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Intuitions can reveal the Presence of God in the creation!

Updated on September 26, 2016

God pervades the creation!

The scriptures point out to the immanence of god in creation!

If god is everywhere, why he is not visible to our eyes? Yes, good question, but we can answer this query by a similar example only! If butter pervades the entire milk, why it is not visible to our eyes? This seems to be an apt example! There is a particular process by which butter could be separated from the milk and in a similar manner; god too could be cognized by following the instructions contained in the scriptures! The Purusha suktham, an important group of chants on the supreme one, starts with a simple truth! It states, the supreme one is of thousands of heads and limbs and pervades everywhere! Obviously at that time, the population was in thousands only. The hymn mean that the supreme person has become all this. This is the greatest wonder. The most potent principle is hidden while the flimsy, illusory thing is seen everywhere. The five elements are the outcome of the supreme power that pervades the elements. Since earth, water and fire are visible, we take them to be true. The effects of air is visible to us by swaying of trees, movement of waves and the sense of touch we feel when there is breeze or wind. The fifth element, sky or ether is felt through sound and light. The sound waves traverses through the sky and light passes through the ether. Since god is the subtlest of all the above, he is not visible to the naked eye!

Nice quote from Einstein.

Love is the logical form of God!

We have heard that the light is the fastest energy! But the light emitted by millions of stars, across the horizon from other galaxies has not reached the earth so far! This reveals the enormous distance between the earth and the unknown galaxies. When the space itself is of such infinite dimension, we cannot imagine the pervasiveness of god who is the subtlest of all elements.

In many of the religious scriptures of the world, god is termed as “Love”. When he is full of love, how god will hate anyone in the world? In fact, even the cruelest person will get the attention of god, so far as correcting his evil propensities are concerned. God is more concerned about the evil doers than the good natured people! Why? Good natured people will always behave well and they need no further advice or guidance. If you consider god as a big workshop, then only repair vehicles will be brought to the workshop. If the vehicle is perfect, there is no need for it to be brought to the workshop! If it is a condemned vehicle, beyond economical repair, there is no use to bring it to the workshop. The third category is vehicles which are having some sort of repairs which could be set right by correcting or replacing some mechanical parts, tightening of bolts and nuts, and applying grease and oil, wherever is needed. Most of us fall in the third category! Hence, we do not belong to extremes, the absolutely perfect individual or the wicked demon! We are in the middle category, neither good nor bad but can be corrected by certain treatments from god! Many of us feel that we are often subjected to distress and despair! We are not aware that all the troubles were brought upon our head by our own deeds!

Intuition is for our protection!

Mothers wash children's clothes; God, our souls!

We often watch that boys are allowed to play outside with equal aged friends. There may be many outdoor games. It is natural that boys soil their dresses! When they come back home, their mother ceremoniously remove those dirty clothes and put them in bins meant for washing clothes. The next day, after the children went to the schools, their mother clean those soiled clothes by applying soap and detergents, push them into the washing machine and complete the cleaning. Then the clothes are dried and ironed and kept ready for wear. In a similar manner, we soil our mind and inner conscious by engaging in many evil deeds and desires. Naturally, our inner conscious become ‘unclean’ and god (the mother of all beings) takes the trouble to clean our inner conscious by many methods. He teaches people moral and righteous behavior and expects us to follow noble path. At every step, he corrects us by inner warning, which is known as ‘conscious prick’. In good people, this warning acts as a sure way to correct their behavior. In bad people, the warning will be like murmur, which cannot be heard by them since they are mostly engaged in bad and evil thoughts and deeds. The more one is engaged in evil thoughts; his conscious is covered by dark veils of ignorance. Hence, the inherent light of conscious is prevented from reaching the outer core, which is the form of the individual. Good people absorb the vibrations of inner conscious and try their best to reflect goodness in their thoughts and behavior. This is a very slow process. Hence one cannot perceive his achievements in spiritual path!

Soul is not born really!

We can assess our progress in spiritual path, by behavior change!

When the individual advances sufficiently, his behavior gets refined and he maintains the poise and peace. Then he can understand that he has advanced in spirituality. Till such time, one is not clear about his progress in spirituality! But, a true preceptor, by looking at the face of a disciple, could gauge the merit of the disciple and issue suitable directions for further movement in the spiritual path! The one vital qualification for such a preceptor is that he has practically trodden the spiritual path until the end! It is not mere bookish knowledge. Such a preceptor alone is capable of guiding the disciple to reach the goal of life!


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