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Intelligent Design...Creation 'and' Evolution

Updated on September 2, 2012

Creation vs Evolution?

The biggest problem most 'religionists' have with the concept of evolution is the contradiction it creates in the understandings of the bibles.

In the Bibles it says that God created everything in seven 'Days'. What 'religionists' are not willing to admit is that the bibles were written by flawed human beings with a flawed human being's perspective and perception.

When the 'cavemen' that wrote the bibles, wrote them they were using their best understanding of the universe and of linguistics. They did not have the ability to truly do justice to the concepts they were trying to describe.

Today we have a little bit better understanding of creation and of linguistics but we still cannot truly do justice to the concept either.

All we can do is the best we can do, just like they did.

So how do you suppose a 'caveman' would describe an amount of time from a starting point to an ending point? Perhaps by calling those lengths of time days?

Days are a concept of humanity, created by humanity to describe the length of time it takes for our planet to spin around one time. How long would a day be on a different planet? How about in the depths of space? How long would a day be to God? A million years?

In the million year long first day of creation perhaps God created light, and by the time God got to the creation of Humanity perhaps several billion Earth years had elapsed...

My point is, God, in my humble opinion, created humanity using evolution. They do not cancel one another out.

Let Them Eat Cake.

Intelligent design is the action of creating something using a plan that has been well thought out and implemented. It isn't a design that requires constant attention and direct interventions. It is something that once started, the creator can step away from and allow to grow, or season, or develop according to the original plan.

Baking a cake. The creater of the cake, who humanity calls a baker, takes the recipe and gets all the ingredients together. Mixes the ingredients, puts them in a container, and places the mix into an oven. Then the baker steps back and waits, checking every so often that all is going well. Making slight adjustments as necessary, such as moving the pan so the higher heat at the back of the oven doesn't burn one side of the cake. Pushing a toothpick into the cake while it is baking to see if the cake is ready to come out or not. When the time is right, the baker, turns off the oven and places the cake on a cooling stand. Once cool the baker adds frosting, decorations, and candles.

God's cake might be described as our reality. God through God's intelligent design, added all the ingredients of our reality to our reality. Placed us in the 'oven' (creation) and is now standing back watching us, and checking on us from time to time. Those of us in the 'cake', while baking, are wondering about our condition. Who am I, where am I? Some of us have come to the conclusion that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, something grander than the small pieces we can see and touch. Some of us believe that the 'oven' exists. Some of us think the pan is the 'creator'. Some of us think the back wall of the oven, is the creator, because it is the hottest part of the oven. Some of us think that the side of the pan that is facing the back of the oven is the creator. Because the heat to these few isn't from the oven, it is from the pan. "See I touch the pan and it is hot, therefore it is the pan that is hot and not the oven." "Since this side of the pan is hottest, this side of the oven is hottest, and if this side of the pan were over there, then that side of the oven would be hottest." Then 'God' comes along and turns the pan, so the back is now on the other side of the oven. The 'new' front side of the pan, cools. The 'new' back side heats up. Those that were convinced that the pan was the source of the heat must now accept that the pan isn't the source, which is hard for them, because they truly believed it. They knew it was! Now they feel foolish. Those that disbelieved the pan was the source of heat are jubilant, they were right! I told you so, I told you so! Others now agree, the pan isn't the source of heat, so what is? Some say it is the oven, others say it is an invisible gas that is ignited in the oven, a gas that comes from some unknown, unfathomable place, where no mere cake can possibly travel to. A place of wonders and sights that are incomprehensible. A place the cake calls 'Kitchen'. Some of the cake thinks that is just silly. There is no 'Kitchen', there is no 'Oven' and there certainly isn't any 'Baker'. "Prove it to me! You can't prove it, therefore it isn't true."

Those parts of the cake that believe in 'Kitchen' are distressed, because the belief in the existence of 'Kitchen' brings them peace. They wish to share that peace with those others, that don't believe in the 'Kitchen'. They invent proof, they make bold and daring claims, they stretch the truth. All with the good intention of spreading the joyous peace they feel in thoughts of 'Kitchen'. Those that didn't believe, are convinced (that 'Kitchen' doesn't exist) because they have seen through some of the 'truth stretching'. Those that didn't believe, now use the proof of the truth stretching, as proof that 'Kitchen' must also be a lie.
Then out of no where there appears a great and wondrous being! What is that? That must be 'Kitchen'!!! We were right! All praise be to the almighty 'Kitchen'!!! The baker sticks a toothpick into the cake, removes it and closes the oven, the cake isn't ready yet.

Dining Room?
Dining Room?

"Where are you going?, What was that thing 'Kitchen' placed in us? Where did 'Kitchen take it? Why have you abandoned us 'Kitchen'???" "It must be because we are 'sinful'" "It is their fault! If they had only believed in 'Kitchen' 'Kitchen' would have taken us with him." Some pieces of 'cake' decide that 'toothpick' must have been the son of 'Kitchen', and if only 'cake' were like 'toothpick' all of 'cake' would be allowed to go to 'Kitchen'.

They start a new belief, they pray to 'toothpick' and praise the form and complexities of 'toothpick'. They are sure, one day 'Kitchen' will return for them as well, but to be accepted they now know that they must be as 'toothpick', for only those that are as 'toothpick' will be found to be acceptable, and therefore transported to 'Kitchen'.

Someday 'The Baker', will come and take us all to 'Kitchen', even those that didn't believe in 'toothpick', because 'The Baker' knew then and knows now that the entire cake needs frosting, and decorations and lots of care, so that 'cake' will be enjoyable in 'Kitchen' (or maybe there is something else, something called 'Dining Room')...

Evolution... for me proof

of an Intelligent design,

and that too supports my belief in an

'Intelligent Designer'.

Millions of very different forms of life all living on one of a billion planets, in an endlessly vast Galaxy full of Stars with possible life bearing planets orbiting those Stars...

DNA that evolves and mutates into better forms of itself.

Species of life that change to fit environmental needs.

Adaptations of life that respond to changing environmental conditions suggests to me a very clever designer of that life.

Life will find a way...

because it was Designed to.

*If I were God, my 'cake' would include something that might surprise me. If I knew everything... I believe I, Mikel G. Roberts, would search for something surprising. God being God, that probably isn't the case, but DNA that creates something unique every single time seems to indicate, possibly, that God too enjoys being surprised...

The Mystifying of Religion...

Using Magic to prove God?

Magic: The channeling of energy through the brain to create an outcome without really understanding how the outcome is acheived...

Magic: the snapping of ones fingers and causing stuff to disappear...

magic: the snapping of ones fingers and not knowing that the sound triggers a trap door that opens just long enough for a pile of stuff to fall into a hole and then close...

Magic: The creation of 'something' from 'nothing'.

MAGIC: those moments that take our breath away.

I sometimes feel like the ancient/modern churches are trying to produce magic to get people to believe in an unprovable God, by being the 'Man behind the curtain', like the wizard of Oz. I think that is because everyone wants "magical" proof that God exists. They all want to SEE the miracles.

God set up our reality the way it is for reasons that we may not agree with, may not even like. But if God wanted it this way, I believe, it must be necessary. So while I can't give you the magic show your looking for, what I can do, possibly, is open your eyes to the simple truth. God exists.

I for one believe that God does have magic power and that God for our own protection has blocked or limited our ability to touch or use magic. Like the good parent that prevents their toddler from getting to the kitchen stove.

In fact I believe that our entire reality, our human existence, is akin to a toddler in a crib, protected from that which we could not survive in our present state of evolution. Perhaps what comes next is where the magic lives...

I Want Proof!

I too have asked God, "Why not do some magic/miracles, that way everyone will be forced to admit that you exist, provide the proof and all the questioning will simply vanish."

God has always told me no. No magic and no miracles. At least not the kind described in the Biblical histories.

I have asked for signs from God.

I have received them:

-Once I was in a bad place, and I was scared, I asked God, are you here with me? God answered Instantly by having a seagull fly directly over my head, a bird that stayed in that exact position looking down at me (100-200ft up) until the instant I said, "Thanks God, I see you. You can let the bird go now." In that exact instant the bird was released and it flew away.

-Another example, in my own life, is in my hub Was it just a Dream.

-Another time I asked God for a huge sign, I was trying to trip God up and have an undeniable miracle one that others would see as well, God answered, again without any delay at all and changed the entire sky from a beautiful blue to deep purple with pinkish highlights running through it. Everyone, except me, said what a spectacular sunset. I said that isn't fair, God chuckled at me.

-Another time, I was swimming in the ocean, I said to God, you can't do it can you? (Miracles I mean) God, instantly, had the ocean grab me and I was slammed to the bottom (I was in 3 or 4 foot of water at the time) the water held me there until I said OK, I get it, you can but you choose not to. As soon as I thought OK, the water released me and I rose to the surface, I was not out of breath and I wasn't and hadn't been even the least little bit worried. But I did feel the strength of God.

There are others, but they, like these examples, are not the undeniable sort of proof you are looking for. They can all be chalked up to coincidence, or your mind playing tricks on you.

What God is telling me, as I was writing the above, is that they never work. Everyone always wants one more miracle, just for them. "OK just do this"...People don't accept the miracles, they look for how it can be explained away, coincidence or seeing things.

I am as guilty as the next guy. That day in the ocean, I was on God's last nerve with the "OK, just do this... routine" which is why God was so forceful with me.

The slightest bit of doubtful reason, becomes absolute proof in our minds, because we reason if God is all-powerful God can do it in a way where there is no possible way anyone could think it anything but absolutely true and any possible explanation besides it being a miracle will be proven 'instantly' as obviously incorrect.

Freewill means we are allowed to search for ways they could possibly not be true, and if you look long enough you will find some tiny triviality, a one in a million chance, and that trivial thing, that doubt, is all it takes to convince yourself that maybe it wasn't a miracle. Then we start again... "OK just do this..."

God is tired of jumping through hoops for our egos. People use the miracles as a sign of personal power, of being better than others. We accept the miracles so long as they continue, and as soon as they stop so does our belief that they happened and were miracles.

Proof that God exists isn't magical, it isn't miracles, and it doesn't answer our real question. Our real question is "What is God". The simple answer to that is, we don't know. The long answer is complicated, but that is the real question people want answered. It isn't hard for us to believe that God exists, it is just hard for us to believe that what they say God is, is God.

By My Logic: if there is a lowest form of life, then there has to be a highest form of life. We have named that form of life, God.


The belief that there are and can be more than one all-powerful beings is so obviously flawed to me that I have rarely spoken about it. The fact that there have been so many humans that believed in multiple Gods and the fact that there are still today many that continue to believe in multiple Gods amazes me.

All powerful, by definition, means there can be only one. Two entities that are equal and both control all, is not possible... obviously.

So if it isn't possible for there to be more than one all powerful being... then either God is not all powerful, or the entities commonly called Gods in paganism aren't Gods.

I tend to believe the latter. God is unique, all powerful and one of a kind. The attributes that Pagans call Gods are aspects of the one true God. Imagine a ladder that leads to God... God is the holder of the highest rung, the Pagan "Gods" are (possibly) beings that hold rungs on the God ladder, but they are not the holders of the highest rung...

Humanity holds a place on the ladder and when we look up to those far reaching heights what we see we call gods, even though these beings we see are vastly superior to us, so much so that they appear godlike, doesn't make them God.

Since there can be only one BEST... There can be only one God.

Magic, Miracles and the Awe they inspire...

Magic, in our reality, is making things happen consistently without understanding how it works. Magic to someone that doesn't understand electricity, is the light that appears "magically" when they flip on this switch. The awe disappears as the technology becomes common.

People don't want less awe they want more.

Most people wont be able to understand the technology that the brilliant minds see as common, so the awe will remain for them in the "light appearing"... then in the awe of the computer... the new 3d movies... the new cars that hover on air.

Awe will remain for the brilliant in the discovery of the next thing they didn't know, and in the reason the car hovers on air. Increasing our knowledge won't give us fewer moments of awe, it will give us more. Every discovery we make will unlock new discoveries, new mysteries. All we have to do is allow the discoveries to happen, let and help people discover the new stuff. The discoveries will enrich and delight us all.

The only true magic, in our reality for now, is the formation of the very first thing (whatever that thing was) that was not nothing.

The beginning of God's reality, the birth of "the source".


The ancient/modern religions have so scrambled what and who God is that I wouldn't blame anyone for not believing what they preach. It is a sad state of affairs when what a body is suppose to be here to do, is the exact opposite of what they have actually accomplished.

What I mean by that is, the churches are suppose to be the supreme keepers of peace.

The best of the best, to teach us how to love, to instruct us in the art of compromise, and understanding.

What they have become...the best killers. The biggest and scariest tyrants on the planet.

They have instilled people with the idea that it is better to kill yourself and others, than risk displeasing God. "God Wills It!"


God wants us to love each other, to respect and nurture each other.

True sometimes that nurturing is a swift kick in the rear. But tough love isn't murdering those we disagree with.

The "Churches" are suppose to be the ones teaching the rest of us how to get along.

NOT better ways to kill each other.

NOT better ways to punish those that don't do what we want.

NOT better ways to manipulate beliefs and ideas.

NOT better ways to lie to each other.

NOT better ways to sabotage our competition.

NOT better ways to say WE are better than you and God loves us more.

NOT we were here first and that makes US right and you wrong. Older isn't always better.

"God's Will" is for us to learn, improve, grow, evolve and become better at everything we do...including religion.

The only thing the ancient/modern churches are getting better at is KILLING.

Killing people,

killing hope,

killing ideas that might be different than their own.

Is it fear of being proven wrong? Is that the drive behind all the hate?

Is it people that don't believe in or respect the churches anymore that have decided to use them as weapons for personal gain? Are we mystifying our religions to confuse the true issues and gain personal power?

Is our demand for miracles and magic really about the search for proof of the existence of God, or is really about our personal desire to be the one and only wielder of magic, so we can have power over people?

Whatever the reasons are, the fact remains, You are here to promote good things, you're failing in your job. Your boss is angry and disappointed in you... am I.


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    • Mikel G Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Mikel G Roberts 

      10 years ago from The Heartland

      Ok Winston but let's keep in mind also that even if Michael Behe was proven to be incorrect and the theory of irreducible complexity was proven to be a scam. The fact still remains we have no proof (either way), and the abscense of proof does not dis-prove the existence of an Intelligent Designer nor of an Intelligent Design. Further more, for me at least this simple logic leads me to believe:

      If there are more than one forms of life and they are not the same, one must be the greater... Humanity has come to call the greatest form of life (whatever that form may be) God.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 

      10 years ago

      Please keep in mind that belief in an Intelligent Designer should not be confused with the pseudo-science created by Michael Behe called Intelligent Design that argued that irreducible complexity proved design was necessary - a 1990s sly bit of creationism's sleight-of-hand used to pass itself off as a valid scientific concern but which in the years since its proposal has since been thoroughly refuted as nonsense.

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 

      11 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      I believe in micro-evolution--small changes in coat, color, size, speed, strength, etc. due to adaptation to surroundings. I do not believe that species turn into other species, and there is no fossil evidence to support one species turning into another, although if I found an honest report about such I would look into it.

      Greatest respect towards those who differ with me, as we are all free to discover, learn, and grow.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 

      11 years ago from East Coast, United States

      I enjoyed your kitchen metaphor. I've always wondered how people who so firmly believe in Creation can not also believe in evolution. The story of Genesis seems to me to be a tale of evolution. Maybe God's days are a bit longer than our days.

    • Coolmon2009 profile image


      11 years ago from Texas, USA

      Enjoyed reading your article


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