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Interview With THE ADVERSARY Of ALL TIME, Part 2/5

Updated on September 8, 2013


Lew is about to clear the air, telling what he believes to be THE TRUTH about the CONFLICT in heaven.................
Lew is about to clear the air, telling what he believes to be THE TRUTH about the CONFLICT in heaven.................
Michael was Lew's nemesis............................the thought of Michael totally ENRAGES Lew to no end........
Michael was Lew's nemesis............................the thought of Michael totally ENRAGES Lew to no end........
Lew further related how Michael turned his FATHER against him, subsequently ejecting him ..................into the NEW PLACE.......
Lew further related how Michael turned his FATHER against him, subsequently ejecting him ..................into the NEW PLACE.......
Lew then talked about the NEW LIFEFORM....with utter disgust.......
Lew then talked about the NEW LIFEFORM....with utter disgust.......

THE INTERVIEW................

Lew continued with the conversation. Michael was one sneaky, devious, cunning man. I was becoming somewhat fascinated with this interview. Lew elaborated on how Michael has been presented through history as the fair-haired, golden boy of this scenario.

Lew then asked for some whiskey. I informed him that I do not drink and only had wine. Lew impudently called Adele. Adele just looked at him. He ordered her to go to the nearby liquor store and get him some whisky or rather some vodka which was more to his liking. She told him in no uncertain terms was she going to get him anything! She further informed him if he wanted a drink, get it himself and promptly exited the room!

Lew mumbled to himself in some undetectable language- at least a language that I did not know. He continued with this conversation. He stated that Michael was a typical brownnoser and sycophant who was only out for his own glory. I attempted to cut his rabbling off but to no avail.

Lew came in my face, uttering quite vulgarly that one interrupts him at HIS/HER OWN PERIL! I let this bully boy continue the conversation. He used epithets about Michael that would make a hardened street thug wince in horror. I asked him what led to his Father ejecting him.

Lew stated that he was called into a meeting with his Father to discuss the worship and respect of the Life Form. He indicated that his Father explained His terms which he was to unquestioningly abide by. He informed his Father that NO WAY would he do this! He then asserted that Michael and Gabriel were called in. He then knew what was going to occur next!

Lew maintained that as Michael and Gabriel attempted to escort him out, he started to fight them. Of course, MIchael liked this, completely egging him on. He stated that then Gabriel began to fight him. He reported that he was outmanned; however, his friends and associates joined the fight!

Lew glowingly declared that this was the Fight of All and Before Time. He added that his Father was completely confounded regarding this situation. The Father just could not believe that this inanity was occurring among the Powers!

Lew related that another meeting was scheduled. He asserted that all the Powers were at this meeting. He maintained that each of the Powers had to testify what occurred. He added that of course Michael and Gabriel lied, indicating that it was HE who instigated the altercation, not THEM. He become quite incensed, cursing horribly! I just sat there, saying absolutely nothing.

Lew stated that his Father blamed him. He added that his Father never even bothered to listen to his side of the story. He asserted tersely that his Father elected to believe Michael instead. He related that his Father asked him what he was going to do. He indicated that since his Father refused to listen to him, he could no longer relate to Him!

Lew relayed how he as a man wanted to rule Paradise as he believed that he was just as or even more capable of ruling Paradise than his Father was. He informed me that his Father was losing His powers and he was the Better Man for the job so to speak. He further conveyed to me that some of the other Powers, especially Michael and Gabriel, felt what he was uttering was pure irreverence! He asserted that he vehemently disagreed with such a premise and told the Powers that.

Lew stated that his Father then became angry. He claimed that according to his Father, since he considered himself to be a Supreme Power, he would have his OWN place to rule. He declared how happy he was. He thought to himself, finally he has his own universe so to speak. He relayed how his Father ejected him, just like that. He conveyed that his Father added that if he wished to return to The Family, he was free to do so but on His terms. He asserted that No Way would he return as he was now his Own Ultimate Ruler!

Lew maintained that when he was ejected, his friends and associates willingly joined him. He stated that they, too, were tired of being ruled by The Father. According to him, he and his friends were elated, having their own place where they could rule as they saw fit. He stated in fact, that his ejection was the beginning of a new venture and he was anticipating this!

Lew related how Michael gladly escorted him out of Paradise. He indicated that when he and his friends arrived at the New Place, he was in for quite a shock! He mentioned how the New Place seemed so utterly dark and desolate. He described this new environment as extremely infernal if you get my drift! He related that the New Place was akin to what Siberia is. I then asked him some more questions but he cut me off, continuing with the conversation at hand.

Lew indicated that he totally disliked the New Place. He asserted when he asked for his Father, Michael abruptly informed him that he deserved to be where he is now! He now started to cry and visibly show vulnerability. He relayed that the place was just horrible, no amenities at all. He asserted how he and his friends now had to make do with very, very little.

Lew stated that eventually he and his friends made the living arrangements at the New Place more manageable- at least for them. He then added that the new Life Form i.e. humanity was so childlike and gullible. He elaborated further on the utter stupidity of humankind.

I became quite angry at Lew of course. I stood up, asserting myself, stating how could he be so infuriatingly arrogant. He then stood up, icily indicating that humankind was the most self-destructive species ever created. He emphasized that humankind was once in a perfect, all-knowing state almost like the Ultimate Power. He maintained that humankind, unlike him and his associates, was quite afraid of being Divine.

Lew eloquently stated that his Father created humankind with a divine essence. He explained that humankind are actually Spiritual Beings. However, he added, that they are torn between the two elements of sprituality and physicality. He relayed that they were once not like this. He then took out another cigar and started smoking again.

Lew elaborated that he never tempted the father and mother of humankind, not at all. He emphatically asserted that it was THEY of their own volition who elected to fall from Grace. He maniacally inferred that by their innate avarice, they created the disharmony in the Universe.

I told Lew that he was not entirely innocent of the matter. I further added that he did have a hand to play regarding the scenario. He asserted that although he merely teased humankind into certain acts, it was humankind who made the ultimate decision to deviate from the wholeness of the universe. I politely told him that what he was saying about himself was totally BS!

Lew took umbrage at this. He stood up, lifted me, and threw me across the front room. Luckily, I was not hurt. He then came toward me, warning me NEVER, EVER CALL HIM A LIAR! I stood up, telling him that what he was lying, nothing more, nothing less. He became ever madder. He then punched me hard across my face, drawing blood.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom in order to clean my face. I looked in the mirror and my upper lip was bloodied to say the least. Adele saw me and let out a gasp. She warned me to be e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y careful of this man. I calmly assuaged her, telling her that I would be just fine. As she exited the bathroom, I again looked at my face. I thought to myself it was not that bad. I left the bathroom, shakingly returning to my "interview" with Lew.

At this time, Lew was extremely agitated beyond words. His face changed into quite a horrific mask. He started cursing gutterally in an indescribable language. I politely asked him what he said. He told me in no uncertain times to go $%^$! myself. He brushed past me, entering the kitchen. He sat at the table, saying nothing, just glaring wordlessly at me.

I again asked Lew why he refused to own up to his responsibility in the devolution of humankind. He stood up and punched me in the face again. I fell to the floor and then he pounced upon me. I was totally defenseless against his physical onslaught. I ran to the bedroom. He started to run after me but he relented, calling me a tightass m--------f---------! I never met such an uncouth and barbaric thug in my life! Where did this humanimal come from.........................

© 2012 Grace Marguerite Williams


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    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you so much!

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 

      6 years ago

      I would say he was definitively dancing with the devil. Your have described the fall so well.


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