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Interview With THE ADVERSARY Of ALL TIME!, Part 1/5

Updated on September 8, 2013


Hamilton Watley-Pierce is going to have THE INTERVIEW of his career, maybe his life........
Hamilton Watley-Pierce is going to have THE INTERVIEW of his career, maybe his life........


Adele Thompson, a tough, intelligent, and no-nonsense woman.  She knew THE TRUE nature of Lew.....
Adele Thompson, a tough, intelligent, and no-nonsense woman. She knew THE TRUE nature of Lew.....


Lew was a person that NO MORTAL would want to get on the WRONG side of.  HE had many tales to tell................about the human and nonhuman condition..........
Lew was a person that NO MORTAL would want to get on the WRONG side of. HE had many tales to tell................about the human and nonhuman condition..........


Lew discussed his former life and relationship with God and the other angels.............
Lew discussed his former life and relationship with God and the other angels.............
Lew mentioned how Michael was his bone of contention......................
Lew mentioned how Michael was his bone of contention......................

THE INTERVIEW............

It was an eerily dark early morning on Friday the 13th, July 2012. It was exactly 3:33 a.m. Of course, it was dark; however, it was much darker than usual. In fact, the sky was pitch black. I had awakened from my sleep.

I wondered around the apartment. I then decided to make steak tartare and a caesar's salad to be savored with some merlot wine. I was in no hurry to return to bed. After all, I had the day off to do as I please.

I enjoyed my healthful meal. I decided to listen to Vanessa Williams' latest cd, THE REAL THING. I then sat on the couch, simultaneously listening to her soulfully sultry singing while reading the transcript of my upcoming interviews. You see I am an interviewer for a noted men's magazine. My name is Hamitlon Watley-Pierce. I have interviewing people for 25 years.

Yes, my job is quite fascinating at best. Well, I do not consider what I do a job at all. To me, this is adventurous fun. One learn so much about a person from an interview. Also I have met lots of quite interesting people. I am like a psychiatrist of sorts. Who else besides a psychiatrist, priest, and/or interviewer knows the inner workings of people? People often reveal things to such people that they do not reveal to anyone else including their lovers and parents.

I felt tired and returned to bed. After about three and a half hours, the phone rang. Hazy from my sleep, I fumbled and answered the phone. A deep, masculine baritone voice replied that he wanted to see me at 12:00 noon. I inquired as to who he was! He stated that was totally inconsequential.

I returned to sleep, thinking that this was a prank call. I slept until noon. Then I heard the bell ringing loudly. My assistant, Adele Thompson, informed me that someone wanted to see me immediately. I told Adele that I was off that day. She insisted that I meet this person.

I got up, showered, dressed, and proceeded towards the front room. I saw an extremely tall dark man. He could be described as 6'7" tall with an extremely muscular build. His short cropped hair was inky black. His complexion was a dark golden tan. He looked like a latter, more high fashioned version of Attila the Hun. He was dressed completely in black silk.

He smiled and walked towards me. I thought to myself what a badass! He became quite agitated and started to walk towards me until he was directly in my face!

I backed down which made this man even more emboldened. I ordered him to leave and to leave immediately or I would call security! He became more incensed. He whispered to me that NO ONE tells him what to do. He returned to the frontroom, sitting on the couch. I ordered him to leave again.

He told me that HE did not intend to leave until he was finished. Finished? Yes, the man asserted. He started to tell me his life story. I unhesistantly informed him that I was clearly uninterested in his life story! He then glared at me, stating to me that I had better sit down and listen.

I thought to myself. This man is quite dangerous. He must be in some type of organized crime. I steadily contained myself, waiting until the opportune moment arrived to escape to my bedroom and notify security. I sat down and let the man proceed with his conversation.

He told me that he goes by many names. I inquired as to what did he mean by many names? I asked him who was he exactly! Then he smiled. I was totally transfixed but with fear. I never met anyone like him before. He seemed quite unearthly if you know what I mean.

When he smiled, Adele's face become quite ashened. She crossed herself many times. I asked her what was the meaning of this! She pulled me aside, warning me to be beware. I said to her beware of what. She informed me that this man was nothing to be played with.

Adele informed me that I am on quite shaky ground. I just laughed her off, returning to the front room. She called me into the anteroom, sternly telling me to be careful. I said alright just to placate her. I proceed with the "interview".

The man revealed that he is commonly known as Lew. He told me to get comfortable as he had lots of time to divulge some information. He stated that he once lived with his Father and his siblings. I asked him who is his Father. He replied that his Father is the Ultimate Power. I explained to him that every son thinks that way of his father more or less. He emphasized that his Father was really the Ultimate Power.

I sat down, thinking that Lew was a total schizophrenic. I told myself to be calm, very, very, very calm. He stated that he resided in quite a lovely residential area with his Father and his other siblings namely Michael and Gabriel. I just listened, saying nothing at all.

Lew proclaimed that he loved his Father very much. He maintained that he could not have asked for a much better father. He relayed that where he onced lived, there was no such thing as strife. According to him, in his former residence, there was no such thing as aging, sickness, and the common human ailments. He stressed that his former home was Paradise.

I then saw Lew's facial expression changed from bliss to anger. I asked him what happened? His facial expression softened somewhat. He asserted that his Father ejected him and some of his friends! I further inquired as to the reason?

At first, Lew brushed me off, stating that he did not wish to discuss the matter as if it was too painful for him. I pursued the matter and he revealed that his Father was in the process of creating the Latest Life Form. He ordered all of us in Paradise to worship this Life Form. He indicated that he questioned his Father as to the complete logic of this.

Lew went to elaborate that he told his Father that this Life Form was not at their development level so to speak. His face darkened to quite a menacing grimace. He bellowed in a quite unearthly voice that he refused to worship a "lower" life form. He revealed that he and his Father got into quite a thunderous altercation.

Lew further asserted how his Father called him a usurper and a disrespectful ingrate. He, of course, viewed that remark as an upfront to his power. He revealed to me that he stood up to his Father for the first time in his life. He indicated that his Father could not tolerate this at all! He stated that his Father become unusually stern with him, telling him to respect this Life Form as it is just as good as he is. He, however, steadfastly maintained his stance regarding this issue!

Lew maintained that his Father become wrathfully upset. He stated that this did not frighten him in the least. He felt unusually brave for the first time in his life. He revealed that he informed his Father that he was just as much a Power as he was. He stated that his Father was completely aghast at such insolence.

Lew indicated that his Father then gave him the Ultimatum. He then took out a cigar and began to smoke. I politely informed him that in this house, there is no smoking. He then looked at me, stating that NO ONE tells him what to do! I let him smoke!

Lew then continued that he laughed at his Father giving him the Ulitimatum. This action caused the Father to cry. The Father wondered how could Lew, his First Favorite, turn completely against Him. He reported that he was completely astonished that his Father was upset at his actions. However, he remained steadfast regarding his refusal to worship the new Life Form.

Lew stated that his Father wanted to discuss the matter with him. He related to me that there was NOTHING at all to discuss. He told his Father that the discussion as far as he was concerned has ended. He revealed how Michael and Gabriel started to glare at him. He stated that Michael particularly was constantly wanting to usurp him and to be the favorite.

Lew maintained that he and Michael were coldly cordial towards each other at best. He described Michael as a power hungry usurper. He further explained that Michael never liked him because he was the second in command somewhat. Michael held a high position in the hierarchy. However, Michael wanted HIS position and would use devious means to obtain it............

© 2012 Grace Marguerite Williams


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    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 

      6 years ago

      Oh my this is really good..I would like to think this is fiction but I for one believe in this adversary and have crossed his path, unwillingly of course, but nevertheless, no one wants to find him in their house, wanting to have a to part two..


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