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Introduction To Witchcraft (Part III)- Divination

Updated on March 22, 2018


"An it harm none. Do what thou wilt. Blessed Be.

There are many different ways to "look into the future". In this section, I will do a brief summary of the most popular ways of divination.

We create our own reality. Nothing is concrete, for if you choose to have a different outcome, it is within you to make a different decision. Divination is just one way to know (ahead of time) what the reality may be. It gives you time to actually think about your final decision before it is present in the now.

Here are a few examples:

Tarot Cards:

The tarot cards are the oldest (known) of decks. Their exact origin has been lost in space and time. Apparently, the gypsies brought them into Europe sometime in the fourteenth century. The deck itself consists of seventy-eight cards, split into two parts, called the Minor and Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana is made up of fifty-six cards, divided into four suits of fourteen cards each. (This is where our everyday playing cards derived from.) The suits are Swords, Wands, Pentacles, and Cups. (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts.) Each with numbers one through ten, with Page, Knight, Queen and King. The Major Arcana has twenty-two cards, each an allegorical figure of symbolic meaning.

One writer of the tarot says:

"Their symbolism is a type of shorthand for metaphysics and mysticism. Here are truths of so subtle and divine an order that to express them badly in human language would be a sacrilege. Only esoteric symbolism can reveal them to the inner spirit of the seeker."

(In other words, nobody can read your future better than yourself, IF you can do it unselfishly...)

How do the cards work? ...How are they used? ... Tarot cards, as well as crystal balls, and tea leaves, etc, are only "focal points". A place to concentrate all your energies as to be able to connect with a higher power in order to read the future. This is called channeling. An experienced psychic could lay out a deck of blank cards and be able to see the future, so could anyone, but there's no reason to start out the hard way! Why not start simple to better get acquainted with your own personal psychic powers?

Usually, the person having their cards read (the significator) will choose ten cards from the whole spread, face down, and pass them to the psychic. Here, I will put the "usual" meanings of the cards:

(Place card which represents the significator first)

1. Influences at work

2. Obsticles

3. Ideals

4. Basic Self

5. Past

6. Immediate Future

7. Self

8. House

9. Hopes and Fears

10. Final Outcome

This is just one layout. There are many layouts, and usually a psychic will have a favorite layout they will use most often.

I don't want to skip out on the rest of the Tarot Card Interpretation, but I must move onto the next divination. I will bring up Tarot cards again in a later lesson.


: Scrying is divination that literally lets you "see" the future. (or present, or past). For this, you will need a crystal ball, or a mirror. Also, a bowl of water, and other things may be used, but for now I will keep it simple.

If using a crystal ball, it should be flawless- no scratches, bubbles, or smudges should be present. You would set the ball on a black, maybe velvet cloth, to insure you see nothing around the ball to distract you. You should have complete silence, and darkness, maybe using a candle on the other side of the room, as to not have reflections on the crystal ball. You will gaze into the crystal ball. Stare. Keep your mind blank, don't try to make anything appear, just sit and stare. Eventually, a white fog, or smoke may appear inside, don't push it, just go with it. Take what it gives you. You may not see anything the first or second time, but practice makes perfect!


Palmistry, or cheiromancy is another popular way of divining. It was common during medieval times. The hand is supposed to reflect it's owner, so-to-speak. Your hands change throughout your life. For example, the lines on your hands are not the same as they were two years ago, nor will they be the same next year. Different palmists use different ways of divining, as this is a very individual, and personal reading. From the shape of your hand to your fingertips, and around your wrist, to the lines across your palms, every hand is different, even on twins. Just like the fingerprints, every palm-print is unique.

First, there is the Life Line. It is the most looked at, and recognized line on your palm. In general, it shows something of the course your life will take. Next is the Head Line. By it's length and depth, it shows the intellectual capability of the subject. The Heart Line, by it's length and depth, shows the strength of your emotional and intuitive capabilities. (The Head and Heart Lines should always be considered together, as there is a relationship between them, giving specific meaning.) The Line of Fate (sometimes called the Luck Line) does not show on everyones hand. It shows just how much good fortune you may have. The Marraige Line (s) are simply markers of loves that stir the heart deeply.

There are also the Wristlets, Mounts, and Fingers. I'll go geeper on these later, until then read on!


"The world is built upon the power of numbers". ~Pythagoras

Any number, no matter how high, can be reduced.

For example:

4,724,589 would be:

(4+7+2+4+5+8+9= 39)

AND (3+9= 12)

AND (1+2=3)

So, "3" would be the reduced number, giving it meaning.

The single primary number obtained from the numerical value of the letters of your name gives you your Name Number.

Letter Values:

1: A, J, S

2: B, K T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

An example:

: Jane Mary Doe=

1+1+5+5+4+1+9+7+4+6+5= 48 (4+8=12) (1+2=) 3

So, "3" would be this person's Name Number

BIRTH NUMBERS are calculated from your FULL date of birth.

An Example:

February 18th, 1955=

2+1+8+1+9+5+5= 31 (3+1=) 4

There are different meanings for every number, and other ways to divine with numbers. You can see if a permanant move will be successful or not... If you should quit your current job to follow a different employment option... If you are compatible with your girl/boyfriend, and if they are marraige material, and so on... Numerology is used all over the world for all sorts of different issues.



Astrology is perhaps the most popular of the occult sciences. Did you know that nine out of ten newspaper readers cannot pass up the horoscope section to see what the day holds for them? Of all the divining tools, astrology is the most used today. To get a good interpretation, a natal chart should be made. A natal chart is a chart which shows all of the planets exact placements at the minute of your birth. (Which, in turn, has a special meaning.)

Here are the Zodiacs:

ARIES: March 21 through April 19

TAURUS: April 20 through May 19

GEMINI: May 20 through June 20

CANCER: June 21 through July 22

LEO: July 23 through August 21

VIRGO: August 22 through September 22

LIBRA: September 23 through October 22

SCORPIO: October 23 through November 21

SAGITTARIUS: November 22 through December 21

CAPRICORN: December 22 through January 20

AQUARIUS: January 21 through February 19

PISCES: February 20 through March 20

Interpretation is the complicated part. In order to know the exact placements of the planets at a certain time, you must have access to a Planetary Almanac, which can be found at most libraries. Also, before attempting to interpret a horoscope, you must know what the various positions of the planets mean in relation to one another; their aspects, oppositions, conjunctions, if they are square or sextile, etc, etc...

(More on this later!)

This is a good summary of divination, of course there are many, many more ways of telling the future. These are just a few. But for now, we will put this away for a later lesson. I am excited to go onto the "Magickal Section" which will describe what you would do if you wanted to cast a spell, or protect yourself, or someone else. Maybe do a binding spell to stop someone from doing harm... Some people are fearful of getting involved in this part, but the truth is, is you can't work against someone's free will...

Until then...

"An it harm none. Do what thou wilt. Blessed Be."

In The Mind...

Master The Power...


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      That's an inlieteglnt answer to a difficult question xxx

    • ubalildon profile image


      8 years ago

      wow!!! nice hub and very informative as well. keep it up

    • Dr.Ope profile image

      Olive Ellis 

      8 years ago

      Wow, heavy stuff! I have always been interested in astrology. I sometimes think that I have the gift of discerning, as sometimes I "see" things before they actually happen.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is an intriguing hub, interesting read, also if your still looking for facts about monsters visit my profile to get the answers you maybe lookin for..

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      9 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      Nice hub. I know a woman who is outstanding with Tarot cards, and I have gone to her often with question in hopes of gaining the wisdom revealed in the cards.

      I've at least dabbled (or have known someone who dabbled) with most other forms of divination listed here. It has been so long since I've tried to use Numerology for anything--thinking about it is like watching an old movie.

      Well, I realize I added nothing of value to your comments, but I did want to say that it was informative and quite well-written. Thanks for the post, and I apologize for my trip down Memory Lane.... I just couldn't help it.


    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New York

      Thanks, Percy! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    • Percy Dee profile image

      Percy Dee 

      10 years ago

      Fascinating hub!

    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New York

      It's all about true intent, true feeling, and just how bad you want results. Of course it works, it you practice! One cannot expect to get awesome results the very first time you try something like this, but like I said, "Practice makes perfect"!

    • shamelabboush profile image


      10 years ago

      Its complicated than what it apeared to me previously? But, does that really work?

    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New York

      Thanks Tatjana!

      It must be fate that made me write this one! lol

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image


      10 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Welcome back!!!

      Excellent article.

      You said it all what matters with these words:

      "We create our own reality. Nothing is concrete, for if you choose to have a different outcome, it is within you to make a different decision. Divination is just one way to know (ahead of time) what the reality may be."

      Love and Hugs


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