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Mendacity: A Biblical Perspective of Conspiracies.

Updated on January 15, 2014
Don't lie, this is exactly what you were thinking.
Don't lie, this is exactly what you were thinking.

How does the world look at conspiracies?

The question isn't what you were thinking when you first saw this, but, 'Why do I think this way about conspiracies?' Let's find out, shall we?

The very mention of "conspiracy" conjures up images of a balding fat man, who at the age of forty-years-old still lives in his mother's basement. Steadily typing away in the damp dark confines, he is eerily illuminated only by the glow of the computer screen he sits in front of. The smell from a stack of dirty dishes and candy wrappers sitting in a messy pile next to the computer desk, mixes with the stale stench of an old cellar. Should the creature venture out from his murky lair, he never forgets to take with him the single piece of armor that protects him from the UFOs that wait outside: A tin foil hat.

Machiavelli would be proud.

With but a few strokes of the pen, a few keys pressed in quick succession, people are afraid to associate with conspiracies for fear of being labeled a paranoid schizophrenic who is off their medication. We would rather bury our heads in the sand, pretending that the world is just fine and dandy! Which is why character assassination is so effective.

People are most often skeptical of the message contained in a sinister plot, because the appearance of a person presenting evidence for a conspiracy comes to the forefront of the mind. This eliminates the need to refute every possible piece of evidence of a conspiracy. It saves time, and promotes a collective thought process in the minds of skeptics. And by skeptics, I mean people who are afraid to consider the alternative. Because, after all, if you believe in conspiracies... You're just crazy. You're not going along with the program, so obviously you're not one of us normal people.

Pavlov has trained you well, young Jedi.

This cycle of character assassination and response training, is nothing more than a mild form of mind control. It is subliminal messaging at its core, which takes use of the herd mentality of humans. Fear is the basis of the motivation to shun conspiracies, and fear is an effective tool, but not the only one. Conspirators rely on the ignorance and laziness of humans to comply with their fear of the unknown, which keeps people complacent and content. Hardly any individual takes the time to investigate the claims of a conspiracy themselves, and easily writes off every conspiracy theorist as all being in the same overladen and sinking canoe.

Because if ignorance is bliss, then laziness is the indulgence of ignorance, and the two are never far apart.

It's just a game, right?
It's just a game, right?

What is a conspiracy?

A conspiracy is nothing more than a lie, a game of deception, a hidden agenda that is meant by the conspirator or conspirators to be fulfilled. Everything from blackmail and coercion, bribery and disinformation can be used in the twisted world known as conspiracies to achieve the end result. Conspiracies are simply a means to an end. But secret agendas don't necessarily have to be an "evil" thing, like sacrificing babies or something crazy sounding, but it always ends up being a conspiracy based on trickery.

Everyone has a secret agenda, and it can vary from minute to day, day to month, so on and so forth. They range from the seemingly benign white lies to make someone feel good, to hiding the selfish lusts of adultery. From controlling the minds of others to induce fear or elation, to covering up a strong-arm theft or carefully plotted murder. From trying to convert each other to our own world-view, or simply to guilt another into doing something for you.

Conspiracies are everywhere, and humans have used deception as a means to an end for thousands of years. All of history is a conspiracy, not a random chain of events! In every recipe for disaster, on every street corner or market square, in every mind of every human in this world... Conspiracies rule the world.

Just a story about disobedience to God?
Just a story about disobedience to God?

The first conspiracy ever?

It isn't my goal here to actually argue about what the first conspiracy in all of recorded history is. I will at a later date cover that topic. But, this is an article about the biblical perspective of conspiracies. For that reason, I would like share something of my conclusions from all of this and how it relates to the bible.

The very first thing I gleaned from opening the pages of the bible and reading it, was how stunningly blunt it was about every-day topics. I mean, if the bible were to be made into a movie without any restrictions on it, the movie would range from x-rated sex-acts, gory r-rated battles and genocides, to the mild g-rated loving embrace of mother and child. It really pulls no punches when it comes to human nature.

I could argue any other thing about the bible and make a point about it, But the truth concerning the evil nature of humans is so in-your-face when reading the bible, that it really leaves you reeling. This is also one reason why I find many people also reject the bible. It shows us how clearly evil we are when left to our own devices. No one wants to believe they're innately evil at heart!

But the truth hurts. We as humans, in the entire recorded history of the world, have no shortages with regard to examples of evil. The bible says that lying is a sin, and if you've ever lied... Guess what? You've sinned. Like a gateway drug, it leads to more sinister behavior, no matter how hard we try to resist it. Not even the most righteous king of Israel, nor the holy prophets of God, were without sin. The bible clearly illustrates how base even the most "righteous" among us really are.

Jacob conspired to steal from his older brother's birthright and blessings. Saul conspired to seek out spiritual help from a practicing witch. Even David conspired to have a friend die in battle, just to commit adultery with the dead man's wife!

The plot to kill Jesus, was a conspiracy.
The plot to kill Jesus, was a conspiracy.

What is truth?

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: No man goes to the Father, but by me."

We conspire all the time against each other, and the lies hold us captive. We cling to our way of life, the religion we grew up with (or lack thereof), or our misguided sense of morality, simply because we don't want to be wrong. We are afraid of being wrong, and it drives us to hate the truth! We hate Jesus, because Jesus is the truth!

Yet, if that is the truth, where did all the lies come from? The bible has an answer for that, too.

Satan hates God, because the truth gets rid of the power that lies have over us. The truth of God, rids us of our burdens that Satan has placed upon us. When the truth is known, the conspiracy is laid bare for all to see; Satan's conspiracy is far more reaching and sinister than anything most people could ever imagine. And that is why it is so easy to miss, and easier still to dismiss. It's just too crazy to be true!

What conspiracy you might ask? That would take a few thousand pages worth of writing to sift through, but the foundation of it is found in Genesis chapter 3. I'll go over that later, because the basis of it all is what you need to know. It is nothing to fear, and easy to recognize. For now, just know that Satan is evil, and is not looking out for your well-being. He can't beat God, and like a spoiled child his next best thing is to take it out on someone else: You. And then he goes and tries to blame it on God, as if it was all God's fault, somehow? Well that just isn't true, but you have to trust God in order for the answer to make any sense.

So we come full circle now, and the appearance of the conspiracy is just too insane to consider, that we outright dismiss it. Why? Does pride get in our way? Are we too lazy or ignorant to find out? Are we ashamed to be ridiculed from others for believing?

Do not be ashamed, because Satan is a cunning liar, a master of deception. He destroys even the best of us. He brings us to our knees, hoping that we'll curse God, just like in the story of Job. But I don't want to focus on Satan, because there is a better way. It isn't always an easy path to take, but it is a better way...

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32.

The truth is Jesus, and you can trust the truth with your very soul! Believe the truth, because the truth only seems stranger than fiction when distorted by lies. Don't let Satan's lies get in the way of your salvation, which is eternal life in Christ Jesus. Don't be discouraged by religion, because Jesus isn't a religion, Jesus is a way of life. The lies are many, but there is only one truth, and it is found in Jesus.

If you want to accept Jesus into your heart, it is easy to do. My God is a living God, a personal God. Jesus can interact with you, but only if you want him to. There's no secret password, no special good deed to do. All you have to do, is just talk to him. Just talk to Jesus as you would anyone, and say that you want to get to know him. He'll answer you if you're sincere, and he knows if you're being sincere.

God bless you.

End of Part 1.

> Forward > to Part 2: Mendacity: The Conspiracy Continues with Lucifer.


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    • Ceegen profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Maine, USA

      Jesus is God, Shri. That is part of the conspiracy. Don't for a minute think that Jesus isn't God. It is hard to rationalize, but God can be in two places at once, and He was.

      "And Jesus said, *I AM*: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven." - Mark 14:62.

      Jesus said "I AM" - As in, the same I AM of Exodus chapter 3, verse 14:

      "And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you."

      Trust Jesus, He ain't lying. Hope you stick around, because I'm going to prove it.

    • Shri Mc profile image

      Shri Mc 

      6 years ago

      Love this hub. People often think me crazy when trying to liberate them from their burden to church. If you let someone call you a sinner and a filthy rag all day long then you start to believe that is what You are. God does not call his creation a filthy rag but he said his creation was good . He further said that he calls his creation gods. Lord God placed man into the garden created lovingly just for him. You might want to mention who Jesus is because some will think he is God. Can't wait for the next part of this hub as this was quite the eye opener.


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