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Interpreting My Own Dreams

Updated on October 2, 2014
drawing by: Joanne Salmon
drawing by: Joanne Salmon | Source

What a dream....

Dreams. My real own experience of my dreams and what they signify. This is my own interpretation of my dreams. Being Hmong, and my parents are religiously grained into superstitions, dreams, spirits and the spirit world... With my mom being a shamen woman, it is the belief that I may carry some of that spiritual stuff in me. My sixth sense is known as the "Premonition dreamer." It is a gift that I have learned to acknowledge.

When I dream about heavy rain storms and high water waves, it signifies that I will be dealing with an emotional break down that will cause me to cry, shed a lot of tears. Hearing unhappy news that will make me emotionally stressed. (After a heavy storm, there is always a rainbow) In a recent dream I had, I was running against a heavy storm, water were knee high and waves were rushing agaisnt me, I was on a journey to save my 2 kids. When I did save them... the storm stopped. And the 3 of us cuddled in a bed together. That following morning, I heard some very unhappy news that caused me to cry, I cried the whole day.

When I dream about snakes: signifies pregnancy. When one is bitten by a snake in a dream, it means she, herself is pregnant. When I just see snakes in my dreams, it means I will hear the news of someone being pregnant or is expecting.

I dream of tigers, striped tigers,. It means I will hear about death or a funeral. I dream of seeing 2 tigers before and I ended up attending 2 funerals that following week.

Dreaming of poop: Its good and bad, depending on what the dream is about. For example, I dream that I was wiping/cleaning some poop off of the ground and for some odd reason, the poop keep getting stuck onto my hands instead. No matter how much I try to wipe with a towel, the poop kept shifting on parts of my hands. When I see poop getting on me, it means I will receive some type of income. It could be a bonus check from work, money owed to you, money that others give, new paying client at work, etc... When I dream about poop coming out of me, I lose money. For example, I had a dream I was throwing up poop from my mouth, lots of it! I can taste it in my mouth, in my dream. That following week, my husband at the time, got pulled over and we had to pay a big fat ticket.

When I dream about myself being pregnant, or someone else being pregnant, or going into labor, it usually means that, that person will get sick. If its me, I will get sick.

When I dream about my teeth falling out: Bad news, warning that something bad will happen. I usually tell my mom about these dreams and what she does is, she bury dried corn into the front lawn. The dried corn signifies the lost tooth, or teeths.

I will update as I start to understand more about my dreams...

green snakes
green snakes | Source


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    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      What a strange dream to have. Everyone has dreams and some are weird. Some of mine are beautiful, and others are weird and make little sense. My dad loves to say how a bad dream is just a piece of undigested pork that probably "didn't go down the right way". LOL. Dreams all depend on how a big or other kind of deal we make it. Even animals dream. Our dog back home used to dream in his sleep. It was funny to look at. I used to pet him and ask what he dreamed about. He could never tell me, but I don't think it was scary as his tale was still wagging.

      Don't let the dreams bring you down or scare you. The world is always there when we wake up.