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Is Christianity a Good Religion to Follow?

Updated on October 1, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

Christianity is one of the most profitable religions for any individual who wants to find meaning and purpose in life. I can’t imagine a life without the presence and power of God. For me, nothing else will do. In the Christian lifestyle, I experience a constant state of joy and gladness.

A powerful Christian is illuminated. He or she knows what is happening in the world and why it is happening. In addition, a well-enlightened Christian knows how to transform darkness into light wherever her or she goes. Prayer and worship and affirmations are an ever-occurring practice.

The promises of choosing the Christian lifestyle are beyond imagination.


No other religion makes the promise of salvation or eternal life so clear than does Christianity. The hope of immortality is crystal clear. The return of Christ and the hope of the resurrection are key events which Christians so eagerly long for.

Immortality means living an existence in which pain, hardship, and death are no longer a possibility. Indescribable joy and peace will be a sure reality.

Joy and peace

True Christianity promises a constant state of joy and peace. If an individual practice the laws and rituals of the Christian lifestyle, he or she will live in the presence of God where sorrow and depression will no longer be an issue.

Individuals who walk in joy and peace will attract the most pleasurable circumstances and conditions, including good relationships, profitable opportunities, promotions and increasing wealth in one form or another.

A life of joy is like a magnet, producing miracles of grace on a daily basis.

Religion & Life Eternal

Does Your Religion Promise Eternal Life in heaven?

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Miracles in times of Crisis

Miracles are the hallmark of Christian living. When our lives are suddenly overtaken by some personal or natural crisis the possibility of miracles exists. An illuminated believer doesn’t look at outside circumstances, he or she believes what the word of God says about a condition.

In times of crisis, we must have faith that God will comfort and deliver us out of the crisis or give us the strength to go through it. When God allows us to go through tough times, he empowers us with peace and joy so that we can endure whatever challenges we need to endure.

Good Christian character is forged in times of crisis. A true believer will possess qualities that attract the attention of others wherever he or she goes.

Qualities of Christian Character:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Faith
  • Peace
  • kindness
  • Humility
  • Boldness
  • Diligence
  • Tolerance
  • compassion

These divine qualities are produced in times of challenge and change in the believer’s life. The more we respond to the hardships that we encounter the more we grow in these influential qualities.

The world needs Christians. They demonstrate the light that is badly needed in dark and uncertain times. Without true believers operating in the earth, there would be no peace or safety. All peace and safety in the present time are due to the existence of the Christian church.

The United States is not protected by the greatness of its military or the superior fighting ability of its Army, Navy, Air force and Marines. Instead, America is safe and secure because of the true believers who are living within it.

Great nations can fall to lessor powers without the backing of God and his power. The God of Christianity is all powerful, all knowing and in all places at one time.

Becoming a Christian

To become a Christian, you must believe in Christ Jesus. You must confess that Jesus came to the earth to die for your sins. You must invite Jesus into your life and agree to submit yourself to him for the sake of discipleship.

You must find and join a faith-based local church that teaches people how to walk in the supernatural power of God. Grow in godly character and God will empower you to become a person of influence and power in your home, workplace, neighborhood or community.

Because of the clarity and demonstration of its teachings, Christianity is the ultimate religion to follow.

© 2017 Stevie Glenn


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