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Interview With One Of The Army Sergeants At Roswell In 1947

Updated on June 19, 2013
Do You Believe In UFO's? What Do You Think Happened At Roswell In 1947?
Do You Believe In UFO's? What Do You Think Happened At Roswell In 1947?
Maybe after all these years we finally know what happened at Roswell.
Maybe after all these years we finally know what happened at Roswell.

Interview With Persain Angel Who Was An Army Sergeant In 1947

Persian Angel was a U.S. Army sergeant in 1947. In May of 1947 he was assigned to the 4th U.S. Army and worked out of the Presido in San Francisco. Persain Angel also happened to be my uncle on my mothers side of the family and he was one of the smartest men I ever knew. He passed away only a few years ago and I was able to do this interview with him before he passed away. As a teenager and a young man Uncle Persain had received training as a mortician. And this was one of the reasons he was sent in to the area when the UFO spacecraft crashed near Roswell New Mexico. Though once he was there he acted as a guard for the live alien and was rarely allowed in the room where the alien was. Roswell Crash Was A Real UFO Crash

As a child and later as a young man I remember my uncle telling us that the incident at Roswell New Mexico was a real UFO crash and that the U.S. Army and U.S. Government had covered up the crash of the UFO craft and the recovery of the space craft and three small bodies. He always told that one of the aliens survived the crash and lived for several months dying just after Christmas 1947. Uncle Persain said that the alien that survived learned English very quickly and that he gave the U.S. Government much information before he passed away just after Christmas 1947.

The alien had told the doctors that he was sick and they had tried to help him but they really didn't have the technology to help the sick alien. Uncle Persain told that the sick alien had suffered severe radiation poisoning and that the alien was unable to tell the doctors how to help him. Uncle Persain said that at least three U.S. Army personnel became sick from their contact with the alien space craft and that all three men died. Two of the men died before the alien did and one lasted until March of 1948 before he died.

My Uncle Persain said that the alien space craft, the two dead aliens and the sick live alien were taken from the Roswell area to what is now Edwards Air-force Base. At that time the base was known as Muroc Army Airfield. My Uncle Persain also at this point made the claim that two alien space craft were shot down by U.S. Military Aircraft and that the U.S. lost at least one airplane when it was vaporized by a beam weapon from an alien space craft. My Uncle said that while he heard that two alien space craft were shot down that he never saw but one craft and that the other craft was possibly destroyed by other alien craft in the area.

Uncle Persian said that he was sent from San Francisco out to Roswell in a U.S. Army truck and he was told before he left San Francisco that the U.S. Army was in possession of at least three bodies from an alien space craft that had been shot down near Roswell New Mexico on the night of July 5 1947. My Uncle said that he and five other U.S. Army personnel arrived at about 4 P.M. on July 6th 1947 and the U.S. Army already knew that there was something about the aliens and the crashed craft that was making U.S. Army personnel who touched the dead aliens or the space craft sick. Doctors on site figured out it was radiation and measures were taken to keep the high levels of radiation from making more people sick. My uncle and another U.S. Army sergeant were sent to the local mortuary in Roswell to try to acquire several children's size caskets from the local mortician in Roswell.

My Uncle always said he was always surprised that the true story about the aliens didn't come out sooner than it did because so many people knew what happened at Roswell. But he also said the US Army and Army Intelligence threatened people and told them they could be locked up forever if they talked. My Uncle said at least two people were put in mental hospitals and received electric shock therapy because they were caught telling people about what happened at Roswell.

During the last days of May 2001 I was able to conduct the below interview with my uncle Persain Angel. It is me asking the questions and Uncle Persain giving the answers.

Q = Question

A = Answer

Q. Did an alien spacecraft crash near Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947.

A. Yes it did crash after it was shot down by U.S. Aircraft after being pursued at high rates of speed for 120 miles. I was told two craft were shot down but that one of the craft was destroyed by a particle beam weapon from a large alien space craft. I was also told by several other army personnel that a U.S. aircraft was shot down and destroyed by a particle beam weapon from a large alien space craft.

Q. Were there alien beings from another planet on the space craft.

A. On the one craft that was shot down there were three aliens that were found by the U.S. Army personnel when they arrived on the scene. Two of the aliens were dead and one was alive though his legs were broken and he could not walk.

Q. Did you see these aliens.

A. Yes I saw all three aliens with the first time being on the evening of July 6th 1947. At that time the two aliens that were dead had been zipped up in body bags and placed in a tent with ice packed around them and that the live alien was on a cot in another tent. I saw two army personnel keep adding ice around the two dead aliens. I was told that the three aliens had received radiation poisoning and we should not approach them to close or touch them.

Q. Is there any doubt in your mind that these were alien beings from another planet.

A. There is no doubt at all. I know what I saw and these beings looked almost exactly like what alien grey beings are shown in drawings and on science fiction channels today. They were real live beings and the one that was alive could communicate with you with his mind. What ever you thought he could hear and you could hear his thoughts in your mind also. It was truly one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me. But in just a few days the little alien learned enough English to talk and I was later told he could speak good English by the time he passed away just after Christmas 1947.

Q. Did there come a time when you and another man were sent to the local Roswell Mortuary for children's coffins.

A. Yes it was me and another U.S. Army Sergeant named Phillips that were sent to the local mortuary and told to bring back three small coffins. Two for the already dead aliens and one for the live alien in case he died. But we were able to obtain only two coffins and they were made of real light weight material.

Q. Did you see the dead aliens placed in the coffins.

A. No I don't think those coffins were ever used. They were flown out to Muroc Army Airfield and while I was still there those two little coffins were burned with out ever being used. The two dead aliens were placed in lead lined cylinders and flown to Muroc in those cylinders. The live alien was placed on a stretcher and flown out to Muroc.

Q. Did you see the live alien at what is now Edwards Air-force Base?

A. Yes I saw him through an open door in the room he was held in several times and he was allowed to be placed outside several nights while I was there at Muroc. When he was allowed outside he was in a wheelchair and both of his arms were handcuffed to the chair. Several lights were seen over Muroc one night and it was feared that the aliens had came back to try to rescue their friend and he was never allowed to be outdoors in the wheel chair again.

Q. Did you ever get to talk with the live alien while you were acting as a part of the guard detail guarding him.

A. He told me thank you several times when I would bring ice or ice water into the room. At times I would hear him only in my mind but later after a couple of days he talked in English and said thank you. There was always a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer in the room with the live alien. At times there would be as many as five U.S. Army Intelligence Officers in the room.

Q. Do you know what happened to the dead aliens at Muroc?

A. Yes they both had autopsies performed on them and the remains were each placed in a large jar of a preservative and flown out of Muroc to an unknown location around August 5th 1947. I was told though I was not there when it happened that the President of the USA came to see the dead aliens and the live alien on or about August 4th 1947. I know on that evening only a very few men were allowed out and about on the base and that a large aircraft landed on the base that evening about 6 P.M. and left the base about 7 P.M. I don't know if it was President Truman visiting the aliens or not though I later heard it was. I was later told that President Truman did not enter the room where the live alien was but that he looked in at him for a few minutes through a observation window. It was told that the President had been warned that the live alien could read his thoughts though only from a few feet away.

Q. How long were you at Muroc?

A. I was at the base until the morning the alien died which was December 29th 1947. That afternoon after being asked to sign an agreement that I would never tell anyone what I had seen at Roswell or Muroc I was sent back to San Francisco where I was permanently assigned. Once I returned to San Francisco I never heard anything else about the aliens or the down space craft and though I saw news stories down throughout the years a lot of what they reported was wrong. I believe the US Army put out a lot of wrong information to confuse people and to keep the truth from ever coming out.

Q. Did you see what happened to the alien in the room after he died.

A. Yes he was rolled up in his sheets and placed in a lead lined container which was placed onto a U.S. Army Aircraft and flown out of the area. I don't know where they took him to or what they did with the body though I assume it was autopsied and studied. While he was still alive they saved any of the urine or waste that came out of his body and blood was drawn out of him on several occasions. Tissue samples from his feet were taken and I remember hearing one of the doctors make the comment that they really weren't that different from humans. I remember the doctor saying the aliens and humans were both carbon based. The little alien loved water and ice and he said that on his planet there was lots of ice and water just like here on earth. He said he was sad that he would never see his planet again. He knew he was dying and that it was only a matter of time before he died. I think he also knew that even if he lived that he would never be allowed to go home again.

Q. Why do you think the Army first sent out the story that they had a alien spacecraft and then the next day changed the story.

A. I know exactly what happened. A junior officer tried to grab some fame and put out the story about the downed space craft or saucer and the next day higher ranking army officers started the cover up. I was at Roswell and saw the space craft that was shot down. I also saw a large crater where it was told to us that another downed alien space craft had been destroyed from the air by a alien space craft with a particle beam weapon. I was three foot from the dead aliens and eight to ten feet from the live alien and they were very real. The U.S. Government and the the U.S. Army covered up the crashed space craft and the aliens and they did a great job of it. I can't believe that anyone believed the aluminum foil and balsa wood story. The space craft I saw was 30 foot across with very small windows around the top and the door had sprung open and one dead alien was recovered from inside the space craft and two aliens one dead and one alive were laying just outside the open door on the ground outside the space craft. The two U.S. Army personnel that removed the dead alien from the space craft later died of radiation poisoning.

Q. What do you think happened to the aliens and the space craft?

A. I think they were taken to a secret location and they are probably still being studied today. i think the alien space craft may have been reverse engineered and this may have been how technology suddenly made the huge leap it did right after the Roswell crash.

Q. Is there any doubt in your mind that the space craft and the aliens were real?

A. No there is no doubt in my mind at all. I really believe the space craft and the aliens were from another planet and I heard talk around Muroc while I was there that this was not the only space craft or the only aliens that the U.S. Government had recovered. From what I heard I believe the U.S. Army had a live healthy alien somewhere in custody in 1947 that they had been studying and debriefing for two or more years. And the healthy alien was cooperating with them and giving them questions to ask of the live alien on the Muroc base in 1947. I also heard the live alien was from a different planet than the live alien on the Muroc base in 1947.

Q. Do you know where the live alien you saw said he was from?

A. I never heard an exact location though I did hear it was from another galaxy and that the small alien space ships had came off of a larger space craft in orbit around the earth. While still at Muroc I heard from at least two people who were in the room when the live alien was being debriefed that the aliens had come to the planet earth to investigate the atomic bomb explosions and that the alien had told of an under water alien base here on earth though he could not give its exact location. The alien told investigators questioning him that there is life on many planets and the aliens always check out the life on these planets when they reach certain stages of development.

Q. Anything else you want to add here?

A. Yes I really believe President Bill Clinton lied when he said in a speech that he didn't know anything about crashed space craft or aliens. I believe that every U.S. President since Truman has been briefed on the Roswell Crash and the aliens recovered there. And I don't believe that is the only space craft that has ever crashed. I believe there is a U.S. Government cover up of crashed alien space craft and aliens.

And that was my interview with my uncle Persain Angel. I believe my uncle really saw a crashed alien space craft and aliens and I think it is time that this information become public. I can remember as a very young child being told about the crash of the space craft at Roswell and the aliens by my uncle Persain and the story was always the same. I have no proof that the story my Uncle Persain told me was real but I also don't think anyone can prove the story is not true. I truly believe the U.S. Government covered up a real alien crash at Roswell in 1947. My Uncle is now dead so he can give no more information. I believe what he told me was real and I hope some day the real truth comes out.

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My Uncle Persain Angel who was an Army Sergeant in 1947 said the Alien Grey In This Photo is similar to what the 1947 aliens looked like.
My Uncle Persain Angel who was an Army Sergeant in 1947 said the Alien Grey In This Photo is similar to what the 1947 aliens looked like.

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