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Inspiring Angels

Updated on March 14, 2017

Angels Really Do Help People

Angels really do exist, and they help people who pray and ask for help. They also help some people who never prayed before, but are in desperate need of help. Angels have a great sense of humor too. They are spiritual beings, and they’re so pure and holy. Each one of us has a guardian angel who watches over us. “See that you don’t despise any of these little ones. Their angels in heaven, I tell you, are always in the presence of my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:10) (The Good News Bible)

Angels Are Spiritual Beings

Angels Communicate With Us In Many Wonderful Ways

At the very beginning of creation, all the angels in the world were created, and they were all created at one instance. Angels communicate with us in many wonderful ways. They can communicate with us through images, feelings, thoughts, and on some occasions with words. Sometimes, when they appear to some people, they’re dressed in white, and they have beautiful wings, and at other times, when they appear to some people, they look like ordinary people.

Sometimes angels appear to some people with a message straight from the Lord. At other times, they comfort some people in times of great sorrow. There are also instances where some people have been guided by angels in life-threatening situations. They help us to make the right decisions, and sometimes they even help us to smile. Angels help many people every single day and night, and they help people in so many different ways. Angels appear to some people out of the blue, when people least expect it. The experience can be quite overwhelming, and a bit frightening, but there’s no need to fear, because they want to help people, and they also want to inspire people. Angels exude love, and peace, so much wonderful peace, and sometimes, they make miracles happen in some people’s lives, and that is so great. There are many angels, and sometimes they appear to people in a vivid dream. They can also appear to some people during the day too, or during the night, in any place, at any time.

Angels Are Holy

Angels Are Very Powerful

Angels are absolutely phenomenal, and so very special. They can calm an anxious soul, and soothe a troubled heart, and they can give advice, and they can also help some people to find inner harmony. They genuinely care about people’s well-being, and they all work together to help some people find their way to the Lord, and that is just so special.

Angels are heavenly beings who serves as an attendant of God, and also as a messenger of God. They are truly exquisite, and they are also very powerful, and so unique.

Angels Genuinely Care About People

There Are Proof That Angels Do Exist

Angelology is the study of angels. There are many people around the world who do believe in angels, and there are many people who don’t. There are instances where some people who never believed in angels received a visit from an angel, and the whole experience turned them into instant believers, and that is just so amazingly wonderful.

The Archangel Michael is a very heroic angel, because he defeated satan.

The Archangel Raphael, who is the angel of healing, is extremely kind, and he is also very merry.

The Archangel Gabriel is the angel who shepherds people, helping them to speak up for themselves.

The Archangel Uriel, who is the angel of repentance, is the angel who warned Noah that there was a flood on the way.

There are many other Archangels, and each one of them has a specific task.

Proof that angels do exist can be found in the Bible :

But about the angels God said, “God makes his angels winds, and his servants flames of fire.” (Hebrews 1:7) (The Good News Bible)

“What are the angels, then ? They are spirits who serve God and are sent by Him to help those who are to receive salvation.” (Hebrews 1:14) (The Good News Bible)

They have been used to deliver messages to people (Genesis 19:15)

“Praise ye him, all his angels : praise ye him, all his hosts” (Psalms148:2)

God Created Angels

A Special Dream

About a year ago I had a very vivid dream where I was standing outside. The sun was shining so bright, and I looked up and saw white pages falling from the sky. So many white pages. While they were falling, each white page turned into a white dove, and as soon as all the white doves landed on the ground, they all turned into angels, dressed in white, and with white wings, and all the angels smiled at me, and boy, oh boy, there were so many of them,and in my dream I felt happy, so happy. I have no idea what this dream means, but I do know that it means something very wonderful, so I am living with hope.

Sometimes, when an angel appears to someone, that someone will experience a feeling of so much serenity and love, and they will think that it’s totally special and awesome, and it is.


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    • heidi new hubber profile image

      heidi new hubber 8 months ago from Port Elizabeth South Africa

      That is so heart warming and it is wonderful to experience something so amazing.

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 13 months ago from United Kingdom

      Strangely enough, I've also had witnesses to this phenomenon when other people have been with me!

    • heidi new hubber profile image

      heidi new hubber 13 months ago from Port Elizabeth South Africa

      Thank you for your comment Sparkster. I am so glad that they assisted you when you needed them. Not every body can see them, but I know of some that have. I feel it is a blessing when they reveal themselves to you, even if it is only for a second.

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 13 months ago from United Kingdom

      Beautiful. Yes they absolutely do exist and may show themselves in times of great sorrow or distress. I dread to think what would have happened had they not intervened in my life and I am so thankful for that. I just wish I'd recognized their warnings for what they were before things escalated so much... but now I know. They will show themselves to you if you simply just ask.