle with temptation, yet embrace faithfulness.
May you reside in the path of all that glows and resembles light.
May you nourish your thoughts, as well what dwells in your heart.

When things do not go your way.
Be patient.
Pray for strength.
Do your best hope and keep moving.
No matter how many odds are stacked up against you, when you feel
like giving up remember the light and goodness your soul embodies.

May you not flirt with temptation, my you embrace faithfulness.
May you make your life your Heavens dream.
May you count your blessings.
May your innocence be preserved.
May your moments be memorable.
May your memories be priceless.

May you play with time responsibly.
May you be the light upon darkness.

‎May all that you fear perish with time.
May you age gracefully.
May your life reflect your glory.
May your story have a fairytale ending.
May you preserve and finish all you set out to accomplish.‎
May you make the most of opportunities.
May your beauty glow and lift your spirits when all else has failed you.
‎May you nourish your dreams and never abandon hope.
May happiness dwell in a place known as your heart.‎After every storm the sun must shine.‎
May you insecurities blow in the wind.


‎Live your life no one can live it for you.
Fear is a reflection of the darkness in our world.
May you embody the courage to blossom in the pit of misfortune.
May you make choices that will make life easier to live, now, today and tomorrow.
May your tears comfort your sorrow.
May you own your life, while you live it is borrowed from God.

A poem for I Ngilosi yami Patience.
Ngiyakhu thanda uyeva uyeva uyeva.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala‎


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