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Inspiration comes from within yourself

Updated on September 3, 2014

Everything starts from the inside.

It comes from your inner depths of yourself.

We are always looking for inspiration and inspirational things.

Some of us like certain actors, and certain singers.

We look at athletes.

We have family members.

But, after awhile when you look at the world and the beauty within itself, you start to be inspirational to yourself.

There is nothing in this world you have to prove to anyone and not even to yourself.

Even though we might want to keep trying to prove ourselves worthy to ourselves time and time again, it really doesn't matter.

If you get up each morning and just do the best you can everyday so when the day is done you realize that is what you can do in that present time.

So you might be able to do everything you are trying to do in one day, but there will be more days.

You can learn not to care what anyone ever says about yourself and learn that once you do that you actually feel really good.

People like to tear down other people with words but you have to laugh because they are only words and that is all that it is.

Basically no matter what anybody thinks or says about you, you still can go about your day and enjoy your day.

You end up living a healthy life than most people when you realize you can repel anything anybody says in this world and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

Once again you have nothing to prove to anyone and when you do see that for yourself in your own life with all the hard work you do it helps to improve you and your way of life.

People can still angered with themselves because they are indeed not happy with other peoples lives, so learn to enjoy your life even if there is one person who isn't happy with yours.

You go with your own flow and do your thing.

I know this, because this works for me.

I don't care what anyone says about me or thinks because nothing stops me from going to a fitness center or if I enjoy going to mountains or visit the ocean.

I get up everyday and do my thing.

I know I have to work technology with everything I do, but the best and smartest thing I know is that I can always turn it off in just one switch and that's it.

I too look up to people but have learned that I can be inspirational to myself without having someone to inspire me.

I keep doing the things I want to do and keep doing the things that people say I would never do.

I just set my mind to things I do and I do them.

I already proved people wrong time and time again, so I indeed have nothing to prove to anyone at all.

Yes, you might think I won over the people that say I would never do the things I have done and actually did them but basically I don't even care anymore.

I just like to get up and keep doing things I love doing.

I actually know that I just don't want to just "survive" but I want to "thrive".

Alot of people are indeed stuck in the mind frame of just "surviving" and won't think of any other bigger picture to help improve their situation and just will forever remain stuck.

In getting ahead in this life you got to work.

If you sit and complain about others all the time and continue to do so you indeed must be very miserable about yourself but you can stop that and change yourself.

But once again, I am not here on this planet to worry about a miserable person but I just keep improving myself and that makes me feel good.

In life to keep remembering that it doesn't matter if karma finally gets a hold of those that hurt you in the past because you have moved forward with your life.

More than anything your life is probably better than those that have hurt you because you have enlightenment and that helps with yourself.

When you actually feel like your breathing "happiness" and can feel it with no rhyme or reason and your just happy cause your happy for no reason at all that is the best feeling.

If you keep thinking you got to have things or a person to make you happy, you are never going to be happy with yourself.

Each day, each morning you can always start over from scratch.

Have a nice breakfast with tea, coffee and just sit and think. Well whatever breakfast you have you can actually sit back and just take a few minutes to start your engines with maybe a little meditation to get ready for the day.

Even just a few minutes of just sitting with no technology or just being by yourself will clear your mind.

Granted just relaxing is good but to truly unwind and meditate in which if your not a spiritual person you still could sit and chill out a little bit to clear your head.

Some people may still read the newspaper or read a book, to get their day going.

Some people exercise.

It is the little tiniest things that you can do for yourself to change a lot of yourself over time.

Never stop wanting to improve yourself and keep growing.

Keep wanting to learn things.

Stimulate your mind, body, and soul.

Keep your heart alive by keeping the things you love inside of yourself.

Remember there is nothing in this world you ever have to prove to anyone and know that you are indeed your own inspiration.

Take each day as it comes.

Maybe you can plan for your future step by step, but we can just remember that here and now is what we seem to only have.

So each day which is a present, the present is what we have.

Enjoy it as it comes.

Inspire yourself.


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