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Increase Popularity X3

Updated on June 30, 2012

Making friends is not always easy. We all spend so much time just trying to be accepted by everyone, anyone actually, that we sometimes lose who we really are in the process. Wouldn't it be great if you could always be one hundred percent who you are without the worry of totally embarrassing yourself. Yes, yes, I do believe that you should not care what others think but keep in mind that it only takes mere seconds for someone to decide whether or not they like you. Sometimes you need more time to make a good first, second, or third impression, for instance, when trying to land a new client, or you want to catch the eye of a hottie whom you 'run' in to at the coffee shop every Saturday. Whether you are attending a new school, starting a new job or just want to increase your circle of friends then these are the spells you to perform.

  1. Confidence Candle Spell
  2. Gain Acceptance Spell
  3. Increase Popularity Spell

You must do them in the order written here. You can do them all in the same day or three days in a row. Follow the links to each spell.


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