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Indian Stories to Enlighten You

Updated on May 20, 2016

Buddha Statue

A statue of Buddha.
A statue of Buddha. | Source

Indian Stories

First make sure not to confuse this with native American stories. They called them Indians because they thought that America was India. It is like a rocket ship that was designed to go to mars but instead it crash landed in America so they called the people there Martians.

Story About Heaven and Hell

The first story holds a lot of meaning. A king read about heaven and hell and asked a wise man to explain to him what heaven and hell feels like. The wise man said that he could do that but he does not have the time. The king got very angered. He said to the wise man "I am the king. I could have you killed for talking to me that way. No one has ever talked to me that way."

The wise man said "that king, is hell." The king said "You are right. That felt so so terrible. I never want to feel that way again. Thank you so much for showing me that." The wise man said "That king is heaven!" So you learn about how the ego plays a big part in how you feel and how it has to do with anger.

Story About Immortality

Here is a story that I like a lot. This wealthy man heard about a guy who learned how to live forever and never die. So the wealthy man sent his assistant to see this guy and get the secret so he could live forever. He told him not to delay at all and see the guy as soon as possible. So it took a couple of days to see the guy.

He then returned and said that by the time he got there, the guy had died. So his boss said that he must have delayed and that is why he got to the guy so late. He said that he did not delay at all. So the boss did not know if he should fire the guy or not and if he was there too late because he delayed. So many people were asked and different people had different ideas. So there were many arguments going on.

Finally a guy came along and said that the argument was meaningless. If the guy died then he did not have the secret of how to live forever. So you can say this is like the saying can't see the forest for the trees (An expression used of someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole).

Whatever Happens, That's Good

Then there is the story of whatever happens, that's good. So this king cut his finger and asked the wise man why it happened. The wise man said that he did not know why it happened, but whatever happens, that is good. So the king did not like this idea so he put the wise man in prison. Then the king and his men went on a long walk.

A group of people captured them and said that they had to sacrifice one of them to a god, so they would have good luck. They were going to sacrifice the king, but they saw that he had a cut on his finger so they chose someone with no injury to sacrifice. So the cut on his finger saved his life.

So he got back and freed the wise man and told him he was right. But then he asked the wise man how it was good that he was put in prison. The wise man said that he always goes on the walks with the king and he has no injuries!

The Horse That Ran Away

Then there is a story about a man whose horse ran away. He asked a master about it. The master said that bad luck is followed by good luck so something lucky would follow. The horse came back with another horse. So now the guy had 2 good horses. So he told the master about it and the master said that good luck is followed by bad luck. So the son was riding the other horse and fell off and broke his foot.

So the guy told his master about it and the master said that bad luck is followed by good luck. So the king went to war and most of the people were killed but the son did not go to war since he had a broken foot. So the point of this story is that things will happen that appear to be good and things will happen that appear to be bad but what matters is you are here to realize what you really are through all these things that go on.

The Princess's Necklace

The princess had a necklace that she liked a lot. A bird flew in and carried it away. So an award was offered for this necklace and people looked for it. Finally it was seen at the bottom of a stream. So a guy dove in but could not find it. So another man dove in and could not find it even though they could both see it lying there. So all these people were diving into this stream but not finding the necklace so it was a real mystery. Then a guy came along and said "I will get the necklace" and climbed up a tree overlooking the stream.

The people watching this thought he was nuts. Then he pulled the necklace off a tree branch where it was hanging. The people were seeing a reflection of the necklace in the stream. Many times people think that they want a thing but really it represents something that they want.

The Monkey and the Lion

In the forest there was a monkey and he saw a lion coming so he knew he had to think fast. He climbed on a pile of lion bones. Then he told the lion that he was lion-eating monkey and was going to eat him. The lion saw the pile of lion bones so he ran away.

Another monkey was watching all of this and thought that he would tell the lion what had happened and that the monkey made a fool of him. So he told the lion what happened so he figured that he would find the other monkey and eat him. So the monkey saw them coming and figured out what had happened. So he turned so his back was to the lion and the monkey.

Then the monkey acted very impatient and said loudly to himself "what happened to the monkey I sent out. I sent out this monkey a while ago and he was supposed to find a lion and bring it back so I could eat him." When the lion heard this, he ran away quickly. So this shows how fears can blind someone to what is really happening.

The Guy Wants to Go To Heaven

This guy dies and goes up to the entrance of heaven to see if he could get in. So God asks him if he has done anything good. The guy said that he once gave 25 cents to a beggar. God asked him he did anything else good. The guy said that he also gave 10 cents to a widow. God asked if he did anything else good and the guy said "no."

So God talked to his secretary and wanted to know what he thought. He did do a couple of good things but is it enough to go to heaven. So the secretary said give him back his 35 cents and tell him to go to hell. So that is what God did. I heard most of these stories from Prem Rawat that teaches a mediation that I do. The stories are designed to enlighten people and be entertaining at the same time.

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    • emge profile image

      Madan 20 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Nice stories , retold in a wonderful way

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 20 months ago from Australia

      Nice stories. These are standard Hindu stories told by many gurus in India. Of course they are enlightening as well.

      Jai Sat Chit Anand.