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Insulting Prophet Muhammad is Dangerous

Updated on May 18, 2014

Woe unto you if you are Christian, Hindu, or even more moderate Islamic sects, and insult the Prophet Mohammad during a casual conversation over wine. Maybe you are angry with the almighty, after all, we are just humans and the religious fanatics and extremists simply kill free speech.

To Westerners, it is simply unheard of to convict a man to death for making insulting remarks about Muhammad. Yet, this is what happened to four Pakistani men who were drinking. One of them is only 26-yrs. old and let his loose tongue be free in Islamabad. Alcohol tends to free the inner feelings to the public realm and in this case, he was overheard speaking ill-will of the you know who. Just think if he had said, "Goddamn", which he did not. His head probably would have rolled-literally. The man was reported to the police who charged with the draconian law called blasphemy. Although, he denied ever saying anything bad and it was corroborated by the other three men, the swell of hatred from locals demanded a trial, which came and went like the wind. Now, he sits on death row along with another 33 men for the same violation. All will be killed.

This archaic law was enacted in Pakistan in 1986. More convictions have occurred in the last seven years than in the past 20 years. The extreme elements in Pakistan are demanding more and more the law be enforced. For those who are trying to remove the law and speak out against such draconian law are also being charged to shut them up. Some are simply murdered like a lawyer trying to defend his client.

In another case, a Christian has his Muslim friend got into a heated argument. Even though no blasphemy occurred, the Muslim accused him of just that to police. The Christian was arrested. The public became enraged causing riots in Lahore through two Christian areas of the city. The Muslims destroyed two churches and many homes. It was found out later that the Muslim had lied to police in order to buy the property owned by the Christian while he was in jail. Even when police take the accused into protective custody, it does not mean the accused is safe. In Bahawalpur, when locals found out, they stormed the station, beat the police back and dragged the accused into the street and burned him alive. If you think you are safe while court, think again.

The point is the blasphemy laws in Pakistan and other Muslim countries is simply another way to intimidate those of other faiths or anyone who wishes to disparage God. It is very similar to the oppressive regimes of Hitler and the Soviet Union, where if you spoke badly of the regime, you might be sent to re-education camps. North Korea is a mirror image to Pakistan in this regard. There is no real freedom of speech there, where nearly anyone can accuse you of blasphemy for maybe personal gain or revenge.

Pakistan should repeal the law established in 1986 that made it a death penalty case. Yet, the current Pakistani government seems to like it.


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    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 3 years ago from Singapore

      I am against this law but till date not a single execution has taken place under this blasphemy law in Pakistan. all the same it needs to be repealed in Pakistan