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Is Christianity a Religion?

Updated on July 10, 2017


When growing from childhood to maturity, we are programmed to forge our identity as belonging to a certain denomination or religion that most likely suits our parent’s taste or even way of life. We inherit names whose origin is traceable to a particular spiritual inclination. We eventually identify ourselves as Christians, as belonging to Mohamed, Hindus, Buddhist, etc

Least do we know that religion is man’s way of trying to get in touch with God. Many of these ways are sincere but fall short of being right because God does not recognize religion. Religion has over time led man away from God instead of leading us nearer to him. Many religions are guided by inspired doctrines which dictate how man should behave in order to get to God.

What is Christianity?

The word Christian originated out of derogation by those who sneered at disciples who seemed to follow after a prophet they believed came from God is Christianity. This derogatory word was first pronounced at Antioch (Acts 11:26). The origin of Christianity therefore suggests those who follow to do what Jesus Christ did when he walked on earth.

A close look at Jesus reveals much more than the eye can see. We see a walk on earth where he tells us “This is the way, walk like I am walking”. An attempt to walk like Jesus exposes a step by step revelation of God’s plan for mankind and how men and women ought to walk in order to please him.

Christianity is therefore a revelation of God’s eternal plan for man on earth. It is not a religion like many others. It is God’s working plan to rescue man and reconcile him with God like it was in the Garden of Eden. God yoked himself with man when he created us in his own spiritual image. This makes us spirit beings in the class of God. The evil one has made sure we don’t see ourselves in this revelation. He has even made many people to erroneously believe that he does not exist despite the evil evident on earth today. We have stifled and subjugated our human spirits below our bodies.

King James Bible


How did Christ walk on earth?

Man’s spiritual walk with God begins at his spiritual birth. Jesus was born of the Spirit of God thereby making him a son of God. We too must be born of the Spirit of God. We are admonished to seek the Kingdom of God with his righteousness. This is a call to be born of the Spirit of God like Jesus (John 3:3-7).

Spiritual birth is very, very necessary if the natural man wants to receive Spiritual things which can only be discerned spiritually (1Corinthians 2:14).

When we consciously welcome the Lord Jesus to come into our hearts, he walks into us. Thus, we are born spiritually. Our spiritual birth engrafts the Word (Logos) of God into our spirits who then dwells inside us (James 1:21). God starts to speak by his Spirit to our human spirit. The human spirit is the candle of the Lord searching our inner parts (Proverbs 20:27). Every man or woman who does not fellowship with God has a candle that is not lit (Job 21:17). This candle remains extinguished or unlit until you request Jesus to come in and light it up (Psalms 18:28). When Jesus walks into us, we become sons of God, hence, gods by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God says Jesus was born of the Holy Ghost whose being has no sin. He did not need to be born again of the same Spirit. He grew in stature until he was mature enough to be baptized in many waters by John the Baptist. This involves total immersion into the water until the whole body is submerged to symbolize death and burial of our earthly life. We literally entomb our earthly life under the water. When we are pulled from the water, this symbolizes resurrection with Jesus Christ into a new life in the Spirit of God. Water baptism is only important to born again believers.

Water baptism has to come immediately after total repentance for the forgiveness of our sins after we have been born of the Spirit of God. Any baptism before being born again just makes us wet sinners with the added burden of having to change our wet cloths to become dry sinners once more. It is only a bath in the blood of Jesus that removes Adam’s sins. Not a water bath. If Jesus went through baptism to practically reveal it as the right path to us, we cannot be exempted or accepted by God via any other worldly way. Note that no mention is made in scripture about Jesus being given a Christian name by John during baptism in water. Baptism which is not preceded by our spiritual birth is totally useless.

The water baptism has to be promptly followed by another extremely important Baptism in the Holy Spirit that John the Baptist announced. This baptism is conducted by Jesus Christ himself quickened by the Holy Spirit. The word “Christ” means the anointed one. When we present ourselves for a baptism in the Holy Spirit, it is the Christ who is engrafted in our spirits who receives the anointing and not us. Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem after his ascent to heaven in order to have them baptized by the Holy Spirit.

This baptism enabled them to receive the commission to spread God’s word with power, to fight the devil, to pray without ceasing in the Spirit, to know the mind and perfect will of God, to walk and be led by the spirit, to be acceptable to God, be part of God’s plan for mankind, to fight against the devil, to liberate those in shackles and remove spiritual blindness with a touch of the rhema from God.

The presence of God in us turns us into aliens (John 17:14).

Land of The Gospel

The journey to spiritual maturity

Jesus took about 30 years to grow from birth to maturity before he was commissioned to preach the gospel. Man must also mature enough to rule and dominate the earth by God’s commission, while he rules in heaven. Our reign comes from Christ via the Holy Spirit.

We also grow until we are approximately thirty years for the word of God to start making sense in our spirits, when the Christ is formed in our spirits. Spiritual maturity can be a long process. This is also connected to our obedience to God. There are usually no shortcuts if we have to walk the way God did with Jesus Christ.

Many Christians try to force their maturity by jumping too fast into the harvest field, with consequences. Many Christians live a presumptuous life. Our growth is commanded externally until we become more responsible. The Kingdom of God cannot be ruled by babies because they have childish behavior. We cannot compel anything to grow. Time must season us with experience and patience to strengthen our hope in God. Heirs to the kingdom grow steadily but steadily (Galatians 4:1).

And Yet I Show You A More Excellent Way

How can we reach out to God?

Our spiritual growth is pegged to our relationship with God. We need to grow under the presence of God our father. We only grow when God continually feeds us with faith from his heart spoken through his mouth. Faith is the only acceptable currency that is recognized for our survival in the Kingdom of God. It is impossible to please God without faith. They that come to God must come in faith. Every country has defined legal tender as an acceptable currency for transaction, without which we are rendered useless and cannot transact in any business.

We need a heavenly currency called faith. God says “The just shall live by faith”. Faith is not and will never be synonymous with belief. Faith works in the absence of belief. This currency comes from God in heaven. We need faith. The disciples of Jesus once cried “master, increase our faith” when they realized how faith was important to God.

The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee

Faith comes when we pray without ceasing

Faith also comes to us through continuous with God prayer. This is why God commands us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). It is not possible for any human being to pray continuously without ceasing while working an eight hour job. We have mostly resorted to praying with our understanding. We can only pray without ceasing if we practice how to pray in the Spirit. This was practically verified by Dr. Mitch Medina (1991).

The Greek translation of the King James Bible reveals how the use of three Greek words “Logos, Rhema and Graphe” are rendered as “word” in the English versions of the Bible. It is only King James’s version that uses a capital letter to show that the “Word” is a noun, hence a person.

We are urged as believers to search the scriptures and have the Spirit of God guiding us as our helper and teacher in discerning the real meaning hidden therein. It is only the Greek language that clearly points out the intended meanings. Logos is a living person.

God is referred to as The Godhead and not the Trinity. Logos is the second person of the Godhead (For instance, “In the beginning there was the Logos, and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God”). Jesus is the Logos.

How and when do we get faith?

Faith comes when we hear the (Rhema) word of God either spoken directly from God’s mouth or through his chosen mature servants. Faith is substantial, hence is a tangible substance with creative power. The substance called faith is what God uses to create things, commands change in circumstances, rules the world, fights wars, etc.

The presence of faith in us is evidence of God in us (Things not seen). Therefore, faith is also evidential. God needs to see part of himself in us in order to communicate with us. All this is powered by Jesus (Logos) through the Holy Spirit.

When listening to the word of god being preached by a person who has received faith from God, we get the same faith by hearing with our physical, then spiritual ears. We cannot spend all our life listening to a preacher. Every child is naturally expected to speak to their parents even when blind, deaf or dumb.

Similarly, spiritual sons of God who are also gods (Psalms 82:6) must also speak to God their father. God expects us to have a quiet time without interference from worldly activities where we can talk with him each day. This is a private place and time where only you will meet God (Job 28:7).

John 4:24 says “God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”. When we receive Jesus, we receive joy and the Spirit of God who drives you to seek the father. God begins to dwell in the human body where you accept him by your own free will. You become the righteousness of God because you are now in the Spirit. You become a true worshipper. Anybody who is in the Spirit of God, who is led by the Spirit is a son of God hence an heir to God’s Kingdom (Romans 8:17).

You can now approach the throne of God, receive mercy and grace in your communication with God. God will listen to you. Faith is our pipeline to His grace (Romans 5:2).

How to pray in the Spirit

Rhema is the living word. It is a direct utterance proceeding from God’s mouth for particular situations, quickened by the Holy Spirit and dropped into our spirits. It is the Sword of the Spirit which is wielded by Jesus Christ through His mouth when he is creating, commanding and ruling in heaven and on earth. (For instance, If you abide in me and my rhema abide in you, You shall ask what you will, and it will be done unto you” John 15:7). The Greek translation in Ephesians 6:17 and 18 says “And take…. The sword of the Spirit, which is the rhema of God: by way of praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit….”

God has provided for us to take the sword of the Spirit by way of praying without ceasing in the Spirit. The sword of the Spirit is the rhema of God. We don’t know how to pray. It is only the Holy Spirit who knows God’s will, mind and also how we ought to pray. We ought to offer our bodies to God as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God, which is our reasonable service. God is a Spirit. He needs our bodies as tabernacles in which to carry out his work.

How can man’s dirty mind which plans and thinks evil conjure what a Holy God wants to hear? God has formulated a new alphabet, a language of angels that only he and his Spirit understand. This is called “Prayer in the Spirit. Prayer in a language or tongue that baffles men. Men trash it as nonsense unless it is interpreted.

When we pray in other tongues, we pray mysteries according to God’s perfect will that we cannot understand. God only answers prayers that are according to his perfect will. The Logos and the Holy Spirit know God’s perfect will. Mary the mother of Jesus, you and I do not know God’s mind or perfect will. During unceasing prayer in the spirit, the Holy Spirit ministers a rhema by quoting a certain scripture in our minds. This also happens during scriptural teachings and even when we are at work or asleep.

God’s written word, Graphe is an object. The Bible says; “Search the scriptures (Graphe); for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of Me. And you will not come to Me that you might have eternal life.” (John 5:39-40). Graphe is the written word that we read with our eyes in the Bible. The written, graphical word should never be mistaken for the Sword of the Spirit” the way many people do.

True Worship


How does God communicate with his people?

God’s people are spiritual people who worship him in Spirit and in truth. These people find no offence in the stammering of words and speech in another tongue from any anointed servant of God or as the Holy Spirit in them prays to God through their own trembling lips with deep groaning in their bowels that only God can understand. He is always seeking for such people to worship him (John 4:22-24). Moses, a type of Jesus, was God’s friend, and yet he disqualified himself to God’s irritation due to the stammer in his speech by claiming he wasn’t eloquent enough to relay God’s message or word to the nation of Israel. Moses did not know his stammer was part of God’s plan. Israel also sneered at the stammer in Moses.

God purposed in his heart to always convey his important messages through a stammer and stuttering similar to Moses’s speech through which he would save an entire nation and the whole world.

The stammer, stutter and another tongue is permanently stuck as a mode of communication between God and his people to this very day, thereby lifting his friend Moses to the chagrin of a world that demeans the stammer and an unknown tongue. God himself says so concerning our spiritual growth in Isaiah 28:10-11 “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to his people”

Precepts are delivered over many years of our spiritual growth, which form line after line of hidden Godly doctrine that brings a little faith here, a little there until Christ is finally formed in us. Can this be a religion or a creative living divine revelation that completes God’s ultimate plan forming his Logos into human flesh in what he calls “One man unified in God” or the “Body/Bride of Christ”?

Maturity is only accomplished when Christ is completely formed in us (Galatians 4:19). This is the time when The Logos has become flesh in us.

At this point, we will have completely entered into the promised Rest where God takes complete charge of our affairs as our struggles in life cease. The Rest is not a day of worship as some people think. It is God’s supreme reign through the human body-earthen vessels in which He shines like gold, purifying and sanctifying the entire group of believers into one man, the single Body of Christ (The Church-Ecclesia) using his rhema towards its impending marriage with His Son (Logos) in heaven when Christ will be all in all.

These truths can be embraced by every human being in the best or worst parts of the earth. But remember, the children’s bread has gone back to the children in Israel. His grace now abounds there since the nation’s formation in 1948. Jesus is coming back. His trumpet is going to sound soon before this generation is over.

I pray that your candles be filled with the Oil of the Holy Spirit before his second coming.

Lord Jesus, come quickly.

You can be filled with spiritual oil via a simple determined prayer to God by faith if you pray as follows and mean it;

“Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner through Adam’s sin. I believe you are the Son of God who died on the cross to wipe out my sins by the washing of your blood. I pray that you come into my heart and cleanse my sins and iniquity. Grant me eternal life that I may be led by your Spirit as I commune with you. I receive your engrafted Logos into my spirit by faith. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen”

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to a church that ministers the word of God as it is written in the Bible and follow the growth pattern of Jesus as presented above. May God bless you for your patience.


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Ralph Mahoney. The Shepherd’s Staff. World Map. (1993). San Fernando Boulevard. Burbank. California. U.S.A.


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